Florida - Officer Beats His Daughter In Front Of School Employees Too Scared To Intervene (Video)

The despicable actions of a Miami-Dade police officer who holds a position at an airport was arrested after violently abusing his daughter at school. Two school employees were within three feet of the assault on a minor by her father but they did not immediately report the assault or try to intervene when the man unfit to be a parent or a police officer violently attacked his daughter.

The vicious attack was carried out by Miami-Dade Police Officer Raymond Emilio Rosario who had no problem physically beating the teenage girl and dragging her out of the school's office by her hair. The two school employee stood idly by within feet of the abuse and yet did nothing.

According to police, March 19th, a teacher called Officer Rosario to tell him his 14-year-old daughter was being disrespectful. Officer Rosario of the Miami Date police department was caught on video physically assaulting the small girl who was apparently his daughter. School staff present ignored the violent assault and the young girl who was being beaten.


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