Pope laments 'hemorrhaging' of priests and nuns in Europe

Pope Francis voiced alarm Monday at the "hemorrhaging" of nuns and priests in Italy and Europe, saying God only knows how many seminaries, monasteries, convents and churches will close because fewer people are being called to lives of religious service.

Francis told Italy's bishops he was concerned about the "crisis of vocations" in a region of the world that once was one of the biggest sources of Catholic missionaries. He said Italy and Europe were entering a period of "vocational sterility" to which he wasn't sure a solution exists.


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Christianity isn't a European religion, why would you join it?

cuck pope

Why won't the Catholic Church just curl up and die already…

At least it's better than Islam

Free ride for pedophiles is over. They'll move on to schools, sports clubs and positions in the entertainment industry

Catholicism is 90% paganism so it might as well be.
t. varg

Who do you think will be left to pick up the pieces when Catholicism is dead?

South America

Nope, they like islam.

Clergy and churches are not necessary for Christeryness anyway.

Cucklick church convinces some of the brightest minds in european history to not procreate and it cannot understand why.

People have figured out Catholicism is a kike system of social control to promote dysgenic reproduction.

LOL. All of those empty churches will be converted to mosques. How b a s e d is that for you cum guzzling christcuck?

What South America are you talking about?

Atheism and nihilism will rise (and has already risen) from the ashes of the dying church. It's a symptom of the modern age. I just hope more people find their native European Folk-Faith before they commit suicide or become conquered.

Muslims practice dysgenics too same as the jews.

Not just in Europe.

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of course the fucking jidf shill comes and makes every thread about religions in europe into Islam shitting grounds, is shitposting on the internet really that lucrative shlomo? it is about time you think about getting a real job.

Have almost nothing to do with each other. One has read or heard the claims in the "divine" holy books and finds them ridiculous.

The other has no found no purpose in life.

at least being shot in the stomach is better than being shot in the dick

If those clowns would spend less time being greedy hatemongers, child abusers and generally put their heads out of their asses they could stand up against the evil corruption of capitalism and use their ever dwindling power the uphold some sort of moral compass….but nah, let's speculate some more into real estate and stuff candles up some kids asshole.

Not condoning it, but if so many priests are tried for sexual abuse of children, imagine how many politicians are doing it.

Going after the people who really have power. That's a crazy idea

Fuck do you expect when you're raping kids and washing muslims' feet?

It's hardly an effective recruitment strategy.


If the church wants to survive it needs to drop the oath of Celibacy for its clergy and nuns. Only %50 of them actually adhere to it anyway. Because so many of them break it they're willing to conspire with each other to hide it with each other - even if some of them don't agree with the crimes others are performing (the actual pedophile rates within are in line with the rates for pedophiles outside of the church - let that sink in for a minute as that's not a defense of the church but an indication of just how widespread pedophilia is).

This is literally the only way I can see them getting the ball rolling on making their religion more accessible to the healthy modern human mind. It's also the only way to draw a clean line between normal healthy clergy with standard good old fashioned (God given, in accordance with the bible in fact) attraction for women (or men in the case of nuns) and the pernicious lot that pursue harmful sexual exploitation of children. If healthy sex was in the open without cause for suppression there is no need then to lump it all together with degenerate sex.

It's not even like sexual repression was in the church initially. That shit got enforced by, frankly, sexual deviants in the first place.

I don't see this necessary reform happening until it has nearly collapsed on itself. This is however, not necessarily bad either. A weaker church also can not protect its deviant membership and so that cancerous element will slowly be carved out. This is not uncommon with long held stagnant institutions entering a period of decline following decadence. If they survive they come out of it leaner. I just don't think this is the pope equipped to survive those times.

The church needs a pope who is both forward thinking in terms of policy making, but internally puritanical to the effect of not sheltering criminals. that's not this pope. I don't know if they even have anyone like that eligible for the position remaining within the church. It is a bit of a shame it has to be this way too. If the church was willing to be more rational it could actually attract more minds to it based purely on its resources in the realms of scholastic pursuits. You go back 3-400 years and these men were on the cutting edge of research in science and philosophy. They still have the resources to do it but lack the human resources and wherewithal to properly manage and discipline their membership.

Why would Catholics believe in Catholicism when the pope doesn't?

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Christianity is a way for Gentiles to serve Jews, while staying out of core Judaism.

Why don't you think the Jews were never eradicated like any other pagan or non-believing group? They are the ones who control christianity.

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Sure. I bet he does, while he also welcomes in muslim hordes with open arms. Christians are cucked beyond belief and kiked into turning the other cheek because ethnic suicide and the fall of the west is a good thing. Fuck them. The pope should be lynched. I'm converting back to Odinism and Paganism. See you lads in Valhalla.

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Sure he is…