If You Thought Yanny Or Laurel Was Weird, Check Out The Latest Mindbender


The mindbending illusion that caused some people to hear Yanny and some to hear Laurel is like an advanced meme. People were saying Yanny and Laurel everywhere. But if you thought that one was weird, give this clip a listen. Depending on which words you think about, the actual words you hear can change. The battling words are "brainstorm" and "green needle".

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I have no idea what Yanny, Laurel, or mindbending is, and I'm not clicking your gay link to find out.


you kikes have nothing better to do and now youre letting everyone know how stupid and despotic your culture is.

OK. Here are your choices:
You can click on a PissWater link.


Was that actually a lame attempt at downboating?
You know how sage works, right?
Guess I'll bump. Not to negate your sage, but just to hopefully piss you off again. You seem mad. Are you having a brainstorm or is a green needle boring it's way inside your brain?

someone please post a direct link to a non-pozzed source




this is a prank video, based upon the idiotic 'popularity' of the Yanny vs Laurel audio file.

in all actuality, this video contains two different audio files, and was created to demonstrate how vulnerable people are to mere suggestion.

again, this 'experiment' is not legitimate like the 'Yanny vs Laurel' audio file.

this hoax video contains two completely different audio files.

1, 3, 4, 7, 9 & 11 are the 'brainstorm' audio files

2, 5, 6, 8 & 10 are the 'green needle' audio files

u wot m8?




You said a brainstorm there.
You said a mouthful there.
A mouthful of green needles maybe?

I don't hear brainstorm or green needle at all

To me, it sounds like it's saying "Jim is a faggot"

Here, I have entered the two audio files
the top track is the 1st audio sample, while the bottom track is the 2nd audio sample.

they're obviously not the same audio file

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lol @ johnny neptune pissing Jim and Ron off so badly with his graphics, that they're fucking with the code, and now you can't upload an image file on an imageboard


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Classic / j e w s p l u s / material

The Yanny/Laurel this is bullshit. It isn't that different people hear different words, it's that different sound systems transmit different frequencies which form different words.
Try this simple experiment.
Listen on high quality, wide range speakers, you will hear "yanny"
Listen on low quality, muffled speakers, you will hear "laurel".
Geriatrics with naturally failing hearing, or those who have damaged hearing due to exposure to industrial noise or gunshots will hear "laurel".
Fuck your hearing up by listening to very loud music, then listen to the sample at normal volume, you will hear "laurel".
No mystery, just some people have shitty audio setup which filters out frequencies required to form "yanny" and leaves you with "laurel".

It's literally Brainstorm from Ben 10. What the fuck normies are retarded.

….as long as you remember the name…..

the marketing campaign has been a success

what you wrote makes no sense tbh

I'm hearing "brain-needle."

I'm scared, guise.

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What name, kike?

I find it very telling that you listened to the audio file and thought it said "brain injured needle dick"