Japan forcibly sterilized tens of thousands of 'inferior descendants' in a massive eugenics program

One day when Saburo Kita was 14, he was taken from an institution for troubled children to see a doctor. Despite protesting that his health was fine, he was ordered to strip, lie down on a table, and was given a local anesthetic.

Then the surgery began.

He was left with a thick, v-shaped scar on his lower body and questions about what had happened. Months later, talking with a friend, he learned that he had been sterilized. So had two others from the same institution in Miyagi, northern Japan.


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Canada did too

If it makes you feel any better, Japan has 1/3 the population of the US, so they probably sterilized more people per capital

Add it to the list of another thing Japan will never apologise for.

America did this too.
No news about that.

America did this too.
No news about that.
Another thing, along with hundreds of wars, tens of millions killed, dozens of countries left permanently crippled and unstable, millions irradiated, entire ecosystems wiped out and poisoned, cities nuked, that the fat stupid cunts will never apologise for.

Random japs or Ainu fellas?

America should do this to niggers living on welfare.

No, just change welfare so you literally can't use it for drugs. Forced sterilization is immoral, but throwing them in the deep end of the pool to teach them to swim is moral. Those that can't… well, they'll either kill each other off or ask for a ticket to Liberia.

Yeah America isn't perfect, but we're still better than every other country on Earth. Oh and you're welcome for inventing the internet, flight, and all the other shit that constitutes the modern world.


prove it
and let me just say i dont doubt that, but fucking prove it

Just google "eugenics america".

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no you post your goddamn source

Speak ill of this dastardly act, but if it wasn't for this horrific evil, we would not have anime today.

Take a trip down to any walmart and ask yourself if society wouldn't be improved if a few thousand welfare leeches were sterilized instead of being given free reign to shit out 5+ brats that they won't take care of.

Try millions. 1/5th of the US population has used some form of welfare at one point.

Your patriotism is commendable but there is no hiding it, it is part of American history.


You can't hope they post it by their-self, if you want to be better you have to check everything yourself, don't even trust their sources.

Their controllers are jews. Know what that means. The hand and feet belong to the head and the head is where all corruption stems from. The most degenerate and corrupt people of all time are the jews.

America did this as far back as the 1910s. The first victims were white women. The (((media))) covered the later decades when black and latin women were also sterilized. Not one mention of the first victims. Only POCs are victims in the eyes of the (((media))).

>Only POCs are victims in the eyes of the (((media))).

As a Spanish man, this is true. I have witnessed these kinds of things my whole life and I was even offered a scholarship simply because I was Hispanic. I denied it though because that IS racist. NONE of my white friends got scholarships despite being strait A students. Hell one of them literally had genius IQ. I remember I was at lunch when they announced his name over the intercom to come over to the office because it was that big of a deal. Turns out he was skipping school that day. At the end of the day, and even in the workforce, all they give a shit about is affirmative action and people behaving like slaves. My current job freaking loves me though, but I'm sure I was last on their list because they called me after a month passed and after working here for a couple of years I have seen them post a job and have the position filled the following week. Every time.

And that's a good thing.


If you were pure spanish you would look white. Just say mexican next time. In either case how did you make your way to h8chan?
Welcome to the 37% unemployement for the working age population, at a minimum. It's more likely in the 80% range now but no one notices because of the artifical intelligence shilling against people being more knowledgeable about the world. you still have to go back

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here's why

The problem began when we stopped. We could sterilize 1 million per year for the next hundred years before we begin to cull the herd of the retards.

Based Japan

The problem is "who determines who the retards are"? I sure as fuck don't trust anyone with that kind of power not abusing it for their own gain or to silence people. If you're going to kill millions of retards at least have the balls to try it yourself instead of trying to get your sugar-daddy big incompetant gov to do it for you like a whimpering leftist.

A small portion of Mexicans ARE white, and are direct descendants of Spaniards. He might be one of those, although unlikely. Normally higher ups in the Mexican government are purebred Spaniards.

