Microsoft is changing how Alt-Tab works on Windows 10

Microsoft’s next major Windows 10 update, codenamed “Redstone 5,” has been in testing for a few weeks now, and the company is now ready to unveil some new features that it's experimenting with. Alongside the new Sets feature for all Windows 10 apps, Microsoft is also changing the way the Alt-Tab feature works. Instead of tabbing between apps, Microsoft is experimenting with allowing Windows 10 users to also switch between the tabs within the Sets feature inside the Alt-Tab interface.

Microsoft hasn’t overhauled its Alt-Tab task switcher for years, and this feels like a major addition. Essentially, it means Alt-Tab will now work for apps and browser tabs or app tabs. Microsoft is also working on bringing groups of tabbed apps to Timeline, its new Windows 10 feature that keeps a history of activities and webpages.

Microsoft appears to be betting on Timeline for productivity on Windows and across devices, and the company will extend this feature to both iOS and Android. Microsoft’s Android Launcher will include Timeline so you can quickly pick up webpages on the go, and the Microsoft Edge browser on iOS will include access to Timeline.

Microsoft will start testing these changes shortly with Windows Insiders, but there’s no guarantee they will all ship with the next major Windows 10 update. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore made it clear at Build today that the company will only ship its Sets feature once it’s ready, and that same approach applies to other Windows 10 features like “Your Phone.”


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how about instead of all that bullshit make it less likely to crash programs

So they're making it act like ctrl tab? Or windows key tab?
Not sure what they're describing here

it sounds like instead of functioning normally theyre going to require you to pin fucking .exes in an alt-tab menu and the function will switch between these pinned programs
sounds like a fucking retarded idea to me; its just more micromanagement to perform the same task now and if you dont bother with the micromanagement alt-tab just wont function at all

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Still dealing with that shitty bugged update as well. Why give us innovation when they could just fix the fucking thing?
I don't feel so bad now about H1B visas, windows will be fucked if the indian engineers are in California or india. The end user is still fucked. Thanks a lot Bill.

dumbass, the programmer of the game/program are responsible for the stability when it alt tabs, not microsoft
anyway its called borderless window mode

Lol @ people still using computers


Alt+F4 is better


Poor Andrew, always trying to act smart but always failing

I'm on Dalvik, you fucking pompous douchebucket… And of course I'm aware it's a god damn computer…


the business model for computer manufacturers is for their newest models to be obsolete 6 months after being released.

You fucking idiot.

P.E.B.K.A.C (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)

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Shame about the Skylake-H conflict, and Intel's announcement that since the patch wouldn't work on the Intel Core i7-6770HQ, the have decided not to continue even bothering with a Spectre 2 Meltdown patch to fix the speculative execution exploit.

you can always just get a different processor though,

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In this case, it's safe to say the problem exists between Intel and the NSA, kinda leaving the user out of the loop.

It's okay, though… The microcode patch was all for show to appease the public, and make it appear that the backdoor provided for the NSA had been removed…

They never had any intention of fixing it. They intentionally built the speculative execution exploit into all their products for a reason.

Every. Single. Time.

Andrew, get a grip

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Btw guys, don't listen to anything Andrew McGovern has to say about technology. Before Zig Forums, he tried posting on Zig Forums and everyone made fun of him for being a retard that doesn't know anything.


GNU/Linux does not have this problem.

Amiga Workbench was pretty usable in 1985. Atari TOS was quite okay too. Both worked fine on 256 KB computer with just floppy drive. Computer scene is all shit now.

Well, yeah, if they were smart they wouldn't be using Windows.

It now opens up the microsoft store and buys the first 10 "top 10" apps automatically and sends a copy of your harddrive to google.

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Start menu and control panel function in the same way. The settings menu is a separate thing.
Seriously what the fuck are you on about?

Andrew is unironically trying to say that phones are better than computers.

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Leave him alone or his feelings could get hurt. We can't have that now, amirite?

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If you cared enough you would use it anyway.

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lmao @ star wars, power rangers, hannah montana, dungeons and dragons, miss pac man, cartoon network, magic the gathering, anime, zelda, adult swim, mind-numbing loneliness, and OBSOLETE COMPUTERS

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lmao @ star wars, power rangers, hannah montana, dungeons and dragons, isolationism, sci-fi, miss pac man, cartoon network, having girls laugh behind your back, magic the gathering, anime, ostracism, zelda, adult swim, mind-numbing loneliness, and OBSOLETE COMPUTERS

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What a cuck.

so releasing a bugged update that tries to install itself over itself for three months on now and the solution listed is to try to install it again and the enduser is to blame, not the software publisher?
This is Billposting, isn't it?
I didn't want win10, it was thrust upon me.
I bet you get ID 10 T errors all the time.

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dumbass they are literally poking into alt-tab, adding shit to it that will make it more likely to crash

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They're making people more likely to move to Linux.
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Who cares, I use Arch

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Whatever you say, Little Guy

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Intel has backdoors into all their processors. If you are using x86_64 then you are fucked no matter what OS you use.
AMD has been "forced" to add very similar hardware and researchers have found backdoors with them and also most ARM chips.

If you don't want to fucked maybe you shouldn't post anything the local government can use to incriminate or discredit you.

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You're still wasting your breath

user error

Its very rare to have a program crash unless you have shitty hardware, shitty drivers, or an idiot behind the keyboard

they have to do something to justify you giving them money.


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hey Jim what triggers you so hard about this image?

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please steam hurry up and take over the entire pc market.

pointless change. why the fuck would they do this?

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fockin noob

fuck this shit, between the spyware/auto updates/needlessly complicated forced 'features' i'll be dual booting windows 7 with gnu/linux until its as obsolete as XP.

Windows XP user here.

For all of the MUH SECURITY UPDATES that people keep talking about, I've been using this for almost two decades now.

you left out the most important points though

Described my experience perfectly


I ditched Windows and installed Linux years ago. I say good riddance.

I feel sorry for the wincucks.

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It's current year, booting from usb is a thing, and has been for a while. Fucking optical drives lol whut.

They still can't bring back the alt+tab that takes you to a desktop. Can't alt+tab out of a game anymore without having some other app open. Fucking retards made this OS the same way they did with 8 by removing features for no reason just because.

Also the every 6 month feature update nonsense is a waste of time offering almost nothing in exchange for the constant breakage that it takes 2 months to then fix. Then prepare your anus because in another 4 months another update is inbound.

Only updated to play a stupid game but I can't complain too much since I pirate all of MS's products. Fuck em

Sounds like you dumb fucks jumped in the deep end before learning how to swim. Just get Linux Mint and stick with it until you have a better idea of how Linux works and how to use the command prompt effectively. Then you can start fucking around with the full autist distros.

all gnub/lincux distros are unusable trash
i like the principles of them but until a derivative becomes reasonably usable the only real options are windows and osx

Wincucks key + M to go back to desktop. Or press comma to peek at the desktop until you let go.

Linux Mint is easier to install than Windows, and it looks pretty much the same. If you can't handle that then you can't handle a fuckin Iphone

*os breaks*

Windows 8 was an abomination.

Windows 10 was an abomination with plastic surgery and lipstick on

does that make it more or less gay?

there is no way to secure a usb, toddler go back to your ipad

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*baby can't fix toy, mommy fix it*

Feeling sorry for wincucks is like feeling sorry for white-liberals who get culturally enriched by their pet shitskins

why do you do this to yourself?

actually xfce lxde and a non systemd distro like mxlinux or void or porteus are quite comfy. I am not using the windows partitions for years now.