Despicable: VICE and Deadspin Reporter Jesse Farrar Tweets that First Lady Melania Trump is Dead

By far the most proverbial and disgusting tweet of the year was just posted to Twitter in a failed attempt to joke about the death of the First Lady of the United States of America - Melania Trump - and it was made by a reporter of VICE and Deadspin - Jesse Farrar.

There's satire, there's comedy, and there's just outright despicable behavior, and the tweet from Jesse Farrar suggesting that Melania Trump has been declared dead is beyond the lines of sadistic.

There's a certain line to comedy, and I enjoy dark humor, even profane humor as we're all adults; but there's a certain point when you surpass comedy and reach what appears to be a severe mental illness and an unhealthy obsession.

“First Lady Melania Trump has been declared legally dead after not regaining consciousness during a routine ass surgery on Monday afternoon. The elective procedure would have enlarged and smoothed the First Lady’s asshole,” is far from being any form of comedy. The latter would likely have even been acceptable even though it's tasteless.

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Who cares? The internet says anything you want it to and has every opinion from like a billion people. If a bunch of people were doing it I'd consider it an issue but you're treating this like it's some sort local event.


Thats news worthy LOCALLY. As in people actually had to find out someone went to the hospital, they are important, and didn't die. It's be a pain in the ass for regular people.

The equivalent would be a large coordinated reporting of Trump's wife being dead. Not some dumb fuck no one has ever heard of before.

K thx

It's called Blue comedy.


I am an expert of blue comedy but that probably isn't an abstraction your cloud recognized.

Wew lad, I thought every shooter ever was Sam Hyde


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classy left wingers showing how superior they are to everyone. isn't that right, Zig Forums?

Melania is male, and he's not dead, he's just having some bottom surgery touch-ups.


blue wave crumbling faster and faster!!!!!


Its just Mel, like Mel Gibson unless Mel is short for Melbourne, I dunno

Disgusting to say the least….

yea the left was saying it was a spreading it was suicide attempt and a bunch of other baseless bullshit

on social media in mass

I want you to do an investigative report on why the Goldwater only has illiterate faggots and Filipino Prostitutes working as 'journalists'.

pic related

On topic I think its always worth pointing out when the likes of vice etc are lying.
Because they seem to believe they have some credibility.

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Im going to investigate how it still manages to be more accurate than the mainstream media. Despite being staffed by trannies writing in their second language.


the gold water is trash and feeds from the underside of what it thinks is conservatism

the irony in the goldwater is reporting on vice reporting on a joke tweet.

LOL, relax sweetie

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post her n00dz

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Vice used to be good but their greed for shekels turned them into another vegan libtard femishivik paradise. Sensationalism and deliberate emotional appeals is the only thing that sells.

Vice, wired, business insider, TIME, National Geographic, the list goes on

Zig Forums

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ummm but that's exactly what you altright trumpflakes do sweetie :)

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I understand.

oh no Jim is offended :((((

Vice is for hipster faggots