Santa Fe Shooter Killed Girl Who Embarrassed Him

Gunshots rang out in the halls of Santa Fe High School Friday morning sending students scattering for safety. A 15-year-old student named Abel San Miguel hit with a few of his classmates in an art class storage closet. The next few minutes would be sheer terror for the teens as a barrel of a shotgun became visible through the door. The 17-year-old shooter who is also a student of the high school opened fire on the storage closet Miguel.

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Sounds so satisfying.

What's the worst that could happen, right?

His hair cut should have been a warning.

Stop the bloodshed, ban schools.

Bullying is just a healthy part of character development! Lets fuck with the retarded kids for our own amusement! I'm sure they don't have the balls to fight back or even squeal! Right everyone? Nothing's gonna happen!

Oh no the kid we tormented for years killed half the class? Why would he even think to do such a thing? Better ban guns!

Probably a bad break up… most likelly he came to school with her in his mind and only her.
he probobly lost his marbles after seeing death for the first time… Aaaand than went on a killing spree.

There's another article that said her mother knew she was the first killed. She declined to elaborate. And that he spared people in the class who didn't do anything to him, according to the police report. He was bullied.

Discrimination is against the law.

Only if you're a nigger. The shooter is white

Why didnt he Richard Ramierz the bitch instead of shooting up the school? It would have been more personal ,satisfying and he could take his time to savor the moment. Ditch the bitch in a river and let nature wash away the evidence.

Sounds to me like she deserved it.

Are those bucked teeth under the lips or is it 'shes only in highschool and already has collagen injected lips'?

oh you.

Girl who wanted to win popularity contest by embarassing some loner in front of everybody instead of doing this privately like everyone else, and snapped his mind by doing this (he was probably already in bad state) by destroying whatever he had left

You know femisheviks will encourage more females to do this. More toxic masculinity tweeys and fragilw male psyche tweets on shittrr while sipping their soy lattes out of a coffee mug that reads, 'male tears.'

He looks like her little brother.

Education from government = democide.

You poor thing.

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Satan worshipers going postal by design yet nobody has answers on how to fix the obvious.
Pelosi says the government thinks MS-13 is sent by God. Obama/Holder Fast & Furious armed them because they are so God like.

Beach front property for sale in Wyoming.

Be sure to keep those stocked up well with Crayons in your safe space.

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The femshivik kvetching is all over shitter.

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Why weren't there school shootings from late 2015 to early 2018 what happened in the 2 and a bit time frame that doesn't happen now that's causing all these shootings

Can anyone confirm the harassment? Shana Fishers sovial media pages still up?

Woman exaggerate yeah know…


The Europeans did this to the Indians, Promising safety and peace if the Indians surrendered their weapons.
More often than not once those Indian groups gave up their weapons, they where promptly executed. Come to think of it, I could be Mistaken but I think the NRA was Originally created with the aim to Protect Black Americans….

Do Not Surrender Your Weapons, the moment You give up Your freedom, the Politicians will sell You off as slaves Dressed in Pretty Army colors.


They also did the same thing to Iraq and Libya.
In about 1898, they did it to the Philippines, claimed to be liberating them from the Spaniards, and then for 2+ years the official mandate was to kill any male from 10 years up, and any adult female they see.
The presidential orders can be found online.

It is,the american way, bully someone into giving up their weapons, then exterminate them when they do. Fucking faggots.

Here you go… You dropped your pussy.

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The mother confirmed it in an interview. She said she knew her daughter would be the first shot in a school shooting, then quickly shut up when asked why.

Active shooter drills aka FF rehearsal.

Glue that to your chin.

Just looking at her tells you where the problem lies.

Dude, Trump was Just kidding… Give that thing back to Your mom…

Sadly this. It's going to be a repeated and vicious cycle that is going to repeat itself until it get's through their fucking skulls that maybe. Maybe we shouldn't bully the mentally unstable kid on 4 to 5 different pills to balance out their mood swings or just not to fuck with people like that at all.

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Who gave him pills?

Who else is getting those pills?
What other locations are active shooter drills taking place?
Who else is worshiping Satan?
Who else is being called, "school shooter"?
Where else is liberalism taught?

