Australia - 100 ‘African Teenagers’ Wreck Melbourne Rental Villa Overnight (Video)

Imagine putting your vacation property up for an online rental site like or airbnb. What would be your worst nightmare? How about this situation. All of a sudden neighbors start calling you that 100 out of control teenagers are wrecking your house and you are tens of miles away.

That is what happened to the owner of a Melbourne villa rentable on who got a call from horrified neighbors at 7am in the morning saying her $836,000 house was being destroyed.

The owner, who was only identified as ‘Kelly’ told local media: “Neighbors called me at 7am and said they're there destroying all of your televisions and furniture and smashing it across the street.”

“It felt like I was watching my house burning down.”

One of Kelly’s shocked neighbors, Ms Naz Ire, said the party was so out of control that she called police: “They started turning up in car loads at about 9pm. I could hear loud noises of door slamming, glass smashing and people yelling. I couldn't sleep. They were jumping on a neighbour's car and throwing glass bottles.”

In a further twist, police stated they had no right to go in and check after neighbors had also alarmed them.

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The police is legally required to do their jobs so they choosen not to do their jobs. I can't believe that they lied.

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They didn't arrest them after it is over.

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There's a video in the source.


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This is why the jews shouldn't be in control of Media, Government and Money. Anyway to avoid this problem is to democratise the police force so they obey the people, not the government.

the only way they could have done something about a crowd that big would have been to show up with assault rifles and open fire. In fact, thats what the neighbhors should have done. But they don't have the guns or ammunition.

Bad idea, best to just wait it out and let your shit get destroyed.


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