Oklahoma - Woman Mauled to Death By a Pack of Sausage Dogs


A woman from Oklahoma was walking home and approaching her residence when out of nowhere and unprovoked, she was attacked by a pack of sausage dogs. She was horrifically mauled to death.

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Never gonna click your links, goldwater.

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Let's be real here if she got mauled by those little things she would have died eventually, no one who dies like that is fit to live. She deserved it.

Seems impossible

Darwinism. If you can't fend for yourself against fucking sausage dogs of all things then you are not fit to walk this earth period.

I find it funny that the article fails to specify how many dogs mauled her to death



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This is a funny way of saying "she was trespassing on someone's property"

- after prying it from the dogs' jaws


asshole… You actually made me smile

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The Goldwater

Home of the least educated, most illiterate, idiotic fucking pieces of shit in journalism

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Go ahead and laugh, but dachshunds are THE most aggressive dog breed of all. Those things are demons.

based sausage dogs, BTFO that roastie

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roasthurt spotted

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And they're not sausage dogs you cococut jungle monkey. They are called weiner dogs.

yuck! roasties are grossies tbh

It was 1 pitbull and 6 pit-dachshund mixed dogs. Nice clickbait though.


What do you expect from a news sites made by idiots from Zig Forums, whose audience is idiots on Zig Forums?

you're supposed to click the link, because YOU'LL NEVER GUESS HOW MANY!

Hybrids of Satan and Cthulhu, then.

truly an excellent website

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tbh I thought this story was going to be about some nigger beating her upside the head with a pack of frozen hotdogs

Apart from CNN, MSNBC, Fox etc


It's a sickeningly garbage website run by anti-human, anti-God, typical libtard dog-mom faggots. But they did have the facts on this story.
Notice how they slander the parents and imply they're being greedy, and didn't include the relevant pic of the kid. The fact is, pitbulls should be all be exterminated. Yes, even yours.

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Treat a dog like a nigger and you'll end up with a dog like a nigger. Aggressive and destructive. If niggers raised German shepherds or husky dogs the way that they raised pits, the perception would be just the same with those dogs too.



A German shepherd that has been part of the family for more than eight years has been impounded after the owner told investigators that it apparently bit and killed a baby in the home.


THIS! Thank you common sense user-kun

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The current reputation of the APBT is due to cultural appropriation. Pit Bulls have always been known as strong loving members of the family.

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Well, that's two less spics shitting up the US

They say it is one of the worst ways to go.

You're underestimating deadly dachshunds.

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Pitbulls were bread for fighting and holding bulls and bears.

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feminist karma.

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