Disturbing California School Mural Depicts President Trump Beheaded by Aztec Warrior

Liberals have once again extended their reach into the depths of despair after painting a mural outside of a school in Chula Vista, California that depicts President Trump beheaded by an Aztec warrior.

The image is beyond disturbing, showcasing an Aztec warrior carrying the beheaded face of the President of the United States of America after its been impaled by a spear in it's left hand, as well as carrying the President's heart in the right hand.

Artist Sasha Andrade Mercado is responsible for the atrocity, making veiled threats under the guise of artwork, which is painted outside of MAAC Charter School in San Diego County.

MAAC Charter, chartered by Sweetwater Union High School District, touts itself as a “community school that offers students a unique curriculum in which students learn traditional subjects in relation to real-world issues,” yet allowed this monstrous threat to remain outside their facility.

Hilariously enough, Sasha Andrade Mercado has actually taken to her Facebook page complaining of receiving messages full of hate as a result of her clearly violent depiction of the 45th President of the United States of America.

Sasha Andrade Mercado posted on Facebook:

”I seriously find it hilarious that all the messages I have received (most of them) are threats and full of so much hate and racism but they say that we are the ones who are “rotten” yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i am not going to tolerate hate against innocent children, all because one “President” who only brought back all the white supremacists from hiding and making them think its ok to threaten anyone who is against his beliefs.

The above statement is a depiction of what indoctrinated mental illness looks like. Sasha Andrade Mercado actually draws a painting of a murder, then has the audacity to complain that she's being threatened because she has different beliefs.

The hypocrisy of this statement is beyond comprehension.

In another post, she proceeds to blame media outlets for what she perceives to be biased coverage.

I'm unsure how she thinks this could be reported with a slant? She's literally trying to justify the murder of the President because she disagrees with his policies, even having the bigoted mentality to call those complaining about it racists.


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Surprise, it's a fat beaner, who would've thought?
Not only that, but seemingly spawning retarded kids as well.

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She sucks as an artist. She deserves insults but should be ignored. These whores just want media attention and a patreon account for gibs.

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As usual with all leftyfaggot heros… It only happened in the imagination of a minority.

Just like the great state of Wakanda and their prosperous african nation.

It never really happened.


Speaking of Mexicans, does anyone else here have problems eating beans? I don't see how beaners pile down on that stuff, my gut becomes super uncomfortably inflated after eating more than a side helping.


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you have to adjust to it.

I didn't mind Obama as a president, but if somebody were to go spraypaint a mural of a viking holding Obama's head over this I wouldn't complain.

you have to go back to your containment board

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Trimp is a zionist piece of shit, but it still bothers me to no end that foreign shitskins are flooding the country and openly calling for the death of anyone that even pretends to be against illegal immigration.

And the Spics continue in their transgressions, do they want to die that much?

3rd pic

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This is legally enough to ch… oh wait, rule of law right.

My only complaint is that she didn't illustrate Trump's stupid face to look fat or delusional enough… Other than that, I like it.

God don't help people with hate in their heart

Who cares, spics will be spics.

Lol @ you actually believing in 'god'

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What’s so repulsive is that people laud them for doing the same thing that they get their two-minutes hate in on us for.

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my argument was that you should both be allowed to say offensive incendiary shit, and should both stop bitching and saying 'well that's different' when the other side does it. And hypocritical bitching is what OP is doing.

It's called phytic acid. Google it. Grains and beans are coated with it. Inhibits good digestion = gas.
Soak your beans in a lot of water at least 24 hours, rinse, then cook in a fresh batch of clean water.

That isn't how you win a war.

Why doesnt someone just repaint the wall? Paint is cheap

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Gee, is kikes kikefiltered too?


Is that your autistic cousin Johnny Nigtune

Can you imagine the shitstorm if someone had made a mural depicting Obongo beheaded by a white guy?


responding to the wrong post or retarded or drunk or what?

I wish you wouldn't do that, user. It's bad for the board.


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I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic, mate.

