Mexico – Authorities Admit 2 Missing European Cyclists Murdered After Brother Claimed Cover-Up

2 befriended European cyclists, Mr Holger Hagenbusch of Germany and Mr Krzysztof Chmielewski of Poland, had started traveling the world by bike and leaving a trail of their adventures on the internet. By half April Mr Hagenbusch had arrived in Mexico from where he would see the rest of South America. He then caught up with Mr Chmielewski and they travelled together.

On 20 April they were in the town of San Cristobal de las Casas from where they decided to ride to the ancient Mayan ruins at Palenque, about 200km away. After that their internet blogs went dead and their followers sent out messages to Mexican authorities. Local police said that they found Chmielewski’s body on 26 April, and Hagenbusch’s on 4 May.

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Cycling in shitholes: not recommended

I think I found your problem!


This sucks. Mexico is full of mostly decent people and much of the country and towns are beautiful to explore, but shit like this still happens.
Mexico, get your shit together and clamp down on these assholes who are ruining your country and preventing it from moving forward.

How sheltered are you westerners to honestly believe that every society shares your sensibilities and has basic humanity for you to engage in, what should be, normal, carefree activities there?
It's like that feminist bitch that went on a march across Europe to prove how muslims are our friends and are totally normal only to get raped and murdered 15 minutes after entering Turkey.

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America has nothing to brag about

Nice try, Chaim. It's the same bullshit with schools. Niggers are savages and wetbacks come here not knowing how to count on their fucking fingers, drag our system down, and then pretend it's white people who are stupid.

You seem upset.

No, he's only upset that you're being retarded on purpose. You're argument - "BORDER-JUMPING BEANERS COME INTO AMERICA BUT STILL COMMIT CRIME SO AMERICA AND MEXICO ARE FUNDAMENTALLY THE SAME" If you're so confident, why don't you take a stroll into Mexico? Because you know you'll have your face skinned alive if you even make a tiny mistake that you can get away with in America.

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Further proof that all European men are homosexual, and deserve to be murdered by Mexicans. When I read that they were boyfriends I stopped reading.

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The Mexicans are pretty based in some ways

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they weren't fags, they were friends who shared an interest in cross-country cycling

i used your oc to make better oc

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Why are Mexicans literal subhumans?

Things you learn locally:
There are thugs on the highways sponsored by the gob
They killed the cyclist for their bikes
Oh shit!
Gotta cover the evidence
Get a mess because they are tourists
Still nothing happens

Yeah you don't visit shitholes and expect safety

I guess it really IS true what they say about Mexican guys' dicks being as small as their thumbs. I wouldn't want to live either if my dick could slide into a wedding ring.

Mexicans: finally, niggers have someone they can look down on

White middle class westerners are the most sheltered delusional people in the world. They have no clue about anything

but when you see how they customized the bikes, it was kinda worth it in a way

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I don't blame your for harboring jealousy and animosity…

after all, we have running water and soap

Here's a little help, because it can be kinda 'complicated' for your people

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These helpful tips will make it a lot easier for you

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yes, in America we have a thing called SOAP… We use it to clean ourselves with.

you can also clean your teeth, but don't use soap for this purpose. you can probably use the internet to purchase a product called TOOTHPASTE from America.

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Believe it or not, in America we have things called TOILETS. we use them to urinate and defecate into, then you can push a lever and actually FLUSH your solid waste down a drain and into what we call a SEWAGE SYSTEM.

it's a bit complicated at first, but I'm sure you'll eventually get the hang of it

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He's not wrong though, that's the exact demographic that buys into retarded progressive thinking hook line and sinker.
The rich and poor know it's all bullshit, because one group actively promotes the shit for money and power, and the other actually has to live around subhumans.
It's the nice and safe behind their picket fences in their gated communities kind of person that always squawks about letting these cunts flood civilized countries.

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You're clearly not from around here, nobody defends middle class progressives.

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If by 'around here', you meant being a lonely self-entitled pompous Dungeons and Dragons inexperienced Star Wars introverted Zelda Playing mommy's boy Anime Watching Faggot, you would be correct.

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as much as I hate niggers, I would MUCH RATHER go 'get a beer' with a Stupid Fucking Nigger or a Stinking God Damn Mexican than with a Faggot Star Wars Anime Video Game Pussy like YOU……

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At least I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen having a beer with a nigger or a mexican

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All me :^)

just because YOU have gotten used to having girls laugh behind your back doesn't mean I'M going to live that way

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this tbh

What does this translate to in English?

Manlets…everyone of them!

y tho?

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and America is 46% non white

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Your not wrong, that's why they bring in tonnes of diversity thinking its good while fucking over the working class

Well, there's your problem
All civilizations and tribal groups who have stumbled with that territory can tell you a piece of their mind

Yep, and turkey is like the least backward of all muslim countries

Think about that

Gob == gov retard, what tacoman there means is that cops let these guys rob and murder people for a cut of the wins

Happens a lot in brazil where cops would even sell guns to kids in the fabellas to rob people for them

Way to not get the point faggots

oh boy this isn't going to be a pile of horse shit

The BBC version in Spanish is much better than was posted by OP

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