Mormon Church Will Sever Ties With Boy Scouts, Create Own Youth Program

The Mormon church and the Boy Scouts of America have announced that they are ending their relationship, after more than 100 years of close ties.

In a joint statement, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Boy Scouts said that as the church's membership is increasingly living outside the United States, it "felt the need to create and implement a uniform youth leadership and development program that serves its members globally. In so doing, it will be necessary for the Church to discontinue its role as a chartered partner."


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wtf I love Mormons now!

Seriously though. Mormons are the only ones who seem like they're trying to preserve anything these days. Also, most Mormons are preppers from Zig Forums if they lurk here. :^)

Good old fashion competition.

Mormons are the white man's best kept, red-pilled secret and will be the savior of the white race.

You mean brainwashed 20 year olds on bicycles and 90 year old pedophile fucks who believe that they will be Gods of their own planet as long as they wear special LDS™ underwear and don't drink the caffeinated Jew?


take less LSD before posting on Zig Forums faggot

Losing 18% of membership will really mess up scouts.

What Mormons actually believe

The future of the US is a Mexican country a Marxist communist country and a Mormon theocracy

Dude religions bad XD!!!!! The only people I meet in the US who are not total pieces of shit are Mormons so I'm pro brainwashing you kids

Preservation is just death by stagnation.

When its done badly.

Preservation done well is learning lessons from people who lived before us.
Those who ignore the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat it.

So anyone still preserving the old ways are doomed then. Because if they worked, then things would never be bad enough to need a President Trump.

There's nothing pure when a religion becomes a group. The bigger something gets the more space there is for evil because everything big needs management and requires multiple leaders over multiple sections and the type that wants to be a leader is either moral or evil, there's no gray.

The only way to preserve is to communicate. The more communication is available the more people are able to learn. When the ones with the knowledge die off there's nothing to preserve, you need something that can't be killed, like the internet.


Before calling me a druggy degenerate

wtf I love mormanism now

If you preserve the old ways from 10 or 20 years ago. That is completely true.

But ff you go back just 30 years we didnt need a President Trump.
Trump even said this himself. If you watch the old Oprah interviews, he says he really doesnt want to be president because he already has a sweet successful life. But if things got really really bad he would be forced to run and that he would win. And thats precisely what he did.

Fuck off Hex. Go back to your containment board.

This site is for whites only nigger faggot

you're a faggot globalist

they're splitting off because they think the boy scouts is too american and they want to be "global".

One group of pesos to another

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Is there a religion without pedos? Is there a state? Is there a city or town? Are Mormons any less crazy than Christians muds or the Climate change cults?

Taking a religion that preaches Satan created niggers and whites / light skins should take on numerous wives and have tons of kids in a quest to become space gods… globally. OY VEY! How would niggers and muslims recover if all the white / light skin people of the world started to mass produce and believed in this space god fanfic? If wanting to see mormonism sweep the globe makes me a globalist, then so be it. :^)

They're just as crazy as the others. Just a different flavor of koolaid.

This successful husband of 3 and father of 12 has 500 lbs of freeze dried food and 10,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo in his bunker! How did he do it? Visit to find out!

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He is winning at life, while being better prepared for potential societal collapse than 90% of the fags on Zig Forums. Meanwhile, I'm fapping to catgirls. So I guess Mormons are doing something right.

I forgot that you aut-right guys don't like america, but have a higher loyalty to your mythical white utopia with russial

Mormons are grade-A fucking weirdos, but at least they actually have principals and put forth their OWN effort to solve problems. Every other group would respond with "Waah waaah waaah why isn't tax money being used to fix this!"

that is shit ton of smug expressing in those genes. I am jealous. I may get one or two. that man has a bunch of genes

Mormons will save the white race

Ok, but if you think you get to take funding away if they don't want to include gays, they should be allowed to not fund black or poor children or dog women who have a million kids, which is much more immoral and abusive to children. Mormons don't like blacks or browns right? They should also not have to force their children to suffer with black children in their schools which are proven more violent and sexually abusive to the other kids. Why don't people defend themselves before?

No they won't, they sell their kids and they don't have love. Their women are trash, the wives are jealous and they can't know who the mother is because they'll abuse the children. They're animals, why don't you just let yourself have higher standards? These women are ugly, that's the only reason they decide not to have two children with one man. You just need an Ethnostate.

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I'm telling you guys, say what you will about the crazy religious aspect of it but they are good people, the most normal and friendly you will come across. I am born and raised amongst them and as I've gotten older, wished that I had joined them at a younger age, they take care of their own. "Oh hey user, you seem like a nice guy, you want a good job? Have you met any of my 4 daughters?"

I might look into a singles group, there's literally a church in every neighborhood for miles and miles on my side of town.

Straight talking out your ass with all that bullshit. Probably never even seen one IRL.

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you misspelled 'cum'

stopped reading there

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My trips trump your idiocy.
You have no point so you resort to "nigger faggotry". Fuck off.

CNN pls



Enjoy This FREE Jim The Pedo transparent .PNG file !!!……

simply add this image to ANY photograph of young children, and have a blast as parents all across your state become concerned and begin alerting the authorities !!!

Makes an excellent conversation piece !!

Especially when you want the police to begin a conversation with Jim Watkins about possible felony child molestation charges

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? I never understood the hostility towards religious groups like Mormons the only real critique of them is that they are a bit strange

You can't claim a get unless you are white


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Number One: they actually BELIEVE in 'god'

Number Two: they actually BELIEVE that Jesus returned to New York in the 1820s and told a faggot named Joseph Smith that he was some kind of 'second jesus'

Number Three: Refer to Number One & Number Two

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None of those are proper reasons unless you are an autistic sperg faggot of the George Carlin or Rocky gervils variety

A: by finding gullible, easily manipulated idiotic ugly as fuck women with low self-esteem, and convincing them that the Tribulation is about to begin

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They're plenty good enough reasons for me, and apparently the entire rest of the human race as well…..