Here we see lefties engage in their most favorite pass-time; making massive strawmen and then proceeding to feebly attempt to push it over.

You fail to understand the psychology of any extremist. To them, this is a war of culture and ideas - a war for hearts and minds.

He posted a news story and then you assumed he was a hypocrite that regularly calls for harm to his opponents.
Nowhere in the OP does he do that.
You're a histrionic retard that kneejerks like the rest of the idiot normalcattle that give this sort of garbage outrage b8 clicks.

Spics will also be forced to go back to Mexico

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>>>Zig Forums
Testing to see if wordfiltered.

If this were any other president, the artist would get a friendly visit from whatever local agents felt like grilling her and adding her to a no-fly list.

its very obvious even children figure it out almost immediately. why else would we have to "teach" kids about racism. its before they figure it out on their own.

same thing with homophobia. its the natural, normal reaction. anything else is an unnatural, forced, and learned behavior.

Watcha doin Zig Forums

I'm not implying shit, you fucking bum-pusher.
I was merely pointing out what I fucking said; that they're making strawmen.

Ahaha !
These dumb niggers think they are Mayan/Azteca.
They are Celt-Iberian.
Maya/Azteca are 1/3 East Asian (chink) 2/3 Eurasian (mongol).
That's 1/3 Europoid.
What is book of kells.

go back to school you 13 year old dimwits.

I would love to see in a second mural, side by side with the first one, a viking holding Onigger's head. The levels of salt and hipocrisy would be astronomical.

No one has won a war by attacking the weapons they use. Freedom of speech and expression is merely a weapon. It's not what is responsible for the stupid shit people say or do it just allows them to make it happen. Any side that argues anything to the effect of "This exceeds what's covered by free speech!" is literally announcing "I am an enemy of America's first and foremost principle and therefore all of America" and should be promptly fucking attacked until killed by the full might of the American people. Left or right, it doesn't matter, the second you say "I don't think you should be allowed to-" your throat should be cut to the bone and your head peeled back like a pez dispenser of blood so at least your body's nutrients can be reclaimed by America's soil as your worthless life leaves it.

We talk, we artistically express and we are free to do it. Unless it literally indicates the intention of a real individual to injure or infringe upon the rights of another's pursuit of the American dream we do not legally or forcefully intervene. It's clearly a fantasy piece. The fucking Aztecs were too fucking weak to survive exposure to beaners and got their asses wiped out, they're of no threat to the god damned US president with their stupid headdresses and floating magical spear shit or whatever the fuck is being depicted there. Like the Aztecs, magic doesn't exist.

*stands and applauds you*

How poetic. But that still doesn't justify their mental illness.

Looks more like a blond kim jong

Fucking California in a god damn nutshell. You know what the funny thing is? The problem with illegal immigration isnt that much the people themselves, they are a problem, yes. The actual enemy, the people who you should be worried about, are the first generations. Its them who do shit like this, but fuck all that. I hope that entire school district gets a taste of a secret service raid, people need to be arrested for this shit and put on watchlists. Otherwise it makes our laws look like a fucking joke and any wetback can stomp in and make threats against our standing president. It doesn’t matter who the fuck it is in office.

I'm gonna have to agree.
Regardless if people like him or not, he really isn't a dictator as these fucking retards attempt to claim.
The people that was a democratically elected president to get killed aren't all right in the head.

Does it matter? They're still mulatto scum

I try to compromise with the left, but as long as the right exists they will settle for nothing short of the destruction of any party that is not them. I’m a centralist because I believe that massive social upheaval in a short amount of time that is forced leads to destruction, but to blindly throw away opinions is childish. I agree with the left in environmental issues, but disagree with their economic planning. I believe that America currently is the world hegemon, and we can either embrace that or push that label away, we have to commit to one or the other. I believe that our political system is being filled with radicals from both ends and the two party system will only lead to disaster.

I just want a nice America for everyone without losing the identity of being America

Just imagine the same mural but with Obama's head and extrapolate what the public sentiment would be.

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that's awful to do though you lose the flavor if you do that.

