Experts Finally Know What Happened To Flight MH370

Experts finally solved the disturbing mystery behind the disappearance of Malaysia flight MH370 in 2014. The leading air safety experts involved in the investigation say the fate of the plane was a meticulously planned murder/suicide by its captain, Zaharie Amad Shah. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 jet went missing March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board.

According to the analysis of satellite data, the airline ran out of fuel and crashed in the India Ocean just west of Australia. The crash site was thousands of miles from its scheduled destination in Beijing, China. Even after an extensive search, the plane could not be found. Eventually, debris from the flight washed up on the Indian Ocean beaches. The seabed search for the missing airliner was the largest underwater search in history. The search was finally officially called off by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) almost three years later in January of 2017

Martin Dolan, the leader of the seabed search, recently gave an interview on a special edition of the 60 Minutes Australia program. "This was planned," he said. "This was deliberate, and it was done over an extended period of time." The captain behind the mass murder was a highly respected veteran of the skies named Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53. He was accompanied by an inexperienced first officer, Fariq Abdul Hamid. Hamid was on his first Boeing 777 mission with a training captain accompanying him.

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not everything is a fucking conspiracy theory, you alex jones listening, redneck, bible thumping, gay hating retard!

Actually, that's just a THEORY

and they've been bouncing that theory around since day one.

In fact, they still DO NOT know what happened to the plane, or how the transponders were turned off. To turn off all of the transponders on that particular airplane, someone would've had to go down into the cargo bay, and accessed a very hard to reach area between the wall and a secondary panel, and it is NOT an easy task. That's only ONE of the four transponders distributed around the plane which had to be manually disabled (not from the flight deck control panel)

Experts went over the transponder logistics of flight 370 very early on, and all agreed it was highly unlikely that somebody would've been able to access all four transponders in this way.

Next, there's the matter of the 239 passengers' cellphones, which all stopped giving signals simultaneously early on into the flight. This would mean that every passenger would've had to remove the batteries from their phones at the same moment, an extremely unlikely scenario. Surely, one of the 279 people would've tried sending a text or making a call. Even if the call wouldn't go through, there would still be a relay ping on a log file that would've showed up later.

Also, the GPS on the phones would've been accessible, at least up to some point in the flight, but all 279 people's phones simply stopped relaying simultaneously, long before the plane had gotten out of range for cell towers and satellites to detect them.

The fact remains: they don't have any idea WTF actually happened, and they're just making guesses, after wrapping up the longest, most extensive search in history.

Oddly enough, the pilot they're talking about had an outstanding career with no problems or history of anything unusual. They originally bounced this same theory around immediately after the flight vanished, but they said they had access to the hard drive to a flight simulator the captain used at his house, and they claimed he had practiced simulated flights where he had landed an airplane on small remote Islands.

Their original theory was that he was depressed or something, and he had a plan to 'land the airplane on a tiny Island'…

That theory became inconvenient it's, because they couldn't find the plane on a tiny Island anywhere, so now they're simply modifying their original false accusation, and trying to make it fit their agenda…


This is like somebody finally announcing "we now know who killed JFK", and rehashing some cryptic nonsense about a man holding an umbrella at the grassy knoll, or some other theory that has been bounced around for decades.



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One of the parts of the theory that doesn't make any sense:

If this was a suicide mission by the pilot, there would be no need for him to go through such elaborate measures, somehow disabling 279 passengers and their cell phones, manually walking throughout the plane and accessing the cargo bay, and it going behind panels, squeezing into areas that are almost impossible to reach, just to turn off transponders…

If it was a suicide mission, there would be no reason to turn off transponders at all. He could simply fly the plane in whatever direction he wanted, and even if they could locate the plane with transponders pinging, and scramble fighter jets to escort him back to an airport, all he would have to do is continue flying and let them 'shoot him down'.

(If he was flying blindly out over the Indian Ocean, it's highly unlikely anybody would authorize fighter jets to shoot the plane down)

If it was truly a suicide mission, he could have just kept flying until the plane ran out of gas (which seems nonsensical, because the path of least resistance would have been to simply slam the plane into the ground, or into the ocean immediately after gaining altitude)

Imagine a scenario where a suicidal man has a pistol in his hand, a bottle of pills in the other hand, and a noose around his neck… Yet he travels 5000 miles to find a razor blade to cut his wrist…

It doesn't make sense………………..