(The entire world shits on the Mormon Church)

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When that overcompensating latent homosexual dude just started spouting off about 'ten thousand rounds of ammo in his bunker', you made it very clear that the Mormon Church is some kind of David Koresh Waco Cult, stockpiling weapons and ammunition in secret bunkers, forming paramilitary militia groups, preparing for some kind of battle with the government, all so his type can continue breaking federal laws regarding marriage and sex with minors

Not exactly the best sales pitch on Earth


AGAIN : it's really not a mystery 'how they do it'….

They simply find ugly as shit, low self-esteem inferiority complex, uneducated and browbeaten religious upbringing, stupid as fuck boring gullible ugly women….

Then they convince them that they are some kind of 'apostle' and there is some kind of holy war coming, where the government is going to infringe upon their rights to have sex with their own children, and they keep repeating the same bullshit over and over and over to these gullible ugly low self-esteem women…..

Did that clarify it for you?

It's not exactly rocket science

" this father of 12 has 500 lbs of freeze dried food and 10,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo in his bunker!"



*top brass sits at giant octagonal boardroom meeting table with the client*

"We have done focus groups with your proposed ad campaign, and it turns out that 0 % of people are interested in having 15 kids, 500 lb of freeze dried food, a secret bunker filled with ammunition, and 3 ugly as shit wives"

"Instead, some of our staff have developed this proposed ad campaign for you"


Religion without Pedos? Folkish Asatru? The white man's actual religion before the middle eastern hordes killed or converted all European peoples to sand-nigger religions… All sand nigger religions and their offshoots have pedo shit… because they came from KillRapeistan. What a surprise.


"The Crazy Mormons Lonely, Crazy Mormons Lonely, Crazy Mormons Lonely Hearts Club Band"

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That's kinda ironic…………………………..

Especially considering the Sumerians were the first civilization on planet Earth, thousands of years before the bullshit you're talking about….

You're a fucking douchebucket…..

Folkish Asatru :

a weak, futile attempt by uneducated, disenfranchised Neo-Nazi latent homosexuals to pretend that they have some form of 'mystical ancient knowledge' that puts their faggot theories on some vague fabricated religious 'pedestal'….

Just admit it, dude………………….

you're white trash…………


you've got every reason to feel inferior, dude

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Don't Worry, Baby Boo Boo

we haven't forgotten about you

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Did you really get butthurt enough to make your own images with babies?

Lol @ you thinking I 'have to become butthurt' to sit around creating my own graphics to ridicule idiots like YOU

(strange how you failed to notice all the other graphics I'm throwing together)

but the 'baby' pictures triggered a response from you ?

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PANAMA CITY FLORIDA — A man known in his trailer park as “Santa Claus” has been convicted of breaking into a neighbor’s home to leave her notes and panties he wanted to see her wear.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office arrested Isitro Lee Sanches in April 2017 after serving a search warrant on his Kimbrel Avenue trailer in Callaway, where they found about 90 pounds of women’s underwear.

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Are you SO STUPID that you think I got 'butthurt' by this story, and I was triggered into creating my graphics ?

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are you REALLY that stupid?

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really ?……


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you're just butthurt that Hitler failed, because he was a myopic, spineless Solomon (a Jew) who was incapable of following through with anything…

….and now here YOU sit in a world where blue eyed blonde girls would much rather fuck a nigger or an Iranian than you….

….. And you're angry, but just like your closet homosexual Idol Hitler, you're incapable of doing anything about it except for whining and crying like a little girl….

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they're just protestants who got so protestant they reinvented catholicism

If they even VAGUELY believe in 'god', they're fucking idiots, and a threat to the well being of society as a whole.

fuck them

Andrew McGovern, grab your pen and paper, and don't be afraid if you have to sit in front of the taller students (we all know you're quite short). for today's lesson, we are going to learn how to post anonymously. This is helpful as it's most likely that the CIA is tracking you since you are a known homeless schizoid criminal. It is actually quite easy to post anonymously. just follow these steps;
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Kek have fun being on the pedo list!

no, that would be anglicans / episcopalians

Wew. All the salt in this thread. Anything positive being said about white men engaging in polygamy, stockpiling food and ammo, and mass producing children is being met with full JIDF / lefty resistance! I imagine them gnashing their teeth as they pound their fingers into their keyboards, screaming at the top of their lungs.


Here's a pic of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. Isn't it glorious, lads?

Good luck to all of you crazy white space gods in magical underwear.

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Sheer retarded sperg rage, at incoherent levels, by the thought of the white man succeeding, and at a prolific rate, uncontended by dirty jew rat kike paws.. Really make ya think..

Hail White Jesus!

pic related is for you, Andrew.

This. So much this.

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Sure. Sure. But what's their modern stance on the Jewish Question? You know, the one thing that can take away all of those goodies you mentioned through the wrong answer to the question. Do remember what happened to the USA and what is happening to Europe shows being white and having a family is nowhere near enough for national success. And I mean, the modern stance for Mormons as a whole, including actions taken against Jewry especially. Also, having a small handful of fringe elements here and there who think Hitler was awesome isn't good enough, due to the simple lack of their numbers versus the numbers of Jews and Jewish pawns.

when you preserve meat or fruit, do you just leave it out in the sun? preservation is the opposite of letting things stagnate and die you tard

Case in point. Surprised I didn't get banned for my post to be quite honest.

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That's why we have a prophet that speaks to God, faggot