Erdogan: 57 Muslim Countries To Unite Against The ‘Nazis’ Of Israel

Turkish President Erdogan called an extraordinary Islamic Summit Conference of the 57 Muslim member nations in Istanbul yesterday to find a common response to the developments seen this week between Israel and the Palestinians. During the meeting, he compared the acts of the Israeli soldiers to ‘Nazis’ during the second world war.

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I hope they actually attack those damn jews.

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I applaud them for this.

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The grand irony is they have the Nazi's full support
free us from the fiat-usury-debt monster, based camelfuckers

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Let us support this chaos, a Chaos not in front of our doorstep.

now would be the best time to be anti-jew and show your full power level.

if anyone calls you an anti-semite, bring up the palestinian shit. if people still push muh holocaust, say they are being racists against muslims and brown people.

mfw they find a common response… sucking israeli dick like they always did since 1945. Typical semites.

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You're a fucking idiot if you think they'll actually do anything besides make themselves look bad, Israel already controls the world, unless the people of each nation rise up and remove any trace of Jewish blood from all nations they won't win.

Will there be a six days war part 2: electric boogaloo?

But Israel and Turkey have many under-the-table dealings, this makes no sense

Makes sense to me. This is a farce designed to reveal and exterminate more idealists.

Hopefully this will wipe out any goatfuckers or jews. Any at all would satisfy me.

This is all going according to the Protocols… Now we just have to make sure the Commie Atheists don't take over and kill off the Christians.


Erdo sadly do trade deals with jews. If they're serious they would besiege them. Egypt and Jordan too. Israelis are poor and many crime syndicates and drug problems. If they boycott them and destroy them economically will hurt them alot. Erdogan do this for elections no more no less. I will change my mind when I see them actually doing something.

Yea, but…. Muslims should die as well, if not more so. Of course I would not say painfully, but just die. I have no love for muslims just because they think correctly about certain topics.


You little boys forget that China equally oppresses Christianity, with only the difference is that a true Christian does not wish to kill anyone. Really should not be celebrating murder in such manner…

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fuck everything that has anything even vaguely to do with this thread hard in the face

Last time that happened the Juice pushed all their collective shit back in and increased their territory by 50%.
Despite all their talk of unity and all their oil money Arabs cant create a successful army in the modern era.

But they can, because Juice help them with the help from USA.

uuuhm what the fuck 2018 ?

Agreed, I hate to be that user, but if anyone can end the jews, it would be the muds.

Use the phrase anti-zionist or israel insteatd. This isn't about hating them for what they are but how they act

wtf I like turkey now




maybe its time for some independent thought, how the fuck would creating a caliphate help anyone but them
are you really that gullible?

Take a gamble and borrow from isreali banks, you might not have to pay it back. :^] they will find a way to get you to pay even in death.

Why not call them "zeo-nazis"?

57 Muslim countries prepare to get nuked!

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Black box direct hit!

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If they do anything to Israel America will step in and that'll be my tax money going to save kikes. They should instead think of (non-violent)ways to discourage America from helping Israel.

I feel like I've slipped into some bizarre alternate reality. I'm going to go make some popcorn.

and you cockroaches will get beaten once again just like last time

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Israel history is full of fascinating twists.

Lol this is gon be gud

Did you ever have one of those friends that was just a little loud mouthed twerp? You know the kind I'm talking about, totally obnoxious, constantly running his mouth even though he's probably only 110 pounds soaking wet. He is the guy that always starts all the drama/fights but then somehow magically disappears and all of his bigger friends end up dealing with the fallout. Time after time the same pattern plays out but for some unexplained reason you stay friends with the idiot. Can you guess what would happen if the little twerp's big friends finally got sick of his shit and stopped taking up for him? He'd get wrecked faster then a box of dingdongs at Amy Schumer's house.

Israel is a little twerp and us big friends are getting real fucking tired of dealing with it's messes.

But I was told in school by my history teacher Mr. Shekelburg that Nazis' only goal was to wipe out the Jews and turn them into lampshades. Why would a Jew join a group who's entire purpose to was to kill them?

They didn't had help the first time, arabs that started fighting each other when Israel started to lose ground, what gave jews time to recover and organize a counter attack

Nice try Muhammad

It was always an older brother in my experience. Always.

lol muslims


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