No sir, this is nothing more than the Australian authorities trying to save face, after exhausting all the resources and time on the search, and coming up with absolutely nothing…

After all this time, the best thing they can possibly think of is returning back to the original theory of "pilot was suicidal"


t. fag


The United States Department of Defense has several satellites that are fully capable of searching the Ocean Floors, and can locate something as small as a Volkswagen Beetle at the bottom of the ocean…

The United States is not the only nation with this technology. Russia and China also have similar satellites…

I'm quite confident that members of the intelligence Community located the fuselage within 30 days of the flight disappearing, but that information isn't going to be released due to National Security concerns…

(Everybody knows they have that technology, but they feel by admitting they have the technology, it will jeopardize the intelligence gathering efficacy)

No sir…. He was correct…..

I couldn't possibly agree with him more

He was absolutely correct.

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two years ago, Malaysia announced that the pilot had a route over the Indian Ocean on his home flight simulator…

Pretty fishy, until you realize that they followed the statement by saying "this doesn't prove anything, because he had thousands of other routes plotted on his flight simulator"

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The MOST LIKELY SCENARIO is some form of unforseen mechanical failure, loss of pressurization, hypoxia, loss of consciousness, and a wayward stray flight that finally runs out of fuel.

Yet that doesn't explain the cell phone deal…

or the transponders….

naive people

Clearly, it was a military EMP satellite test.

If you are suicidal, your main agenda is NOT LIVING ANYMORE. something like 'not being found' is superfluous, and irrelevant.

If you are a terrorist, your main agenda is CAUSING TERROR. the entire 'not being able to find us' thing is contrary to the 'causing terror' agenda. In fact, it's the complete opposite of 'causing terror'.

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Like I said, the very FIRST thing authorities did was to investigate both pilots. (the copilot was training)

They took a very good look into the pilots career and personal life, leaving no stone unturned, and came up with nothing.

In fact, his record was exemplary, simply stellar, and he had no personal problems with finances or relationships, and after being thoroughly investigated by multinational intelligence agencies, he had absolutely no ties with radical groups or terrorist organizations.


and now, because they can't find the god damn plane, they're crucifying him, calling him ROGUE, and scapegoating him WITHOUT ANY NEW EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT.

hint: not finding the plane IS NOT evidence of his mindset

they've simply got egg on their face, and they're desperate to wipe it off at his expense. If they're going to 'conclusively' prove that he intentionally committed a crime, then wouldn't some 'conclusive evidence' come in handy?…

but they have none…..

all they have is a theory

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Aloha snackbar

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I'm so sick and tired of 'conspiracy theorists' and their uneducated 'jump on the trendy bandwagon' bullshit.

These days, everybody and their pet billygoat is talking about 'false flags' and 'flat earth' and 'simulated Sun' nonsense…

It's become nauseating. Seriously, it's some real fuck shit.

but THIS INCIDENT has too many unanswered factors. The cell phones, the transponders, the pilots perfect record, the longest most expensive search in history, the dozens of Chinese Intelligence 'Secret Agents' onboard, the strange top-level military/industrial connections with other passengers, etc etc etc

I think it's fair to say that something was going on here that could easily be called 'conspiritorial'…

Yet I'm someone who sees certain 'smoke and mirrors' conspiracies to be BUSINESS AS USUAL for world governments…

I refuse to even use the catchphrase 'conspiracy', because it's an indicator of paranoia. I prefer to say that world governments have never been in the business of 'transparency', telling the public the truth, because that's not how they control the world…

Something very unusual happened here, and you'd have to be an idiot to think it was a simple suicide by the pilot.

Bullshit ……….

Wew lad!
Are you busy talking to yourself again Andrew?

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The United States of America, specifically the Dept. of Defense, along with it's roster of Alphabet Soup Intelligence Agencies have been implimenting a brainwashing campaign for decades, leading up to the point where people like YOU hear a Muslim name, and instantly assume it equates to terrorism.

It all started at the end of WWII, when America illegally stole land from the Palestinians, and called it 'Israel'.
(Imagine a foreign nation stealing Florida by force, and proclaiming it was now an imaginary country for Buddhists)

Then we funded 'israel' with billions and billions and billions of dollars, gave them nuclear weapons, Apache helicopters and every state-of-the-art military weaponry conceivable.

