Denmark – ‘Iron’ Migration Minister Stojberg: “Ramadan Is Dangerous For Us All"

Denmark, like it’s Scandinavian neighbour Norway (see our related coverage), has a very tough cookie for its migration minister post. Her name is Inger Stojberg, known as Denmark’s very own ‘Iron Lady’.

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Why is Denmark so based and Sweden so cucked?

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Is your pantyhose all bunched up in your ass crack again, Captain Sweden?

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Deeply and sadly wishing he could survive without whites. I know, it hurts being that dependent– Makes you want to lash out.

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She looks banging hot for 50. How do I wife a Dane?

I will never understand why nobody has the guts to tackle religion as a whole…make all that nonsense private, no integration into politics, no tax benefits, no public gathering/advertisement outside of legally announced dates and no real estate holdings. That would solve so many problems.

Get these binders back to their own countries

Can't really get behind people driven by such a barbaric belief system

Usually I tend to turn the other cheek and ignore the idiocy of others

This has gone wayyyyy too far



Oh really? Tough? Have you expelled all shitskins at gunpoint, shooting the ones who wouldnt leave, a d then posted armed men at the border with orders "Shoot to kill"?

And what exactly have you done for your volk, based keyboard warrior?

You mean what basically every communist nation tried to do in the past and what is currently happening in North Korea?

Why wouldn't this work under capitalism? We created all the religions in the first place as a means to keep mankind in line. Yet humanity's biggest flaw…the lack of any kind of moderation…let religions split off into an uncontrollable crux that is keeping us down ever since. Why not make one state approved religion that incorporates the "best" of all the others or in better terms "can be molded by the knowledge of others" ?

Starving mudslimes are dangerous?

If religion is about control then why do governments always try to restrict or eliminate religions?

Ever hear of the Ramadan Bombathon? Here's this year's count so far:

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I hate Americans.

Nice grasp of geography, uneducated pleb.


Denmark is the 2nd most cucked country in Scandinavia

Sadly, as a dane, I'll have to agree.
Norway is only slightly better, though.

I though men were still king in Denmark. No?

Denmark have had a queen for god knows how long, since before my time (I'm 25), I believe at least 40 years.


And yet all through human history that never worked out quiet as well as intended.

Recently migrants have been leaving Denmark for Sweden because they reduced migrant payouts, and because they want family reunification immigration.

Very different people, I always did like Danes, good drinkers, easy conversation,