Remember the psycho bitch thst ran over her ex-husband? Femshiviks defended her psychotic reaction. Gave a pussy pass on social media. Not once did you hear shitter phrases like toxic feminity.

Where's Q?

Howz the communism working out for ya?

Welcome to the NWO now look up.

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I think you mean rabbi

always one step behind Zig Forums
can't you trannies come up with one original idea?

This is unironically a good idea.

Blame the state. The state wouldnt let him persue dogs and farm animals so he was forced to persue something less.

Dude… You sounded SO GAY when you said that…

lol @ 'q'

that fucking idiot doesn't know jack shit. he's a faggot bitch just like OP

LOL @ 'he was white'

his name is Dimitrios Pagourtzis

A: why were there three birds on my front porch last Thursday, but none on Friday or Saturday, then today a Blue Jay was on my porch


This is why white people should rape. White people get sexually neglected for not being rapists.
They can rape or they can serial kill.

Never see a brown man serial killing because they're all to busy raping…unless they're the faithful fidelity types in middle east drive themselves into neglect and madness and blow everyone up.


nobody cares

nobody cared before, and nobody cares afterwards.

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speak for yourself
my dick has been anything but 'neglected'

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Just look at that hodgepodge collection of losers

hahahahaha they're all genetic freaks

god put them on this planet to be our public urinals

(Nobody was or is afraid of these sissies)

look at the Asian faggot pointing the gun. Does he look 'intimidating' ? NO.. HE LOOKS LIKE A CLOWN…

even when these latent homosexuals were pulling the trigger, their victims were STILL laughing in their face.

The news organizations keep these stories in the public eye and fuel the fire, but in the real world, nobody cares. We all move on with our daily lives, and get our dicks sucked, and enjoy ourselves. We don't sit around 'mourning' the victims, or 'worrying about' the next shooter.

We don't care

hint: nobody cares about your NRA angle

nobody cares
we've got penises that we are inserting into girls mouths

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All these anti-sex, innocent love, faithful God lovers are trying to turn this country into a war torn middle east.

This 'story' proves what we already know, that these losers don't lash out because 'they were bullied'….

it's all about their inability to figure out how to get laid. They were SO STUPID, that they were incapable of realizing that girls aren't attracted to creepy losers.

Instead of simply modifying their behavior, and stop acting like creepy losers, they thought the world owed them something. They felt that girls should be obligated to date them. They were all lazy, stupid bitch boys, incapable of playing an active role in their own destiny, assume responsibility for their own failure or success, and simply behave like MEN…

They were like babies learning to walk, but the first time they fell down, they decided they deserved pity and they spent the rest of their lives laying face down on the floor.

They didn't have enough balls to just 'be cool', so instead they decided to 'pretend they were badasses' and throw the ultimate temper tantrum, just like a little girl.

it was all about NOT GETTING ANY PUSSY, which was their own fault.

Society wiped our ass with them like toilet paper in their life, and we flush them down the toilet in their death.

we don't sit around feeling sorry for last months used toilet paper, and we aren't afraid to wipe again the next time we have to take a shit.

Incel rebellion continues. Act accordingly, ladies.

RE: the 10 victims

in America alone, over 17,000 people per year die from slipping and falling, most often in their bathrooms.

Q: what part of deciding to behave like a creepy delusional loser that no female would ever consider fucking is 'involuntary' ?

6,136 people die every hour

105.26 people die every minute

1.75 people die every second

and nobody gives a fuck

Imagine being such a massive cuck that you assess your own (and others') entire self worth against a person's sexual value to a roastie.

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imagine being such a sexually incompetent adult male, that you try to distract from your obvious latent homosexuality by pretending that you're simply an 'overly discriminating heterosexual', yet you fumble the ball and prove that you're actually just a sissy who uses trendy predictable cliché terms like 'cuck' and 'roastie'

I'm willing to bet that you're so unfamiliar with real life vaginas that you actually think a woman's labia is created by 'having too much sex'…

hahahaha weirdo

I've NEVER met a sexually accomplished heterosexual who used the words 'cuck' or 'roastie'

Daily reminder that PUA cucks spend their every waking moment trying to make themselves more acceptable and desirable to STD ridden thots who gleefully bounce from dick to dick and kill their babies in abortion clinics.