Meanwhile, right across the street we ignored the needs of the Palestinians, whose land we had stolen from them. For decades they had to struggle to get their children to school, avoiding laws Rockets, and we wouldn't even help them with public sewage or running water. We created a disparity that goes against the grain of every red white and blue 'America is great' brainwashing concept you ever heard as a child.

They didn't have an army, and our genius intelligence community allowed this disparity to reach a boiling point where the Palestinian citizens became so frustrated that they actually began to consider strapping bombs to themselves rather than to continue being steamrolled.

Meanwhile, when Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the CIA reached out to bin Laden and secretly funded the mujahideen.

(America actually created Al-Qaeda, no matter what you choose to believe)

America intentionally created a scenario where they could easily brainwashed American citizens into believing that Palestinians were 'Radical terrorists', actually creating the 9/11 attacks, and justifying dissolvement of the Constitution of the United States with the Patriot Act, and the war crimes created by preemptively invading Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses.



That's what America does best… They create and topple governments and regimes… In the case of Israel and Palestine, America literally created an intentional public perception of a 'holy war' that doesn't exist. They created this situation to control idiots.

Muslims are the largest religion on Earth. Only 12% of people are Christians, with over 70% of people being muslims, who are actually very devout, peaceful people who have nothing to do with radical terroristic concepts at all.

but YOU see a Muslim name, and assume 'derrr a terrorist', right ?…


The jews did this.

a "relay ping", huh?… nice

also, phone gps are receive only

also, if the plane was high enought your not going to get a signal from the shity malaysian/indonesian cobbled together cell tower with a billion users crammed onto it, especially with your shitty malaysian knockoff of a shitty chinese knockoff of a samsung galaxy 3.

in other completely unrelated news, some mudskin killed a bunch of people, like they never do

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"high enought your not"

We're you born illiterate, or did you have to go to school to learn that?

considering the deal with the transponders and the cell phone, I'd say it was some sort of EMP or whatever which could disable lots of electronics simultaneously. However, I haven't studied this much; I don't know whether airplane electronics are shielded (they probably are). In other words the EMP would have to have been very stronk.

Don't planes act as Faraday cages? The EMP would then have to be at a frequency that can slip though the cage mesh.

you're question about Faragay Sheilding was enought for me to think your on to somethingt

EMP weapon demonstration as a show of force in a "I can totally do that, you know?" statement. So which country had people on board and which didn't?

If you smoke enought weed, you can get high enought to wear your in the mood to change you're mind

I can't answer you're question, because your not giving me enought context

Perhaps a more accurate analogy would be someone stealing florida by force and giving it to the native americunts whose compatriots used to live there.

Or stealing Texas and giving it to Mexico.

Although you could fit 35 israels in to Austin Texas alone.

Let me take a wild guess……

you actually believe that 'Jesus' existed?
See how easy that was?

Hahahahaha weird….

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Sure it did, big guy……

whatever you say……



The EMP theory would be negated by the fact that the plane continued to fly on for hours over the Indian Ocean until it ran out of gas.

if it were disabled with EMPs, the controls would've all shut down.

I believe there was at least one character alive at that time, in that region of the world called Jesus.

if Capt. Kirk wanted to kill himself, it seems like 'flying and flying and flying and flying until there's no more gas' would be a highly unlikely method.

if 'your' familiar 'enought' with suicidal behavior, this scenario doesn't make sense.

one thing is certain- there is not 'enought' evidence to make a final conclusion, although that seems to be what the 'officials' are pretending that they've done.

You can fly a plane without electronics, you just don't know where the hell you're going.

excellent !!…..

you have the right to be wrong….

and if it works for you, then I wish you all the best, sir….

I really do… I'm not an 'atheist', nor am I an 'agnostic'.. those are all Other People's Labels they developed to describe a concept I refuse to acknowledge…

Calling me an 'atheist' would be like calling a gust of wind a 'Republican'. It doesn't apply…

My beliefs are mine, and yours are yours.

I respect that…. Even though I find yours to be unoriginal, and based on sheer poppycock that cannot be proven

I'm certainly NOT a pilot, an aviation engineer, or an airline mechanic…

So admittedly, I was taking a shit in the dark. It just seemed to me that the hydraulics and autopilot and even the fuel pumps would require electricity

Thinking Capt. Abdul 'preplanned' this protracted method of suicide would be like thinking an r9k faggot would hang a blue plastic tarp, load a shotgun, and then sit & wait to die of dehydration…

There are several layers of failsaves on a plane. Every time one drops from the sky, they add more. Even without electronics, the hydraulics and fuel pumps can be powered by the engines. And even when those fail you can still glide the plane and roughly steer it with muscle power, at least a little.

