After 30,000 Big Macs, Man Says He's Never Been Healthier

A retired prison guard in Wisconsin has been eating Big Macs every day for the last 46 years and he says he has never been healthier. The love affair between Don Gorske and McDonald's signature burger started in 1972 and has been going strong ever since. Gorske likes his Big Macs with two all beef patties with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun.

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He probably exercises, and also eats better for his other meals.

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Are you kidding? Look at that string bean…I think it's the tapeworms that are keeping him thin. Either that or the McAIDS.

He's going to drop dead of a heart attack from the plaque building up on his arterial walls, but he looks happy.

Is (((he)))?

All of these.

Confirmed for juden

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Not every thin person has parasites or aids.
Some people have a fast metabolism and don’t need to work out. Some people could also have an ulcer in their stomach or lining of the intestines and it would cause irritation and make them constantly feel hungry.

t. Medical science fag

That in & out burger, only find that in the West. And it’s the best.

He hates mcdonalds fries. It's the fries and soda where the real empty calories are.

A big Mac is ~600 calories
that's really not that much if it's your entire meal, donuts are something like 400-500

The guy is featured in the Super-Size Me! documentary. He usually eats 2, sometimes 3 a day. If he's still healthy it's because he's got god-like genes, workouts feverishly (Unlikely if you look at him) or eats nothing but health foods when he's not at McDonalds.
Given he's from Wisconsin I can tell you it's probably good genes. I live there and my extended family are all heavy drinking lardasses who eat deep-fried 3 times a week. Despite them all being roughly 300 pounds, none of them have diabetes, only one of them has joint problems (but that's from a college football injury and not his weight). I'm heavier than I ought to be (6 foot and 225 pounds) and I can tell you my back problems aren't from my weight. It's from the crappy office chair I spend 8 hours a day in (I need an outdoors hobby, vidya is starting to kill me)

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yeah sure you literal mong
beside your stupidity, the obvious explanation is that big mac mac is eating at or below his tdee which almost certainly is sitting somewhere around 2 kCal

I think he was a wimp to let Yoko destroy the band…

Fuck him

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After the release of super size me, nobody was able to recreate the supposed effects of the documentary. It's bullshit.

I'm amazed that such a HEALTHY LOOKING, attractive, fancy pants, culinary connoisseur, big spender with a High Dollar Haircut like him would be eating alone….

I think Lennon's influence was highly overrated, and looking at the work created after the breakup, it's clear that McCartney was the actual driving force behind their greatness…..

…and douchebag may 'think' he's healthy, but he's got a host of issues going on…

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That was actually pretty funny Mr. Neptune.

It's almost like his macros work out. The fact that this constitutes "news" is just absurd.

Haha well done.

a classic lol have an upvote good sir

Newsflash: McDonalds is unhealthy because it's too nutritious, not because it's lacking in what you need. Fast food is bad because it's essentially an overdose. So it's not surprising that you can make it a big part of your diet and not die of vitamin deficiencies. The hard part is not becoming an obese fuck if you are eating something that modern and calorie dense when it's quite likely your stomach estimates calories off of volume, and therefore your hunger will be a lie that causes you to eat more of it than you should. That's the trick fast food pulls so that although it's cheap you eat a lot of it, because it doesn't feel as filling as it actually is. Result: massive obesity rates and spiraling health costs.


Because burgers aren't unhealthy. It's the sugary soft drinks and fries cooked in trans fat that are unhealthy.

Dubs of truth

youre right about most trans- fats though its a gross oversimplification and i bet you think all cis- fats are healthy but youre probably wrong about that whole statement because i think youre talking about energy density as most people do when they say healthy/unhealthy food as lipids are by far the most energy dense macronutrient

You're the retard. Energy density has nothing to do with it, it's trans fats and sugar that are unhealthy.

better kys then because all macronutrients you intake are stored as fucking sugar then oh god youre super duper unhealthy oh fuck



the reason why sugars are bad for you is because of the pancreatic response. When you eat a large quantity of sugar or anything that is easily processed into sugar (like starch), your pancreas releases a fuckload of insulin because too much sugar in your bloodstream will give you nerve damage. The insulin will then remove the sugar from your bloodstream along with other nutrients that your cells need but are deprived of because your insulin levels are shot. Your cells then give the message that they need more glucose in order to keep from starving despite the fact you just ate a shitload of sugar.
You get hungry again because of that message despite the fact that the insulin in your blood is going to need time to safely release the sugar to your cells. If this cycle continues then you become insulin resistant because your cells become accustom to the constant presence of massive spikes of insulin, so your body has to produce even more to compensate and then your pancreas wears out from the extremely destructive cycle of overproduction and you get diabetes. Sugar is really bad for you because it takes very little time for your body to process it into glucose and because of the high throughput of sugar entering your bloodstream it causes your body to overreact, making you more hungry and eventually giving you diabetes.

Sugar give you diabetes, yes everyone knows that except for


I really hope you don't actually believe this.

no it means youre retarded and unless youre imbibing copious amounts of carbs at a high rate over a long period you will experience literally no ill effect from it

consider not being a dumbdumb


shared nescience is not conspiracy its just stupidity

I'm getting a big mac after work

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I can't even eat at McAids, every time I try I get the runs worse than eating a bottle full of laxatives.

South Bronx Paradise baby!


Your jew genetics are what’s destroying your family.

fuck you dad youre the one that married a kike

So what you're saying is that the root cause is still just overeating? A lot of words to say 'eat less, lardass'.

ever notice how europeans always claim to have a better diet than americans but are always way skinnier and no where near as muscular? really makes you think xD

Good job. kek