At least 8 killed in Santa Fe High School shooting

At least one gunman opened fire at a Santa Fe High School killing eight to 10 people, most of them students, authorities said. Now possible explosive devices have been located both at the school, and at a site off campus.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious is urged to call 911.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he could not be precise about the number of deaths at Santa Fe High School, which went on lockdown around 8 a.m. Two suspects believed to be students were in custody.

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Fake news

'kent brockman' is a fake name, and it's ridiculous for you to pretend like you're a journalist using that stupid name.

Also, you're posting in Zig Forums, not the local Houston Texas news area…

So why the fuck would you include "anyone who sees anything suspicious is urged to to call 911"?

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Report the reporter to the authorities.. He seems to have a lot of knowledge about what is going on there.. PRIME SUSPECT AT LARGE!!!

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As details emerge, the shooter's social media profile suggests radicalization on anonymous imageboards.

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Thanks Kent. You're a good guy.

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And like the other 27 shooters this year I'm sure he came from a broken, single parent home.

"it was unavoidable" says the only country in the world with monthly school shootings

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FAKE. ABC is fake news. We know the Jews are using the Jewish controlled MSM to paint guns as evil and bad and trying to get them banned. Do the kikes fear a goyim revolt? and is that their motive to try and disarm us?

There's monthly mass killings going in the UK right now but that's just swept under the rug because it's done with not-guns. Fuck off Zig Forums


They disarmed most of the rest of the civilized world. And you get locked up for anything not Politically Correct. Especially an criticism of Isitreal.


Incendiary, not explosive
Possibly exlosive, as in I have had split peas explode all over my kitchen.
Actual words of Texas governor
This has false flag written all over it.
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he not urging everyone to call 911, he is stating that everyone there was urged to call 911 if they found anything suspicious. Yet another case of Andrew the homeless meth head schizo manlet having no idea what he is talking about.

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