Stormy Daniels Appears On SNL Skit To Warn Trump "Storm's A Coming Baby"

The porn star Stormy Daniels appeared in the late-night TV comedy sketch program Saturday Night Live to throw a few more insults toward Trump. Daniels and Alec Baldwin, who is known for his Trump imitation on the show, appeared in a sketch where she warned the President saying, "I know you don't believe in climate change but a storm's a coming baby."

Daniels had sex with Trump allegedly almost 10 years ago and in 2016 she was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about the affair. Of course, she was paid the money and no one seems to be holding her to account for that and now she's back for more. Daniels and her attorney are suing Michael Cohen, the attorney who paid Daniels on Trump's behalf.

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Daniel's "storm" has been coming for months and months now. Either they bring forward to the public criminal charges with evidence, or they don't. It's all virtue signaling until they show otherwise. A lawsuit? Big deal. Everybody gets those when they're real estate millionaires and billionaires. It's like Liberals are totally new to that kind of world, because they are.


There's no way Jon Jon is a pedo, he would be cool if he were.

Can it finally come already? Can you finally submit the "evidence" for Trump's impeachment trial only to be denied? Because not only does impeachment mean Pence and death to gays and abortion, it means 51% of the country is about to be pissed off. These people claim to want to be on the right side of history. How will impeaching someone for consensual sex and a monetary gift paid for from your own pocket only because you didn't like him look in the eyes of history? Especially when at the exact same time the Korean War may be ending.

Problem with that faggot?

It will turn out that the prostitute was bought for Ivanka to poke with a strap-on while whipping her back with pussy juice soaked leather straps.

Reading comprehension much?

Trump has sex with Stormy. He doesn't pay her.
Cohen, Trump's lawyer, pays Stormy. He doesn't have sex with her.
Cohen sends a bill to Trump.
Trump pays the bill.
No crime has been committed.
I don't even understand where there's a civil or criminal case to be made.

This roastie must be a jew. She sure is milking her story for shekels everyday. She was and still is a whore. whores take money for sex.

/r/ make app of her ugly face

Talk about being attention whore

we have reached Peak Boomer hopefully

There isn't. They are hoping to shame Trump into resigning, which won't work because the stupid cunt revealed he likes consensual sex in the missionary position followed by watching TV


shes not even paying her attorney fees this is another the DNC picking up the tab to smear trump ordeals

Getting sick of Alec Baldwin and his faggot trump impersonation. Why can't these has-been actors just learn to fuck off?

Yeah, I could see this strategy making sense if Pence was president. But he isn't. Trump has always been a billionaire playboy and he's had several divorces.
Also, pushing this shit reminds the voters of Bill Clinton fucking Monica Lewinsky, Lyndon Johnson raping the countryside, John F. Kennedy fucking everything that moved, etc.

Literally had someone at work say Trump is just "gloating" for essentially ending a war. Granted, the guy is a major soyboy, but what the fuck is wrong with people?

You know what I don't understand too? Aren't these people so called "sex positive" liberals where sex isn't a big deal? Why are they making a big deal out of consensual sex?

Oh that's easy. Those same individuals clamor on to lower the value of sex so they can get more of it. The problem is that you can't rewire thousands of years of behavioral paychology and make someone want to fuck someone fugly. So these folk continue to bitch that sex isn't a big deal to try and continue to lower the bar to where their value might be in demand. It will never happen.

That didn't answer my question. Why is Trump being slammed for having admittedly consensual sex by people who want everyone to be fucking 24/7?

Dear God it’s not even that. She’s just another talentless whore who wants her fifteen minutes of fame without actually putting any of the work in.

Why live?

good, good. keep doubling and tripling and quadrupling down on this, leftys. by the time 2020 rolls around, there won't even be a DNC.

if the liberals in california made giving HIV positive blood legal then they should only recieve HIV positive blood since that's what they want so much

I'd expect nothing less from an empty headed cum rag.

It's not gay sex with the purpose of pozzing his neghole. That makes Trumpffgh AIDSphobic.

