Maybe Fewer Kids Will Be Molested Under First Female Bishop

Every week, a new bishop or Catholic official is exposed as a pedophile or a larcenist, sometimes both. Now, the latest person to be crowned a Bishop is a woman. That's right, 56-year-old "Right Reverend Dame" Sarah Mullally has been installed as the first female Bishop of London. The service was held at St. Pauls Cathedral in the UK last December as Mullally became not only the first female Bishop but also the 133rd Bishop in London.

Mullally was a former chief nursing officer before becoming a Bishop for the Catholic church. Dr. Richard Chartres who retired in February of 2017. Mullally now holds the most senior position in the Church of England, a title previously held by the Bishop of Crediton in Devon and the Canon Treasurer at Salisbury Cathedral.

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Catholics: Now with less molesting.

1 Timothy 2:11-12
Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

Maybe. She'll be forcing some underage alter boy to eat her dusty old vagina within a month.

I'm not even a Christian but this is embarrassing. Is this really the average quality of Jim's Shit Palace?

why? because they're women?

I hate how people assume females are non-sexual and its all the men that rape and are sexually violent.

Its not that fewer boys lets face it maybe 1 in every 1000 raped kids were girls will be raped, just more men will unironically go "nice" to her raping boys.

Because libshits.

doesn't that make her protestant? I'll be impressed when the actual catholics do it

more aborted, beaten, neglected, murdered, mutilated.

With the cuckpope around I'm surprised they haven't made a tranny a bishop yet.

If you already have rapist pastors a change in gender's not going to change anything. There's something in the system that allows it and won't stop this one from doing the same shit.

Also women have a sex drive as big as men, if not more. If they become the majority expect the same rates of pedophilia as before.

Satanist, actually.

Remember how female attraction works though - 80% of guys are considered physically unattractive and only worth settling down with - this way, only the top 20% of boys will be raped by ugly sterile middle aged women.


Ara ara

the women must not be allowed to speak. They must keep quiet and listen, as the (((Law of Moses))) teaches

1 Corinthians 14:34

The women must not be allowed to speak. They must keep quiet and listen, as the (((Law of Moses))) teaches

1 Corinthians 14:34

Bitches just never STFU do they?

100% of jewish kids are molested by rabbis

I thought most molestors are female.
Look at Hillary Clinton.

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Alter boys will be hunted down by the 'new lady bishop' it's called Snatch my Beaver! Fuck the Catholic Church and their fucked up Roman popery.

Even CuckPope Prime knows that would lead to schism and full blown revolt in the Vatican ending with him becoming the head of a pretty tiny church while 99% of the Catholics left him and joined up with something along the lines of SSPX. Shit, that might actually get The College of Cardinals to start assassinating Popes again.

Or maybe more.
The media keeps saying women are better at multi-tasking.

wtf I love Liverpool now

Anglican church is referred to as protestant but it keeps a lot more of the Latin rituals and practices than Luther
Anglican is like Catholic but they've just replaced the Pope in the hierarchy with the reigning monarch of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury, also the celibacy of priests isnt enforced

Such things do not exist in Islam. women not to rape

No child molesting in Islam you say?

Sure, because that's totally not a covert MtF tranny.

In Iran the government pays for those operations
Although it has some of the strictest laws on sexuality and same-sex relations in the world, Iran also has a reputation for an extremely liberal sex-change operations industry.

According to the BBC, the Iranian regime recently made sexual reassignment even more accessible by announcing that health insurance companies must cover the full cost of sex-change operations, which can cost upward of $3,000.

Iran performs more sex-change operations than any country in the world except for Thailand; the surgery industry has attracted patients from all over the Middle East and as far away as Eastern Europe. Official statistics for 2007 put the number of transsexuals in Iran between 15,000 and 20,000 people, with unofficial estimates suggesting many more — up to 150,000, the Guardian reports.