Man Broke Into Rihanna’s Home "To Have Sex With Her"

A man broke into singer Rihanna’s home on Wednesday, but what is more appalling and incredulous is the reason he later gave cops after being arrested when asked why he illegally went inside the celebrity’s residence. The intruder said “he was there to have sex” with the popular performer. He also shared that his grand plan was “not to use force” to make it happen.

An assistant of Rihanna found the suspect, Eduardo Leon, inside Rihanna’s L.A.-area house. The 26-year-old Leon managed to disable the house’s alarm system and entered. He must have stayed in the house for at least an entire day.

Leon was tased and arrested Thursday morning.

The police said that Leon had the gall to make himself comfortable inside Rihanna’s home even unpacking his bad and charging his phone.

Rihanna thankfully wasn’t home when the intruder broke into her private abode.

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probably lucky she wasnt there or he wouldve been terribly disappointed

Lets he honest, if she had been home, she would've probably had guards with her and he would've been shot instead.

I do wonder how he meant to go about it with no force, though.

Its is surprisingly underwhelming. She's basically a decent clothes rack but without clothes, yeh tight but meh.

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How did he disabled the house’s alarm system?

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The guy must have been a bit mental but that Rihanna looks fucking almost lost, faraway like miserable. Fucking something going on there!

She is biracial and she probably darkened her skin so she doesn’t get accused for bleaching her skin.



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Yes, but do you know why?

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