Kek, I bet she came constantly but was removed for being a thot. Now she thinks she smells money, but she actually smells is a big lead weight thats about to figuratively sink her permanently. Her little escort business will be in ruins, she'll never work again. Pottery.

You're right, nobody will be dumb enough to hire her after she's shown that she'll betray your privacy without a second thought.

She's a total degenerate, but I guess that was to be expected. She knows her career is over (she's not even close to being as hot as she was 10 years ago when Trump shagged her) so she's milking this for all she can because right after this her life goes into the trash. She'll try to ride the publicity for a while doing talk shows and some parody porn but she's done and she knows it.

i would definitely vote for this

oh boy celeb goss and the pisswater, two things tat are definitely relevant and not a bunch of bullshit spectacle to distract us from how much harder the top 1% is fucking everybody else


Prostitutes are literally the pond-scum of humanity. They've already thrown away any sense of self-respect by fucking on a camera naked, only to debase themselves further and use subterfuge and blackmail on former sugar-daddies to get attention, legitimacy, and money.

Take Tigers Ex Joslyn James. Has a deposition with a lawyer doing a pity party only to make a scene making light of the fact that she ruined the career of Professional Golfs best athletes.

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you mean pornstars? you fuckin mong


Same thing way to bitch about something stupid you fuckin faget

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Porn star are prostitutes but prostitutes aren't necessarily porn stars

Pick one, you filthy degenerate.

Because Trump = bad.

Remember when we used to shun whores not to show their faces in town?

porn stars are prostitutes that fuck on camera. since it's "art" it's not considered prostitution by liberal fucks in california.

don't fool yourself. they are prostitutes. they are paid money for sex. except the act is filmed.

Wearing a fucking huge red A should be mandatory for them

How unfortunate she will suicide with a big black dildo down her throat.

I'm facing a dilemma here.
Trump is a zionist piece of shit, but the cucks are so obnoxious about showing how much they hate him it makes me unwilling to take a stance against him purely out of spite.

in most places prostitutes are illegal it's a good thing that when you film it and call it porn it's OK!

skanky daniels sucks a drumpf dick

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I can only imagine how devastating it must be to be insulted by someone who degrades themself in the most dehumanizing way possible for a living.

Worse yet they're using her and promoting her because they have nothing on the man.



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what am i looking at here?

Stormy Daniels appears to have been branded as the property of NXIVM, a sex cult and human trafficking operation running out of upstate New York headed by Keith 'Vanguard' Raniere and his wife, formerly of the TV show Smallville, Allison Mack.

Note that Stormy did not come out of the woodwork until AFTER Vanguard was deported from his hideaway in Mexico and, until he was also taken out by MeToo, the AG of New York was trying to BURY prosecution of these jackasses.

With the AG out, however, sex slavers are back on the menu.

The indictment.

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I feel bad for the audience up front who had to deal with the smell of rotten tuna every time she opened her legs on stage.

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color me surprised

Zig Forums is so pathetic lately…

only fat out-of-touch boomer faggots care about SNL


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If Trump actually had sex with that HIDEOUS disgusting pile of shit prostitute, he doesn't deserve anybody's respect

bet you never been to sea,Billy and smell tuna

about what, faggot? which boogeyman am I supposed to be this time for being sick of reading non-news on the poopoopeepeewater about shit nobody but the Eternal Boomer has given half a fuck about for the last two decades?

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That's not a very nice thing to do, user

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you mean pay to suck his dick, this is pretty omega behaviour


You know I'm not going to believe your plan-z fallback spin without proofs, and I know you don't have any and are going to call me a kike or something to distract from this fact.

this tbrqfh fam

why do you think the "porn industry" is centered in california? because they ruled in some precedent court case that it's considered "art" and not prostitution.

I seriously don't understand why this is even news? The news just hates trump so much they will put that has-been porn star in the news just because they can. There are so many important things to think about and deal with in the news that I can't believe they are showing this stupid story.