Oh so that's why Japan is better than Korea and China
Always wondered why, bet Kimmie does the same hence why NK is 2nd best

Add it to the list of thing Japan did nothing wrong in

Objective science determines it


There's nothing wrong with eugenics

Japan got nuked twice because even after the first bomb they would not surrender, they were warned ahead of time. The fire bombings were worse and the nukes prevented more deaths TBH.

It's believed that the government of North Carolina sterilized more than 7,000 people between 1929 and 1974. Of those, only about 200 have come forward, according to Charmaine Fuller-Cooper, former director of the North Carolina Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation.

the phillipines war isnt even discussed in american history
millions dead in an illegal war to subjugate a country that wasn't spains to give anymore

The Japanese unironically believe that blood type completely determines your personality, just because some scammer and his son, both with no medical credentials, wrote like 50 books about that topic. I would not trust a Japanse to be able to accurately determine a disability. Pic related, they have blood type specific bubble baths for fuck's sake.

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#japan did nothing wrong


Nothing wrong with eugenics. It's just artificial "natural" selection which is absolutely necessary in a civilized world. It is the only way to maintain a genetically healthy population and have each generation be superior to it's predecessor. Evolution only works under primitivism.

Still the best. Which says more about everyone else, to be honest.

Which is always several decades away with Liberal biologists refusing to make the connection between genetics and behavior. And even if you did have that, then there's the issue of the massive economic slump you would have from sudden double-digit percentage losses from your workforce when it comes time for a new generation to fill in. Which is the best gift ever for open border advocates if it somehow managed to happen. A sterilization based eugenics program, at least in white countries, would most likely cause 'more' support for the mediocre, because of fears for an economic slump and white altruism. You're better off taking away social crutches for the unworthy and letting nature take it's course, even if it would take several generations for noticeable results.

hotwheels unironically agrees with you.

Try 100%.
Ever been to public school? You're a welfare recipient
Participated in or benefited from a government program, ever? You're a welfare recipient.
Belong to a group with high medical costs (women) but receive free care, or pay insurance at a rate not adjusted upwards for your massively higher likelihood of needing medical treatment? You're a welfare recipient.
If you're a parent then you shouldn't even mention single people who claim unemployment or disability. The cost to society (working men) of raising YOUR children will probably never be repaid by their taxes.
Welfare = working men (overwhelmingly) paying through taxation or absorbed costs for something you receive.

probably because he would of rather been born normal then a short-lived cripple midget.
im fucking thankful that shit like CRISPR exists and we can edit out the lines of genetic code responsible for this and other malformations without causing too much of a rise out of the moral busy-bodies that routinely stifle human-advancement.

Internet was largely an English invention, www being wholly so.
Flight is not american, you don't read much, do you.

The official policy for 2 years was to kill any male over the age of 10, as they "posed a threat".
The official documents mandating it can be found online.

Gustave Whitehead from Germany was the first to succeed at powered flight.
The wright brothers just made a non-disclosure agreement with the (((smithsonian))) on a 100 year exclusivity contract.
America is lined with plagiarizing, credit-taking kikes.

Were you born in spain to full blooded Spanish parents?
Or are you a cannibal sacrifice half-blood.

So why exactly was he sterilized? Down syndrome?, Multiple sclerosis?, Korean ancestory? Problem child seems to be a bit to little to lob his balls off so to speak.

If it means that the next generations of Nip men won't look so effeminate I'm all for it.


This is something that happened in the past, so this probably caused japs to become effeminate. Being masculine is an inherently inferior trait.

They still sterilize criminals as part of their bargaining agreements


We set up planned parent hood and charged them for the same treatment.

proof the culling of the retarded didn't work

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Hello there CIA niggers, are we supposed to say what we think on this matter now?

So long as it isn't about the United State or Israel… hell come to think of it I have never heard of an Israeli sterilization program. Organ harvesting sure, but not sterilization.

Can't get much more American than a statement like that. No wonder everyone hates us.


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Nip men look effeminate because Nip women prefer effeminate men. It is called selective breeding.

Chinese have the same idea. Wonder how the fuck that got started.

Based Nippon.


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I've never unstood why governments don't find their best people and ask them to volunteer for a breeding program to make better people to strengthen the gene pool. Never mind neutering tards, let's see some ultra autists and super soldiers.