EU to give young people free train tickets to explore Europe

The European Union is convinced it has found a new way for young people to fall in love with neighboring countries — free train rides.

The EU kicked off the DiscoverEU project Thursday to send up to 30,000 18-year-olds chugging across the continent this year, giving them free rail tickets to broaden their horizons. All for a taxpayers' cost of 12 million euros ($14 million).

If all goes well, and the next 7-year EU budget plans are approved, that could turn into a budget of 100 million euros ($120 million) a year, giving some 200,000 teenagers the right to Europe-wide Interrail travel.

"It starts this year and this is just the beginning," EU lawmaker Manfred Weber said. "It will show the European people that the European Union is much more than a law-making machine."


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Oh you mean the "Syrian" "Refugees" who look like fully grown combatants but say they're "13 years old"

I, too, have my suspicions about this fucking initiative.

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I bet there is a connection to some sex cult of some sort behind this.

Maybe those 200,000 extra votes dispersed over 27 countries will be enough to get everyone to forget about the rapefugees.
We can only hope. Otherwise, the Eurocrats might actually have to start fixing their corrupt union.

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most of the EU train stations are really dangerous right now
some looks like Somalia for "some reason"

i remember the germans trying something like this 70 + years back

This, the EUSSR does nothing for its native population.

the EU is like if NYC or California ran a whole bunch of states here in america.

why can't mommy and daddy pay for their "exploration trips" like they usually do?

Basically, yeah.

Why didn't Jews think of this before?

This was the first thing I thought of too.

>(((Enrichment))) follows.

Come on user, if their own home being enriched isn't enough to stop the bluepill then what is going to other places going to do?
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No, this will be directed at young women, like the meetings in Germany where male "refugees" are introduced to German girls. The "refugees" already get all the state and NGO assistance they need.
The "sexual needs" of male refugees are discussed in EU documents and taken seriously, along with initiatives to help them get sex from White girls.

Might work for Hungarians and italians


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I really dislike this timeline.
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If in my lifetime I have had to see Europe turned into a third world shithole, the very least that could be done is to see the destruction of those who made it happen, and the inevitable reversal.

Don't lose hope, this may just be timeline in which it happens.