Kent State Graduate Celebrates By Bringing Her AR-10 On Campus

A Kent State University graduate is stirring up a storm with her graduation photos which show her carrying a rifle on campus in protest of the universities firearms ban. 22-year-old Kaitlin Bennett wanted to make a statement after graduating so she brought her AR-10 to the campus and posed with her graduation cap that read "come and take it".

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B-but CNN told me all gun nuts were uneducated right-wing crazies! They can't be graduating university!

a male student doing this would have been committing suicide by cop.

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Pretty smart. I can see why she's a graduate.

Considering the historical national guard shenanigans I'd pack heat too.


girls do this when they are compelled to by their boyfriends.

if a woman had a choice, she would surrender all her guns to the nearest authority, call her bf a rapist, and go crying to social media.

Can't tell if joking or repeating Michelle Obama from her recent rally or repeating Hillary Clinton from her recent rally (yes they actually believe this)

I feel so bad for you, user.

mostly women dont use guns when needed to, its been studied, so guns on women are actually fooooken useless.
dismantling rape culture helps women 999999x more.

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It never fucking existed

on some brown men cultures there is statistically rape billion times more than on others, so obviously the raep guldures has been dismantled already more on some cultures than others, it can be affected and its the true friend of women, statistically.
women on absolute majority just freeze on rape and never wants to use guns

Where? In the middle east? I fucking hope you're not talking about the west, you stupid fucking nigger.

Armed women are not only sexy but smart too.

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Color me surprised.

that's not a hijab

To be fair 4 people were already shot and killed on campus.

damn this is just a weapon begging to be stolen

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y u mad tho?

Stay mad, Zig Forums

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