Why Johnny Can't Read Analog Clocks

The UK has an innovative idea to solve analog clock illiteracy in schools. Just chuck the analog clocks and switch to digital. Evidently, it's that big of a hassle to explain how "the big hand is for minutes and the little hand is for hours" or maybe it's the finer points of multiplying by 5 in order to get the proper minute, either way British teachers have had enough of trying to teach how they work apparently.

And this isn't just going on in the United Kingdom either. Some US schools are deciding to do the same. The fear is that children who don't know how to read an analog clock won't know how much time they have left on timed tests. Once again, an obvious (though obviously not the simplest) solution would be teach the kids how to read.

In Texas in the Allen, Frisco and Plano independent school districts however, children are required to learn how to read analog clocks as a requirement. In fact, it's part of the statewide Texas Essential Knowledge Skills Standard. And honestly, knowing how to read a clock is a fairly essential skill. Texas kids are required by first-grade to learn how to tell time on both analog and digital devices. That said, if you can't read a digital clock, there are probably other issues at hand.


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I remember in elementary school getting a few lessons in how to read a clock, including a test or two about it. It's all a failure of the education system.

Wait what the fuck, I've never even thought to multiply the numbers by five, I've always just kinda knew where each increment of 15 was and moved 5-10 over. Christ.

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These kids will fail to assemble IKEA furniture because they can't figure out which way is clockwise to tighten the screws properly.

This is the generation of our future. The Second Dark Ages, is what I see.

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What the fuck is wrong with kids these days?

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Its the same reason no one but hobbyists can read a sundial at a glance. Its outdated, a more efficient way has come along and now analog clocks are being phased out. This is just another "The kids are NOT alright" piece that really says nothing at all when you think about it for more than 2 seconds.

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Same here. It's a just fucking clock for crying out loud, if you cannot learn how to read it in like an hour or so as a teenager you might have a legitimate mental issue.

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