Ever Wondered What's Inside A Mexican Jumping Bean? (Video)


Most people have heard of Mexican Jumping Beans and how they are known for jumping (and I don't mean across the border), but have you ever wondered what's actually inside one? The Mexican Jumping Bean is a seed pod from the shrub Sebastiania pavoniana, and although it is referred to as the jumping bean and it does jump, it is not actually a bean at all. A YouTube channel called What's Inside takes a hands-on look and shows you close up what is actually inside this strange little marvel of nature.

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Oh fucking christ, Printz. Just post the YouTube video instead of a still frame from it, you dumb gook.


Literally who gives a shit?

Mexicans who are obsessed with their own culture?? Cunt??


EVERY SCHOOL CHILD KNOWS WHY THEY 'JUMP' (they don't jump, they roll when the worm moves) YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT….





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The day that 'what makes a Mexican jumping bean move' is considered BREAKING NEWS is the day the Jim needs to fucking kill himself.

AGAIN: every 2nd grader knows about the worm inside







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Jim is a fucking piece of shit

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This is Lexi, one of the 'journalists' at The Goldwater

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Lexi replaced a male 'journalist' named Nimuel, who mysteriously quit The Goldwater….

Nimuel suddenly 'disappeared' from The Goldwater, and Lexi 'appeared' about 3 months later…


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Nimuel underwent sex change surgery at a makeshift Philippines back alley 'clinic', and transitioned into Lexy

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I enjoy putting penises in my mouth

The Goldwater actually published a story about a man who puts Barbie dolls into potholes recently….


and today, one of the geniuses at The Goldwater learned that there are worms in 'mexican jumping beans' and thought they had a 'big story on their hands'

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who'd fug?

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Jim's a REEEEAL piece of shit, that's for sure…

And although any 2nd grade school child knows there are worms in 'Mexican Jumping Beans', I suppose you almost have to laugh and forgive an uneducated transsexual Filipino Prostitute for not knowing about the worms, and considering it 'news'….

………….which is what makes you wonder about faggot OP… he's not a Filipino transsexual hooker…. or is he ?…..

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It's about damn time you directed your autism towards something good for once.

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Fucking Faggots

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Goodnight, Everyone….


don't worry guys, Andrew's McGovern's just mad that Jim get laid more than him
>mfw Andrew spends 3 hours making (((memes))) because he is this insecure about his sex life

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Lol sure I do….

Hahaha you fucking idiot… I have to go out of my way NOT to get laid, dipshit.

(lol @ you thinking my art is 'memes', or failing to realize that I've been making art 24/7 since I was 12 years old, you stupid fucking piece of shit)

BTW, anime is the antithesis of creativity.
it all looks exactly alike, and it's NOT executed well. It seems like if they we're ALL going to copy a style, they would've chosen an artistic style that actually looked cool.

the fact that you collect anime imagery proves that you're an effeminate, infantile, uncreative little trend follower with no taste or originality….

(and it's SO effeminate, that it indicates you're likely a latent homosexual)

Thank you for letting me share, Sissyboy

Anime hasn't made ANY original creative progress since the first crappy piece of worthless shit SPEED RACER cartoons, and in many ways, it's become even worse.

If this hideous 'style' of art appeals to you, then you're a closet homosexual… And effeminate loser with no aesthetic taste

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These have got to be two of the "whitest" acting fucking white people I've ever seen. And I'm saying that as a white person. No, not (((white))).

>mfw he wasted most of his life on his (((art))), only to still be mediocre at it
it looks like Andrew is also jealous of manga artists because they draw good enough to get paid while Andrew still lives off welfare.

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Well, not necessarily everyone, but I'm willing to bump in hopes of drawing Andrew back into another containment thread today. It is entertaining to watch him autistically screech, sperg out and act like the complete schizo he is.

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Half-assed ftfy.
You can jump in any time, Mexican Johnny bean!

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Lotta Jim hate in here. Love you Jim

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