Salma Hayek Hit Online After Suggesting That Male Actors Should Take Pay Cut

Mexican-American Salma Hayek suggested on Sunday that male stars should get considerable pay cut “to even things up” with perennially underpaid women in the industry.

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I can only see this as flat out bigotry on her part. If it was a rational decision she'd be agitating for raised wages for female actresses.

How about the dirty unibrowed spic-kike whore take a pay cut to $5 an hour, which is what the rest of her wetback cousins earn for cutting my lawn.

She should take a 90% pay cut to show solidarity with the rest of the film crew and the extras.

How about ALL actors take a paycut down to minimum wage. Any retard can act, thats why they give the job to whoever sucks the most penis the best. Or how about we just replace them all with CGI? Give all the cash you save to the animators because the visuals are the only thing redeemable about modern cinema.

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that's going to happen anyway.
can't happen soon enough. say bye bye to over inflated egos pushing their political agendas onto their fans and popularizing their degenerate lifestyles onto children

How about the stage crew, camera men, light guys, and sound techs get a raise, you shit skinned cunt?

Maybe not minimum wage considering how physically intensive good acting can be. Just look at Christian Bale, this guy ruined his health many times to fit different roles. But I agree that actors are still paid too much, and it makes their ego hit the ceiling.

Maybe if you didn't get Harvested to get your job you'd be paid more.

She's not even White, why should I care about her existence?

They create a different ethia every single year I swear to god.

She's actually Lebanese, but was born in Mexico. She's also married to some French fag.


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selfish, self absorbed, greedy, lacking foresight, and especially lacking morals.

they are the vaginal jew. the only way to fight them as a male is to go your own way. abandon the cucked churches and gynocentric cuckservatives, stop getting married to these whores, stop rewarding them with lifetime alimony and 26+ years of child support she can use to feed her drug addiction. and never, ever, not once, make the mistake of believing that white women "aren't like that."

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why would you let wetbacks anywhere near your home?

I agree, but I think female actors should too, people make too much money off of Holywood

Most dont do that though, I mean look at how many millions Seth Rogan makes for playing himself in 20 different films

And I should be able to put my dick between those fantastic tits of hers and cum all over her face. But we don't all get what we want.

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Thing is, she has like $85 million. Her husband has like $5-7 billion. She's probably one of Hollywood's wealthiest women and she's complaining that she's not paid enough.


liberals proving once again they don't understand economics

This little girl doesn't want to be a slut.

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kike, stop posting.

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Who the fuck does this twat think she is? Why doesn't some mongol come out of nowhere and rape this cunt?

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Is there really anyone left who doesn't know that Hollywood is full of trannies? This one is especially obvious and has been the subject of many analysis vids on the old Youtube, which is probably why they made this story about "her".
It's a classic technique after all; have the celebrity attack something which they actually are, in order to generate incredulity in the public "couldn't be that, because he said x,y,z about those people!"
The classic example is when the jewish press prints stories about the "womanizing" of closet-gay film icons.

Salma's got a great idea, as long as women in porn take a massive pay cut to equal what the men in porn make. Pornography is cinema too! This will have the wonderful side effect that most porn actresses will work as escorts nearly all day every day just to make ends meet and of course their prices will drop substantially (supply and demand). This means you'll be able to sleep with your favorite porn star for $100 or so.

Thanks Salma! You're first by the way

Because despite all of Hollywood's activism for the poor and downtrodden niggers and spics they don't even let poor looking white people walk around Beverly Hills

There are no facts in that infograph that show the majority of single mothers are black. It only shows the majority of black mothers are single and that only accounts for 10% of the population, not single mothers as a whole.

Those tits are so fake and gross

Thanks user that was pretty good

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Everyone most certainly CAN'T act and one watch of a bad movie or internet video with people like that in them can prove that. They shouldn't be getting millions, though. That's kind of retarded.