Arizona - Mesa Teacher Indicted After FBI Finds 15k Files of Child Pornography

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to find over 15,000 files of child pornography belonging to a Mesa, Arizona high school teacher, who has now been indicted for having images and videos of 10 to 12-year-old children engaged forced sexual relations with an adult.

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You'd think it would have been Florida or Commifornia.

Arizona. The state which makes bestiality illegal has a sudden surge in pedophilia arrests. Somebody say they use bestiality for plea bargaining with their pedo friends.

thank you Jim, for your overly-detailed totally-not-obsessed following and reposting of every lurid sex crimes case ever, you are truly my greatest ally

makes me wonder…

This guy reminds me a lot of you, Sargeant Birddick….

Except he didn't have 10 year old photos of Jim molesting Ron……

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You've noticed that, too ?…….

it's as if Jim doth protest too much or something….

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it's called a "diversion."


Jim, they're watching your fat fucking ass

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How does that compare to LS magazine publishing over five million pictures of nude underage children…which once legal are now witch hunt material?


How is that known? Most of them were deleted off the internet and are unknown.

Because nude photography is art and LS magazine (also Met Art as a name that should ring more bells) operated for over a decade with child models that didn't get forced into sex with grown adults, like all the world police pedo boogeyman propaganda let to believe. And yet nude photography got swiped under the carpet, oppressed and made illegal and look how that turned out…instead of a legal nudes we got 3rd world criminals gang raping children for a fast and dirty profit (see the Brazil raid from a couple of days ago).

Isn't it funny how all the censorship, fear-mongering and law abusing always turns to shit in the hands of the almighty world police?
Remember prohibition? And now alcohol is the biggest international free drug on this planet. Remember the big war on drugs? What a fucking failure that was…just compare Pablo Escobars escapades with the vicious cartels that are loose nowadays. FBI against organized crime? Fuck me for thinking that the whole cuba mafia gambling incident looks like childplay to what modern day capitalism is getting away with. How about the fight against tax fraud? Show me one of the forbes 500 who isn't abusing tax-holes like it's free candy and even fucking Germany came out of the biggest tax-fraud in their after war history…committed by banks who're still up and running. How's the war on terror going these days? Having the NSA flagging every US citizen as a potential thread sure feels like money well spend.
Now back to the kiddie diddlers…

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My foreskin is very much intact you false flagging weasel.

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that's a fuckton of porn. holy shit who even keeps porn on their computer anymore unless its meme porn?

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Funny thing, his cp collection was just lolies

I appreciate your high estimation of how much shitposting I can do in an hour, but I have to tell you that no one person could do all that in that amount of time

You know you can still get all those pictures.

I'm frustrated that a billion schizos came to Zig Forums this year.