Oregon School Forbids Student To Wear Pro-Trump Shirt, Family Sues


A high school student in Oregon is suing his school for refusing to let him wear a pro-Trump border wall shirt. Liberty High School senior Addison Barnes is suing the school after he was asked to cover up a Trump shirt he was wearing. "If somebody else disagrees with me politically, I think they should be able to express their viewpoints just as I should be able to express my viewpoints in school," Barnes said.

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what else more to say

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"And if I don't like their views enough, I will just build a wall to keep them out." :^)

come on, you're just embarrassing yourself


we really should just deport all liberals to mexico.

Liberals do not want to live in shitholes. That is why they keep moving once they create one.

It makes perfectly good sense that they'd ban Trump t-shirts in schools.

After all, they want it to appear that their students actually have brain stems

I find your choice of graphic imagery to be disturbing.

Not because of it's 'content'. I couldn't care less about whether it has Trump in it or not. That's irrelevant…..

The reason I find it disturbing is because it's drawn in such an EFFEMINATE style.

it's awful artwork, and it's executed in such an exaggerated, effeminate, sissy style that it makes me suspect that you may be a closet homosexual.

I'm a professional illustrator, and there's a lot to be said about the 'art styles' that appeal to certain people.

You're an adult male………………………..

any adult male who would look at that terrible executed, extremely effeminate, swishy, sissy, homoerotic illustration and find it appealing is obviously an effeminate latent homosexual.

There's no way a heterosexual man would find that artwork to be 'appealing'.


it looks like it was drawn by a hermaphrodite 8 year old girl

it looks like RuPaul drew it

if an illustration could lisp, then your picture would be projecting spit across the dancefloor of a gay bar.

HINT: if you like that illustraion, you should apply for a summer job as Siegfried & Roy's pool boy.

it's gay as fun, dude.

that very well be THE most effeminate illustration I've ever seen in my life.


Just look at the overly exaggerated effeminate 'swishy' sissy body pose of trump. Like he's on a runway at a drag queen fashion show. It's SO GAY that it's undeniable!!

look at his girlish waistline, female hips, and the hand in front of his face is a classic effeminate Madonna 'Vogue' pose.

Then there's the creepy, sissyboy effeminate musculature of the eagle, with it's not-so-subtle homoerotic overtones.

And Trump's right arm acts as a penis for the gay as shit faggoteagle.


Dude, you're gay…. aren't you?
There's no way that you're heterosexual if you looked at that AWFUL, hideous transparently gay illustration and said to yourself, "this artwork appeals to me".



wow, you're a complete faggot

(not to mention the fact that the artist simply can't illustrate well. he's a terrible artist. awful. one of the worst artists I've ever seen. he couldn't even draw a flag, so he had to rely on a cheesy photograph as the background, which only serves to make you focus on how amateurish the illustration is in the foreground)

it's easy to do a psychoanalysis of you by looking at your choice of graphic.

you're gay

What are you looking at
Strike a pose
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………..right, faggot ?

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Schools should be neutral and not allow to promote your political/religious views.

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These are the new t-shirt designs.


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It comes down to whether or not a student would be allowed to wear an Anti-Trump shirt or not. If students are simply not allowed to wear politically expressive shirts of any kind, that's fine, but if they're allowed to wear shirts that express one political stance and not the other, well that's a discrimination angle they can try.

Since seems to enjoy imagery of men's abs, and a slight bondage element, this one should appeal to him

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Dude, which of these new t-shirt designs do you like the most?

C'mon…. Vogue

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the winning design will be turned into the next Trump tshirt

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I like the Asian dude. His haircut says "I was voted Most Likely To Shoot Up A School".

Though that picture is gay I feel like YOU might be the real gag based purely off of how much you know about said culture

should I tell him that this is using the JOJO art style? Yeah some of the seem weird but it really shows off how well the artist understand anatomy and their skill of drawing people in peculiar poses.

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fuck off faggot.
Not a bad graphic tbh. You should seek healthy people.


(apparently, JoJo stands for jacking off to effeminate, sissy artwork that is horribly executed)

I couldn't get any less of a fuck what you latent homosexual call that particular disgusting style of art


and it's executed awfully.

bullshit !!