No, she needs sent back to Mexico along with all the other fucks who love it so much better than America but for some reason won't stay the fuck in Mexico.

Two strike rule. Get caught crossing the border illegally once, get your dna, fingerprints, etc taken and sent back. Get caught doing it again, execution. And I don't mean crazy expensive Death Row for 15 years bullshit, I mean same week hanging or preferably guillotine.

Even the shitskins and liberals that are currently doing their to destroy that America? Dumb centrist fuck.

Aztecs? weren't they so barbaric they regularly offered human sacrifices to their idols?

Why should I care what some barbaric stone age tribe thinks?

What makes it juicy funny is that the artist probably would have been used in a blood sacrifice while screaming nooooo.

Once a month to beg for rain for crops
The daily sacrifice thing is a false meme that came about from the drought sacrifices

The Aztecs chose their sacrifices based on who was worthy to commune with the gods. The sacrifice was treated with the utmost reverence in the weeks leading to the event


Sounds like youve been reading romanticized history.

promising yet another revolution you know they are too cowardly to commit to.

stop getting my hopes up, liberals. let's see your noodle arms cradling a rifle you never learned to use. put your fair trade money where your mouth is.

board is shit lol

nice try but the aztecs were patriarchal strongmen and would have loved trump and hated the cartels.

aztecs are pleidian as are the ancient egyptians, and some of them met hitler and love cats.

hence the aztecs are our guys.

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Why are mexicans always so gory?

could easily be done with photoshop ;3

gas yourself

2 things wrong with that. 1) current mexicans are the ones that destroyed the aztec, who are more related to centeral americans anyways, and 2) that skin complexion,

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Will heads roll over this?

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100% inaccurate

remember there are as blacks, Latinos, etc under those hats m including legal immigrants that came in the right way. Speaking out against the illegals . We have no issue wit legal immigration or legal immigrants…

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What's up sissy boy?

I was just wondering if you liked my retouch of the mural

Something about that big Aztec cock really seems to fit Donald Trump's fat stupid fucking face

Don't you think so bitch?

Aztec looks like a nigger

Are they still butthurt that Based Whites wiped the Aztec tacos off the map?


cry more, manlet faggot

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You think about cock a lot. Maybe you should quit taking your work home with you or where ever a homeless manlet takes his work back to.

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If I were granted one wish it would be to torture everyone on 8gag to death.

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wow, who'd have thought

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He's jealous of literally everyone. Remember that he's a ugly homeless manlet that sucks AIDS infested nigger cock for quarters.

Zig Forums is a fucking piece of shit……..

You guys make Instagram seem cool

You guys make r9k seem heterosexual

You guys make Sigfried and Roy seem masculine

The Zig Forums bullshit is embarrassing

The 'news articles' are crap……..

I've got a real news flash for you:


nobody cares about the news, nobody cares about Trump, nobody cares about your STUPID conspiracy theories, nobody cares about your hatred of the Jews, nobody cares about your opinions, nobody gives a flying fuck what makes you happy or what makes you upset…

You're NOT going to 'change' anything

The system has always steamrolled everyone, and you're NOT special.. you're a number… Thee 'future' has been planned for decades… The left has always actually been the right, and the right has always been the left.

Up is down and inside is out

There's no right, and no wrong

Your 'concern' and 'enthusiasm' are the tools they have always used to keep fools looking the other way.

…………and ?

and you didn't even do anything special for your mother today, after she paid all your bills and bought all your video games and computers….

you sicken me !!


there's not one of you who knows the story behind the Metro Goldwyn Mayer 'Arts Gratia Artis' slogan, who conceived it, and why it was flawed before it ever began…

No clients to service little johnny?

Flat Earth This….

False Flag That….

Gun Control and Nolocaust

how 'original'

I think the syphilis is effecting what little mind you had to begin with.

If you were 3 years old when the 9/11 attacks happened, then you didn't even begin having the slightest inkling of 'political awareness' until Obama's 2nd term in office…….



Be honest with us. Are you just angry because you couldn't find anyone who's willing to poz your neghole?