Encyclopedia Dramatica Forced Offline

Encyclopedia Dramatica was down. Not just down but the custom page was returning a 5xx error blaming CloudFlare. This was when I started to worry. It was CloudFlare who canceled services for the Daily Stormer leading to their being taken down in a DDoS attack. ED has been a guilty pleaure for over a decade now but I've been expecting a day when they would face the showdown with the final boss of censorship. Oh, and the icing on the cake? They weren't able to make an
What makes it even more troubling is that it comes hot on the heels of YouTube freezing the Million Dollar Extreme channel in the midst of their Crush500 series contest. In fact in the second round, Hyde has promised a $5000 prize (that's if Sam doesn't pull another Dark Skyes/brony dating sim scam). And all this happened just after a handful of kratom advocates on YouTube had their channels (and all their content) deleted without warning. The same thing happened with a handful of nootropic related channels but some of those were reinstated with YouTube calling the situation an "accident." It would seem like less of an accident if it hadn't happened just after CNN's story put enough heat on several YouTube advertisers to convince them to pull their ads from the site.announcement until a few hours ago when Twitter allowed them to post again.


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Good riddance
They were racist bullies

Fucking hell, first I've heard about the MDE channel freeze. Taking a man's livelihood for exercising freedom of expression. We need a decentralized video service.

As for ED, nothing of value will be lost if it's taken down to be honest. But is there any (((cloudflare))) alternative worth using?

They weren't able to make an

ED is the the best all you niggers are faggots.
But you knew that already.

the golden days of the internet are over


Fuck you, niggers. ED has information and articles that (((the msm))) would never cover. Remember how (((the msm))) just glossed over the Randy Stair incident despite the whole story being extremely interesting (at least from a lolcow standpoint if nothing else)?

What are you? Some kind of faggot soyboy?

What a coincidence, just when botnet computers start to get shoved in everyone's faces.

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I wish we could pull a Tracer Tong and delete the internet so everybody had to go back to using BBSs

ED archived most of the important internet events from the mid 00s to 10s. Only kids think it's not important. I really hope someone archived the whole thing or the owner uploads the archives in plain text somewhere.

ED has the most comprehensive and informative database of viruses the world over.

They were pretty equal opportunity and made fun of everyone and everything


The main problem with ED is that they weren't a site that "make fun of everyone" as they claimed, it was closer to be a circlejerk where pages about moderators or their family and friends were either deleted or edited to be fully praise

All ED articles are edited by people who are offended by those articles, this is not only expected but this is how all those furries are doxxed because your IP is logged when you edit ED just like wikipedia and all those other wikis.

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I remember the first time ED went down. They learned from that experience to archive everything. It will be back up under a new domain. It always is.

Yeah…that's not how it works

ED save the pages state before the edit to undo anything instantly, Moderators edits in the other hand can't be undone and they're not banned for that.

I know first posts like this are always shitty (you) b8, but they seriously got targeted by those types for mocking the wrong people in the clique. Good thing it'll probably come back up and continue shitting in soy faces.

Even if it doesn't come back then someone will upload an archive of it.

That's exactly how it works, every time. Butthurt leads to someone trying to edit the article that offends them since these are the Mods it's obviously them who is offended or afraid of anything bad happening to them over their own articles. Everyone does this, or gets someone else to try for their own articles.
And your IP is still logged and kept, you better not be stupid enough to try making or editing ED without a proxy. btw you type like a faggot.

there are few backups on archive.org

archive.org/search.php?query=encyclopedia dramatica



Get run over by a car.

Oh fuck yes, dubs and 7s no less, it's habbening!

the goyim know!

ED is always down, by definition

But how will I leech artists of pictures of my waifu then?

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You're a cunt

ED has posted a tweet saying that their frontend booted them, ironically, because they got offended by the "offended" page, and that they will soon be back online.


/trannypol/ will never be cool

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That page needs to be a meme now

having fun putting on your puppet show, faggot?

They were but haven't been for years now. I stopped visiting after they turned into nu/pol/ and stopped making fun of the lolcows in nu/pol/. Giving up that much and that primo of material to me indicates a clear loss of objectivity, resulting in a terminal loss of lulz.

This is the exact kind of attitude that has turned ED to the dogshit it is today.

How are you liking that free speech nerds?

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I now expect to see people just straight laughing at retards in the street now their their website is down.

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Link us to your ED page fam.

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I regret this happened, because no site should be shut down for simple being offensive, but I've avoided ED ever since they started hosting malware on the site. Plus the articles are so over-the-top ridiculous, I really wouldn't go there unless I literally could find no information on the subject at hand anywhere else, and then be forced to parse out all the utter bullshit.

Why else do you think these organizations have a lot of power in spying you, but won't do shit on preventing crimes?
Notice also how these ideas of revoking fundamental rights comes down to personal vengeance for certain people who barely even matter or count as a threat, from actual priviledge, but self victimizing clueless idiots
All coming from selfishness and stupidity

Is that me sticking my dick in your face? That's the most retarded comeback I've ever seen.



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t. newfag

Chris had his revenge

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You'll still be able to download them, it'll just be at 2400 baud and the picture quality will be shit
But at least it'll be from the computer of somebody you've talked to (maybe even somebody you personally know) and there will be no dystopian corporate overlords or normies involved

Natsees only on Zig Forums!

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I knew some retard would think my post was anti-ED

It kinda already was. If you found yourself offended on ED, there was a nice lesson in offense.