It actually shows how little he knows about anatomy, and how the artist can't help but add female features to men's bodies.

and I think you meant to say 'particular' poses, but you made a Freudian slip and said peculiar poses….

peculiar, indeed….


…and the winner for next year's high school Trump t-shirt design is…..

drumroll please

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Wew lad!
Sorry you were ass-raped by Jamal and Tyrone in prison, Johnny. Still no reason to try to convince teenage boys that they are faggots too!

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lol no need to 'convince' them of anything

in fact, looking at the 'jojo' swishy sissy Vogue illustration of anatomically incorrect Trump illustration is what convinced me of the true nature of certain Trump supporters in here.

It wasn't rape.
I enjoyed it and they had my consent.

because big oily/sweaty men running around half naked in action movies isn't gay either.

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Which would explain one of the dozens of reasons I would never go see an action movie with half naked men running around sweating, nor do I watch WWE wrestling, or Star Wars, or any other gay bullshit

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Darn it !! Mommy dropped JoJo off late at the matinee again!

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Mommy told me this movie was FULL of sweaty shirtless men 'running around'

sounds like a good movie!!

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WTF ?!!!! this movie actually has a STORYLINE!! and yucky girls !!

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Bitch, I'm a TRUMP SUPPORTER !!!

that'll teach you to exposes JOJO to heterosexual content!!!

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neptunes favorite movie

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Please continue to show your lack of awareness

My only solace is that he'll die before ne and I can shit on his grave

Don't be like that, come on vogue!

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and I think you meant to say 'give' any less of a fuck, but you made a Freudian slip and said ```get``` any less of a fuck……………..dot…..

get any less of a fuck, indeeddotdotdotdot

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if they aren't allowed to wear politically charged stuff because it's school, then it's fine. But if they specifically target one party it's just straight up discrimination. That's all there is to it.

Can you even use paint? Or is it because you're bumming wifi from a starbucks for your cell phone now that they can't kick out the homeless?

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My work is exceptional, you fucking idiot

I do all of this work, video and all, on my phone




Holy shit can we unironically permaban Faggy Nepjew site wide yet.

Original Trump picture poster here, didn't think the image would be taken as seriously as you guys made it. I'ts just an over the top pic that parodies the Jojo series. I do really love the funny photoshops more than taking it lightly though. Keep it up

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Try it, bitch

*slowly drags my scrotum back and forth across your face, as I pat you on the top of your head, and spit phlegm between your eyes*

do it, sissy

Johnny I wouldn't be calling other people gay while typing things like that.


You will never be as masculine as pic related

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This is a news board not the roleplay board Nepboob lol

It's a work in progress boys but the next hand's coming up soon, get ready because this summer…


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Don't you all know that there's NOTHING wrong with being gay?!?!!?

I suck Tyrone's big BLACK COCK everyday while my wife Wendy get's penetrated by his THICK AFRICAN SEED

Stay mad /r9k/ VIRGINS LM@O

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Someone really upset Neptune in this thread. Guess the good news is that Trump is POTUS and there's nothing you can do about it

user even gave it to you in .png Nepjew.

Yeah I made the mistake of making it .png and not titling it "PICSARTI'MGAY5-23-18"

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Wait did Johnny just unironically make his own version of the Vogue thing on himself?
Ha, alright you got me man, I take back most of the things I said about you, you're not that bad of a guy, at least everyone in this thread is having a good laugh and it's nice to see you can too.

Nice work.
Not Neptune, but always willing to help a fellow farmer milk a lolcow!
Hope you don't mind.

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Aw darn it wasn't the real Johnny.
Still I hope the man makes his own version and we can make this whole thread come full circle.

You know he will.

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You should've put a smartphone in the other hand

And I don't eat donuts, so a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee would've been more appropriate

It's a play on the 'Mc' in McGovern. Made it for another thread about the word 'govern'.

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Is this better, Johnny?
It's all I could do with how little time I have to waste today, unlike some people I know.

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…yeah, that was a lot of fun…

I've got to run as well, because there's something really important I need to do

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You're just jealous because a manga artist gets paid to draw comics for his fans while your shitty art can't stop you from living on the streets.

I never even saw it myself. Wrote a script that filters all overt Reddit spacing.

seek help

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If I don't like their actions.

Well of course

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Some nice memes you guys are thinking up nowadays. Think I can be a meme now too?

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