She definitely DID deserve it, hands fucking down

Your nose is showing all the way from outer fucking space

Daily reminder that you're a weirdo, who's an adult male, yet you still haven't figured out how to get a girl, and both of your parents pretty much figured out that you're gay a long, long time ago

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This man is a hero. Should've killed more people tho.

"Yeah, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye."–Serious Sam

The Ironic Part :

Generally Speaking, When a Guy Harbors So Much Animosity Towards Women, He Had a Woman Betray Him In The Past….

but not you………………………………..

no woman has ever betrayed you at all

no woman has ever been involved with you, so they couldn't 'betray you'

your inner rage is all caused by your own inabilities ?………….

that's adorable….

go clean your room, or I'll take away your game controller again

only roasties use this term
no wonder they'd be so easily triggered and baited by this thread into rage posting their butthurt
my work is done here

ITT roasties white knighting for themselves in full damage control mode

Trust me, Sassypants…………

your parents have used the word 'weirdo' many, many times while secretly discussing your inability to give them grandchildren…..

you're a reproduction machine with a factory defect.

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LOL @ "my work is done here"

you've never worked a day in your life, you fucking lazy momma's boy MOOCH

Leave animals alone you sick freak. Humans make better killing targets.


We all know what's really behind all the inner rage

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You mean liberals.

You should give his hair some blonde frost highlights and lighten his skin a bit more. That would make him even sexier tbh
t. not a homo

No, more like this tbh

Oh, of course, this latest hoax shootinggun tragedy slots with a perfect fit, into the ongoing elite psyop against lonely "creepy" male "incels".

Where HE's going, they'll accept him just the way he is….

If he thought he was publicly humiliated and embarrassed in school, just wait until fat boy gets passed around and sold for cigarettes by every inmate in the 'Thunder Dorm', having to perform fellatio on the exercise yard, becoming people's property for two weeks at a time, until it's concession day at the prison commissary, and he gets sold again for a bag of Jolly Ranchers and a honey bun..

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Strawberry blonde doesn't really work for olive skin complexion.
Get on my level, sweetie.

Why do you post like that?
What is the point in deliberately coming off like a turbocuck from reddit?

"Embarrassed Him "

she bullied him in front of the whole class. note the use of worlds the news out lets are using. they want to seem like she just said "no" and walked away.

she did much more than that. i wounder if any student will have the balls to come out sand say she bullied him

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You done, oven dodger?

Because (((Jewnny Neptune))) wants to show everyone on Zig Forums that he's a hyperkike

Trust me… There will be no shortage of 'stylists' who will be more than happy to give him some eyeshadow and streaks in his hair…

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there's not a single person on this planet who hasn't been 'bullied' or 'ridiculed' or 'picked on' or 'humiliated' or 'embarrassed' or 'made fun of' before…..

"Awwwwwwww poor widdle sissy boy got buwwied ?…. Life's so unfair"

fuck yourself, Sassypants

I'm sure by now the prison system is thoroughly pozzed with SJW feminist tranny wardens, so perhaps I could buy him some thigh high stockings from the prison commissary and legally marry the boy for conjugal visitations.

Poor Widdle Baby Boom Boom

Life didn't go exactly how he wanted it to

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Because if they tell people that she was a complete cunt they might not sympathize with her and some might actually think that she brought it on herself. And how can you push the ban all guns narrative if the victim isn't just a poor innocent girl?

In my life, all of my personal 'real-life' friends and I have ALWAYS given eachother a hard time, poking fun at eachother, ridiculing each other, throwing around good natured insults, giving one another shit all the time.

we're MEN……..

we can handle it.

we can dish it out, and we can take it

anybody who CAN'T handle it is a bitch

this never was about 'banning guns'

it's about SISSIES

like you

nobody gives a fuck about that girl
nobody cares if she was nice or mean
nobody cares or sympathizes with her

nobody cares about guns

nobody will change anything

this is about a fat faced sissyboy
this is an opportunity to ridicule him
this is a spotlight on sissies