Trump isn’t invited to brain cancer-stricken John McCain’s eventual funeral

Sen. John McCain's dying wish is for President Trump to stay far away from his funeral, according to friends of the Arizona Republican.

Those close to McCain — who is battling brain cancer — have already told the White House they plan to invite Vice President Pence, and not the President, to McCain's eventual funeral services, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

The funeral is expected to take place at the Washington National Cathedral, according to The Times.

McCain, who has repeatedly sparred with Trump, holds nothing back in his forthcoming memoir, "The Restless Wave."

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about fucking time

Fuck that walking corpse.

Make a list of the Attendees. 90% probability their are corrupt.

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I hope you invited your white hats and isis friends.

I'm sure President Trump is absolutely devastated by this news.

Die mcCuck die already you retard bastard

And nothing of value was lost. A failure in war, in running for presidency, and in congress.


I hope Trump says "It's okay Jon, I was never going to go anyways, make sure you hold it all the way in Mexico."

May it come soon.

I like the ones that didn't get brain tumors

John McCain is an unlikable weasel, and I've never particularly cared for the motherfucker…

But now I'm positive he's a complete douchebag, because he actually said he would like Pence to attend the funeral.

PENCE ?!!….

Pence is one of the biggest pieces of shit on planet Earth, second only to that fat, ugly, psoriasis-riddled, bizarre moron who's pretending like he's a 'president' right now…

I think it's fair to say that this is the most embarrassing time in history for our nation.

I wonder if John McCain actually believes in God or heaven or any of that nonsense, because he's in for quite a surprise when he finally succumbs to the cancer, and realizes that there's nothing… No God… No Jesus… No Heaven… No Angels… No afterlife…

Just cold empty nothingness….


more like McBraincancer haha
or McFag lol

Hopefully the brain cancer bursts his skull so they're forced to do it closed-casket.


Trump will probably hire Russian hookers to piss on McCain's grave.

Bury him in Arizona at the Southern Border, then build the wall just north of his grave.

no worry's we will all take turn pissing on his gave

the man is pure cancer

Die already. Fucking traitor son of a traitor father that covered up the israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

I hope his funeral has hecklers.

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Trump BTFO?

Trump BTFO!

This post charged my fedora.

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umm, suck it up, Andrew

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Trump didn't even go to war because he faked having a sore foot.

Hey, ingrown toenails really hurt.

Great idea just as long as he doesn't use campaign money & does it from his own pocket.

Damn,he didn't risk his life fighting for the kikes while women stayed safely at home bitching about feminism?! What a loser

I bet Trump feels so sorry that some old boomer with literal brain cancer doesn't like him oh boo hoo hoo

Won't be much of turn out will it?

. Hahaha!

Can we confiscate all his ill gotten property after he is gone? Maybe we can pressure his wife into having a private funeral in Arizona. And an unmarked grave. Or cremate him and put his ashes at the dump.

the majority of burgerland is that then