Europe – Millennials Leaving Home Ever Later

European millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000) have a knack for staying at home longer than ever before leaving the nest, statistics are showing.

Although in southern Europe (Spain, Greece, Italy) it has always been the case that houses are divided amongst generations and most youngsters stayed at home until they got married, by now that trend has only grown greater.

In fact, the further south you go in Europe, the longer kids stay with mommy and daddy.

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Or they could be like me, can't leave home because I was saddled with my parents house debt and ended in paying it off. Now my parent live under my roof.

No shit, most people can barely pay rent with their monthly income.

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I moved out at seventeen, into supported youth accommodations, now I have my own flat. Was very difficult but things are mostly stable now

>19 I moved out, was that too late

The whole moving out meme is the reason houses are so stupidly expensive in the first place. Well, that and the (((banks))) crashing the economy and buying houses up at low prices.

You either had a girlfriend, roommate, or you're lying or you're a baby boomer

I'm a 21 yo NEET

Have you ever been to Portugal or Spain?
Minimum wage jobs get you 600 euros a month.

Higher education does not even guarantee you a job. You must get a Master's degree to be able to be granted an internship and even then it's not a paid one and there are no guarantees they will want you there in the end. Companies just chew fresh out of college people in and spit them out continuously, without paying them.
The only thing that's giving out any money is programming.

And in the end, you'll be getting around 1200 euros after finding a job.

House renting is high as fuck nowadays and you'll waste at-least 400 euros a month for a decent spot. That's 400 plus water, light, food and internet. You're paying atleast 550/600 every month to live by yourself on an apartment.

Now add car expenses, gas, shit you want to buy, etc…

Why do you think people here still live with their parents well above 25? It's the only way they have to save money until they find a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

Anyone else that doesn't fit this standard was born rich or lucky.

Staying at home is gay unless you're saving to outright buy a property, or your parents are nearly dead and you're going to take over the house as their carer.
Got to save up for those things you totally need and are designed to fail in two years goy.

As someone who is trying to be a practicing Christian and one of those awful millenials, I cannot take on a home loan, since that would constitute a theft (a money earned without labour or grace). There are also no means of saving the money the honest way, so, my enlightened Zig Forums, how am I supposed to buy a house to raise a family?

Or I'm not leaving home because my parents screwed up enough in life to practically force me into being their caretaker. Fortunately they understand their fragile situation and are finally putting a lot of effort into keeping me happy.

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mom milked me so hard for money after I turned 18 I was forced to ask her to save up my money for me in the hopes I could get an apartment with first and last months rent after 8 months. 2 years later I asked her about the money and she just straight up told me she spent it. at that point I no longer gave a fuck about anything.

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Good. The west needs to go back to having stable multigeneration family *homes*. Moving out to buy or rent a shitty house because thats "being adult" is a jewish psyop. Families are supposed to be a persons anchor in the rough waters of life.

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Being expected to leave home before marriage around the 18-22 range is actually a relatively new invention for our era and not seen in countries like India that have much more focus on family unity.

You'd have 3 generations living there a lot of times.

It was better for the young adults to have living expenses to not worry about when trying to start their lives. Then they would get married and a dowry would be paid by the brides family, technically given to the bride as a gift, and used to help the new couple set themselves up for a new life. Theyd establish themselves alone for a bit as a couple. Then their parents would move in and take on the elderly wisdom role. The couple would become the parents. Their kids would be the new generation. Rinse and repeat. The family unit is strengthened. You have the wisdom of age. People know their roles all throughout the stages of life. Youll always have your parents to rely on, your children will have their wisdom growing up. The elderly will always have someone to take care of them with age.

Nowadays the pressure to "move out or you're a loser" has led to young people having little wealth to save up and build their lives up. The elderly are forgotten and sent to homes. The young are raised by the state and babysitters because the parents have to work due to wage deflation over the years (by design of business owners). Wisdom of the past and traditions are lost every generation where the young don't have the old there daily to ask advice

Gradually everyone moves up in social status with the father giving way to the son once he is an established grown man. You'd know your stages of life were

Plus getting rid of dowrys REALLY fucked couples. Now a super expensive wedding with no practical value takes the place of the dowry

The whole thing is set up so now..

Traditions are lost. Everyone feels much more isolated and depressed. Being individually minded isn't good. People feel much better with a group they are close to that are singularly focused on the family as a group and understanding that theyre part of something larger than yourself. Isolated and alone is no way to go through life. Add in debt and you have a recipe for disasters.

Also houses aren't really passed down as much from generation to generation, it sells more houses but we lose a lot with that too

You're not. No one said doing the righteous thing was the easy thing. Find a way, no matter how difficult, to make enough to support yourself. Then find yourself a woman and have kids.

If you're trying to be a good Christian why do you care so much about material wealth and appearance? If you work hard enough at women or work youll make a life eventually.

Your post is basically asking "tell me it's okay to ignore my morals and teachings so i can have an easy life"

If early christians could face lions and have dignity in death you can at least accept a living space properly earned over one taken through sinful means.

The sacrafices you're asking about is so far below what other Christians have put up with and held firm that i have to wonder if you're just a leftypol concern trolling as a Christian

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Why leave home when you can stay home and save all your money for drugs, video games, hookers, and air fare(to visit other countries to fuck exotic hookers, drugs and entertainment.) If my parents want me out of the house they'll kick me out but you faggots keep trying to please other people and see what that will get you.

As Boomers have become the Landlord Generation (the generation that owns all the land because they are old and have had years to acquire it), they have pushed the cost of housing up. They feel entitled to be paid more for to rent the same apartment than they would have paid to rent it at that age it, but the young are "entitled" in pointing this out.

No shit. Even with a fulltime job paying above minimum wage, rent is too high damn near everywhere. Or you can take out a loan for a house that you'll be paying for for the next 80 years, and basically makes you into a wage slave.

Their parents should probably just be glad if their millennial shit stain leaves the home at all.

Montenegrin master race reporting in
You work, you die
Montenegrins are students until age 55, then we work 5 years and go to pension with 60.

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British female newspaper columnists already think you're essentially a subhuman manchild because you weren't out at 18. Sorry, user.

Know what else isn't seen in countries like India? Toilets. I'm not so sure you should be looking to them for guidance on any subject.

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Genesis 2:24

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