Trump's Best Week Ever, In Spite Of Leftwing CNN

While the president is accomplishing unprecedented progress on the Korean peninsula including the return of three US detainees held in North Korean labor camps, the leftwing media is still pushing the idea that Trump is a racist failure. Hearing the same old bias narrative on CNN is tiring, but thankfully there are people out there like Dana of The Dana Show.

President Trump's successes in the past week alone range from withdrawing the United States from the useless Iran deal which even our European allies have called insufficient, to record-low unemployment under 4%. Also of note, black unemployment is at the lowest its ever been at just 6.6% and trillions of $ are coming back to the US as a direct result of Trump Administration efforts and policy.

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and sadly more credible then anything on the left, or on TV or print


You probably said that with North Korea too.

Iran is OPENLY backing several jihadists groups who murdered american civilians

No North Korea didn't matter and only got resolved because Kimmie blew up his own test site, how can you be so retarded

Except they're against ISIS Aka Mossad fuck wit, besides Jewish agents are not American civilians

Wait you mean like how the Iraqis were behind al-qieda, wait that was Saudi Arabia And Israel whoops umm err Gadaffi is bad umkay, wait the whole region is destablized umm Assad yeah he's ISIS, oh we can't kill him, umm err Iran?

Small powers who think they are masters of the Universe think that they have some kind of a sway or a real power to start conflicts.

These West is not Stupid.
The Iranians think they will crack the whites by taking Jerusalem, how do we know this? the Turks are openly supporting this innitiative, these false attacks and all of this propaganda all over the place.

Putin and Trump of Clearly not taking the bait and the Muslims looking at themselves backed against the wall are responsible.
The Invasion of Europe and the funding of Clinton?

Everything that happens, happens for a reason.

The Muslims are screaming bloody murder that Putin is America's next Vassal… OK…. But reality predicts that Russia and America will never Seperate.
Iran deserves this, but not today.
Israel is thinking to fast…. they will join the bad or are they a part of the line?

About a year ago I bet you were posting he'd "start a war with NK"

I've been wrong in calling out Trump enough times that I'm just going to trust him from now on. It's easy to look at one piece of information and feel like you have it all figured out, but he has way more information and seems to be getting shit done (albeit slower than I'd like, but I presume there's a reason for that).

It's only the beginning, Trump hasn't even started.

Clearly a coincidence!

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Just because the left has low standards doesn’t mean we do.

is this really the best you have? SAD!


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not for no reason retard.
obviously he is protecting israeli interests and russian oil. our lives for the crown.

watch out nazis we have a meme wizard over here!

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What a lazy fucking gook