France – Scandal As 911 Responders Mock Young Mother They Think Is Joking, Dies Hours Later

First responders in France (an ambulance service known as the Samu) are scandalized after a phone call of one of their operators answering a young dying mother in Strassbourg (north of France) was made public by the family who took the emergency services to the court.

The audio has erupted a wave a social media responses in France. In it, you can hear the 22-year-old mother call the ambulance service whilst suffering from immense stomach pain. Due to the severe aching, her voice is very weak and the operator clearly thinks she’s joking.

Miss Naomi Musenga starts by saying: “I’m going to die.”

Samu Emergency Responder: "You'll definitely die one day, like everyone else.”

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Having only 1 resonse number in a Union of counties with many different languages is retarded

They are just called 911 responders in the article, everything else is real.

They probably couldn't understand "Musenga"'s bix nooding and just tried to stay friendly.

Don't you mean far to the east of France, a piece of German clay stolen over and over again by the French.
This would have never have happened if it was under proper german control.

Retarded Human Beings

>LittleAndrew McGovern autistically knows all the emergency phone numbers for a country he doesn't live in

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There are multiple numbers. The 112 number will also redirect to the local emergency response number, it's just a shortcut so you don't have to know every country's 999 equivalent.

"911", is that the 9th of november?
American mentality is disturbing, they really have nothing in their imagination that tells them an outside world exists.
Reminder that america is about 0.05% of the population of the world.
That means it is likely that 99.95% of the world do not use the SAME FUCKING TELEPHONE NUMBER.

When Zig Forums posters are around, input 119 into your telephone device.

N.B. "Naomi Musenga" isn't a French name.
It is likely a negress that can't speak French and sounds like a 2 year old child when it tries to communicate with its nigger grunts.

Therefore, it is unsurprisingly that the emergency operator didn't take it seriously.

it was considerate of them to put down a tarp

If she didn't want to die she should have gotten Tyrone to help her. Not 911 operator's fault.

Fake news

okay Jamal today is intro to mathematics
330million is roughly 4.5% of 7.1billion mmk? not .05%

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Why the hell are we arguing about a number that's universal? Is the tower of babel a good thing now?

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be on the losing side of war 2 times and you don't get to say what property is yours.

let them hate, so long as they fear - Caligula (i think)

Oh ok, 000 is objectively the best one tbh

Many other countries use 911 as well

countries that win wars don't look like the modern allied countries, AKA being invaded by hostile foreigners protected by the government of the country they are invading

Name 20.
Then it will be about 1% of countries.
Still doesn't excuse the stupidity.

is it ok if I hate and laugh at everyone involved in this story?

Of course she's 22. They always are 22 or 33.
And how did I guess she was non-White simply by the headline? Because this particular sort of psyop has been played so many times in the past.
tl;dr empty your pockets goyim, non-Whites demand more.

press F to pay respects to ms. musenga from sengal