Texas - Good Samaritan in Texas Saves Baby Locked in Hot Car by Neglectful Mother


Law enforcement agencies in Katy, Texas day that a neglectful mother abandoned her 8-month-old baby in a fiery hot car while she went shopping inside of a local Hobby Lobby, but a Good Samaritan rose to the occasion to save the baby's life.

Once the Good Samaritan saw that the young baby was inside the car all alone on an extremely humid and ghastly hot day, he waited a few minutes to see if anyone returned, and once they did not he called emergency 911 and lept into action to rescue the child.

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I hope the judge throws the book at this disgusting cunt and disgrace to motherhood everywhere!

This is incorrect. I saw the actual live video of this event on the show LIVE PD, and the mother was not arrested. In fact, that's not even the picture of the right woman. You idiots at the Goldwater can't do anything right, because you never graduated high school

That douchebag 'Major Birddick' from The Goldwater told me that 'its impossible for our reporters to make typos because we use Grammarly, the same software used by the real news organizations."

(I swear he said 'the REAL news organizations')

bullshit… Just today alone, I've seen six examples like this:

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In this example, the fucking moron who calls himself 'RedPill' demonstrated his lack of a high school education, and his laughable inability to construct a coherent statement

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Fun fact: Samaritans are a near-extinct ethnoreligious group closely related to the Hebrews. When someone saves your ass, do you say "thanks, man, you're a good Jew"? No, that's fucking retarded.

And about that biblical parable, another fun fact: Jews and Samaritans hated each other. When Jesus made a Samaritan the good guy of the tale, he was rejecting Jewish sectarianism and xenophobia. He was all "fuck this tribal bullshit, chosen people my ass, you arrogant pricks are not special."

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lol you actually fell for that bullshit brainwashing crap from the Bible ?

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In the Bible, they fabricated the word 'Samaritans' to distract people who might otherwise find out about THE SUMERIANS….


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Idiot….. the 'Samaritans' was their way of using a similar sounding name to confuse people about The SUMERIANS, because the faggot Christians stole so much of their 'content' from The SUMERIANS, then they twisted it all around and removed all the parts about aliens, and replaced all the scientific content with idiotic 'miracles' and 'jesus' (who never existed) and 'angels', etc etc

you're a fucking moron

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You're a confused, lonely little man, aren't you ?

Lemme guess…..

You actually believe in 'god'

I bet you even believe in Jesus, right ?

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No to both.

Really ?

well, then perhaps there's hope for you yet, goyim


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Ahhh, I see I located the Johnny Neptune containment thread today!
The Panty Santa thread was removed within one minute after someone bumped it, so…

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Another thread derailment?

Gotta go take care of business for a few hours. I'll be back later. Still waiting on the 'yellow fever' article, Johnny boy…

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I swear I've seen this picture before. Unless her mugshots are uncaningly similar, is it some sort of stock photo provided for these cases?


This is nice art

Etymology is a bitch.

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