China - 1 Million Muslims Held In Re-Education Camps, Forced To Eat Pork

It is probably no coincidence that on the first day of Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims, various press outlets around the world are reporting this story. It would appear that in China's western province of Xinjiang some 900,000 to one million Muslims have been detained in Muslim re-education camps by the Chinese where they are forced to do all things forbidden in Islam, such as eating pork and drinking alcohol.

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Silly Chinks don't know Muslim holy books already cover for that by saying breaking a law is not breaking a law when you're forced to do it.

Is that true? That's fucking pathetic. At least in Christcuck religions sinning is sinning regardless of context. The Mudslime religion just seems like a bunch of excuses for degenracy.

Does it still apply if they willingly go to China knowing they'll be forced to eat halal pork.

In that same fuckling context they wouldn't need to be forced to eat it, they could also choose to starve.

Here's the article that the PissWater blew all out of proportion. It's literally one Mohommedan and one Kazakh talking shit. There is no other evidence cited, nor did even these idiots say it was a practice carried out on everyone in the camps. OP's PissWater clickbait is bullshit.
I know.

I hate that we're being outperformed by people who think lead paint in children's toys is a nifty idea.

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this. lying and deception are built into Islam

I'm shocked, shocked!!!
Good for China though.

Communism yes…?

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Not true. I was told in catholic and seventh day adventist denominations that if you were ordered to jack off at gun point and your life was threatened it isn't a sin.

Plan a muslim pilgrimage in china just to get drunk and enjoy salted roasted pork with all the sauces you could never even imagine.

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eating pork is torture lol

That is actually a smart idea for deprogramming.

Muslims are taught from a young age that pork tastes bad and eating it will make you sick and die.
Once they eat pork and realize it tastes very pleasent and doesnt make them sick they will probably wonder what other parts of islam are complete lies.

the same applies for homosexuality.
You have clearly tried it from a young age, being buggered, and filled with aids and now you think you enjoy it.
When you realise that you are a degenerate, you might kill all the faggots and then yourself.

j/k ;,)

Agreed. It's less about it psychologically breaking them by fear due to their loss of an afterlife but more about giving them a taste of the secular that they might have never have tried before. It's easy to be a fanatic martyr when you don't know what you're missing.

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found the Akbar


and you know what else is funny? the heinous criminals that turn to Christendom after committing despicable acts and expecting to be "pardoned" just because they went and had a private chat with the local bishop.
In their minds they can keep sinning as long as they say some bullshit like "i'm sorry mr god" after every wrong deed.
they are worse than muslims.

Muslims believe in the same

Idiot refuting clickbait with another even knowing the other is clickbait as well

Replace God with Allah, and you have the average Muslim.

Just to clear shit up as someone who has worked in China and taken several trips all over that fucking place including Xinjiang.

99.99% of Chinese muslims are cool as fuck. They are like, nodenominational Christians, in that, they are pretty god dam chill.

There is literally only a few fuckups, who knows what the fuck happens to those guys but they don't get free meals, jfc.

what if that's your fetish?

If you WANT to enjoy it, it's a sin. If it's against your will it is not. You can't lie to your soul and god.

Islam is Judaism for 80 IQ inbreds. Of course it's all about rules lawyering.

Good on the Chinks. They don't take shit from uppity dune coons.

Except it doesn't work like that
Yeah the preacher will say you're forgiven, but if you in your mind aren't sorry and know you'd sin again if given the chance, then you haven't repented so you can't be forgiven.
Pastors and priests say a lot to get people to convert, but they can't really forgive someone of sins, that's between you and God.

Just shoot them.

The anti-soy meal
I need a fucking smoker

Muslims are like a demographic tumor on this planet. They make everything worse and everyone hates them

What's worse than niggers? Muslim niggers. Seriously just abolish Islam already

it is time for al qaeda to declare jihad to these filthy communist dogs

Does Jim run these camps?

ignored lol


Post wall women use this tactic on tradcucks to get them to take care of her and her legion of kids from different fathers.

t. Achmed

I don't think dictionaries are very expensive. Consider buying one.