Or they could use radio interference to hack the transponders since they are insecure POS's. Or better yet use a high wavelength wave like an EMP and fry the fucker.
This is either distributed computer virus based off of the TANGO and atacama submilimeter array software, or EMP.

It is possible to get radio waves to travel that far with enough energy. Just look at the sattilites other posters mentioned that could do so.

I prefer to say that (((world government))) have never been in the business of 'transparency', telling the public the truth, because that's not how (((they))) control the world…
Indeed the kikes are liars who control the world.

You can figure out where you are going with the stars and the rising of the moon/sun. Don't they teach this shit to all pilots for a worst case scenario like this? Paper maps make this even easier, just put down a bunch of location markers such as small islands so if the pilot sees them he can orient himself based on the fuel he has left.

One thing is for sure, the kikes wanted a large amount of people on that flight dead or dissapeared. So it was done.

"While the chances having an incident with injuries or fatalities is obviously going to be higher without engine power, it's certainly very possible to survive such events. The biggest factors to consider are how much altitude the pilots have to work with, and how close they are to the nearest airfield that is capable of handling the specific aircraft type under the specific conditions. As a fundamental rule, "Altitude is your closest friend" when it comes to such situations. As

mentioned, there have been several real incidents in which commercial aircraft have performed what are known as "dead stick landings" and saved all souls on board.

Some large aircraft are designed in a way that requires only mechanical inputs into most flight control surfaces. For those which do require hydro/electric power for controlled flight, an emergency backup device known as a Ram Air Turbine (RAT) is normally installed. The RAT is an impeller-operated generator that, if installed, will extend from the lower fuselage. It's powered by wind forces and it provides emergency electric and hydraulic power."

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Speaking of Faggots……………..

I guess you're all celebrating Mark Zuckerberg's birthday today, right ?

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No, else you'd never be able to make a phone call while inside one. But you can visually tell they're not shielded just from the windows alone (they're clear plexiglass). When I was in the military long ago, we had metallic mesh covers that fitted over the CRT glass screen. That made it kinda hard to see the screen too, not something you'd want to use every day. Plus the computers and monitors weighed a ton, due to all the extra metal. Well even just normal 80286 and 80386 computers weighed quite a bit, but these were significantly heavier.
Speaking of which, I really miss those fucking ISA bus computers built like a fucking tank. No CPU fans needed either, not even a heatsink. Everything was simple to work with, even if you were programming in assembly language. Shit was cash. Pic kinda related, but probably these systems are a bit newer than what we had.

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Speaking of Mysteries :

Margot Kidder had an acting career. Weird.

Here's an interesting story for you-
when I was working for ZZ Top, one day I was checking in to the BelAge Hotel on La Cienega and Sunset, and they were filming an episode of 'Beverly Hills 90120' in the lobby. Jenny Garth was wearing a pair of short short skin tight 'hot pants' that clearly showed her camel toe, and she even bent over to fiddle with her shoe, and I got a clear shot of her camel toe from behind….

Anyway…. After staring at her snatch, I walked up to the front desk and stood next to another guest who was also checking in. He had THE GAYEST VOICE EVER. he had a lisp, and a 'swishy' gay affect to his voice, like the biggest faggot you've ever heard.

He told the hotel clerk, "Reservations for room 615" he said in his disgusting faggot voice…

That's when I glanced over at him, only to discover it was CHRISTOPHER REEVES, the guy who played 'Superman'…

It turns out he was actually a complete faggot.

The BelAge is gone now, but it was the hotel where movie stars would stay after the Academy Awards shows and shit….


Yeah, these fuckface Australians seem mighty confident about a theory they can't back up with evidence.

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You know why all the phones stopped responding to cell tower pings? They were out of range, you fucking retard


Actually, the Department of Defense and other agencies have technology which can detect cell phones from satellites, you stupid fucking piece of shit.

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I actually miss Reddit a lot, because I loved it there… I'm Jewish, and I'm also half human and half antelope, and I survive on liquid nitrogen, and visit Reddit as frequently as possible.

You got me

complete bullshit

remember the semiconductor patent holders of which were all on the plane except for rothschild?

of course they would conveniently blame it on a mudslime patsy when in reality the jews and the most likely perpetrators of this.

Apparently, the captain was a fucking Scooby doo villain that went to months of ridiculously in depth planning to make the whole event look like a mystery when really it was just the old cunt who runs the nearby bed and breakfast.

Which ones? Some ARM SOCs or something?

Because you don't know a fucking thing you pathetic larping cunt

and I bet he screamed allah ackbar on the way down…
the media "movies unclear"

all we need to know the religion of peace strikes again

Fuck off jews blaming muslims youre the real bad guys

Great post

But your not being fair enought with you're argument, but I've had enought of you're bullshit because your an asshole

I try and try… I really do…

I give and I give…..

And it's all for you guys

I know better Andrew. So do you.

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Id like to share a secret…

I'm hopin' you can keep it….

The secret is :


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I think you mean Koran thumping.

what the fuck are you talking about this is misinfo.
Zionist terrorists wage a terror and bombing campaign on the British who owned Palestine(having taken it from the Ottoman empire after WW1(hey kind of funny the Balkans and the middle east are all the fault of the victors of ww1 in their failing to make a good plan for the breakup of the ottoman empire, funny also how that is never mentioned)) untilt he British leave and give the land to Zionists in the Balfour Declaration. Zionist terrorists attack civilians en masse and they flee. Now Israel, the heirs of those Zionist terrorists, refuse to allow those refuges to return to their homes.

America does give Israel 3.8 billion dollars in military aid a year. So we are responsible for some of it. But did America start Israel? No, Britain did.
Don't forget No Plane hit this building(King David Hotel)
But Zionist Terrorists did blow this building up with bombs.
Remember that next time Israelis cry about terrorism. Without Terrorism Israel would have never existed.

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lurk 2 years before posting, faggot

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WHY ??…..

you only lurked my sweaty balls for 21 seconds before they ended up in your mouth


The only thing Britain has ever done was create television shows that all end with two elderly white-haired men chasing each other around a park bench, one holding an umbrella in the air, while the other one wears a bra on the outside of his sport coat, while sped up crappy Scott Joplin player piano music plays in the background.

(and the ONLY reason I embedded it was because the webm file was simply too big)

….kinda like my balls are in your mouth

Maybe if you weren't a newfag, you would know what you did wrong.

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you are not going to earn any shekels today
Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917
Dear Lord Rothschild,
I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.
His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.
I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.
Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour"

sine shekels para tu

The King David Hotel bombing was a terrorist attack[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] carried out on Monday, July 22, 1946, by the militant right-wing[9] Zionist underground organization the Irgun on the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the southern wing[10] of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.[11][12][13] 91 people of various nationalities were killed, and 46 were injured.

ZIONIST TERRORIST KILL 91 PEOPLE. Why does Israel celebrate terrorism and the terrorists who perpetrate these crime against humanity?

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I've been doing 'this' for 26 years all over the internet….. Noob……

I'm not sure where YOU were 26 years ago, but I'm pretty sure you had a plastic Red Ranger Action Figure in your hand….

If you weren't such a fucking wet-behind-the-ears amateur, you'd realize that I couldn't give any less of a shit about your 'imageboard culture'….

So you're equating the British with Humanity ?


So, if they called this shitty motel 'king David's, then I guess that means they believe in the Bible and all that other bullshit, right ?

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So you're saying they're all gay, right?
Because they believe in the Bible, so they must be gay, right?

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…you make it impossible to follow what you're saying… It's all twisted inside out and shit

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I've never listened to the advice of a man who uses childish cartoons of little girls to represent himself

op is a faggot for parroting misleading title
the reality
due to insurance reasons we need a scapegoat and picked the captain


While MH370 was a Boeing 777-200ER, your stupid graphic shows an old 4 engine propeller plane from World War II

I've got an idea… Why don't you try getting something right one of these days?

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I like how obvious it is this retard flew way the fuck off the handle and shat all over the thread entirely on his own.
Learn subtlety you little faggot

wow, i don't know anyone that did the same thing for 26 years and still sucked at it. maybe you should stop.

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I liked that, too !

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Lol @ you being such an inept faggot, that you somehow think this is an ANIME BOARD

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….sure I do……

After all, you're a master of magically divining what other people are thinking, right?

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absolute state of newfaggotry. You should go to 4chan until you can handle shitposting with the big boys

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