Cult Of Kek: Who Are The Discordians?

It's May 23, an especially Discordian day, so what better time to begin digging away at the fascinating lore of Discordianism and how it may have helped lead to the modern day cult of Kek. What does meme magic and shitposting have to do with some hippie joke cult from the 60's though you might ask? Quite a bit in actuality. Discordianism got its start in the late 1950's and started as a pet project of Kerry Thornley, who was associated with The Merry Pranksters and an old army buddy of Lee Harvey Oswald. Many Discordians were growing suspicious of the rise of liberalism, and many moved more towards Libertarianism as a result.

Though May 23 is not technically a Discordian "holy day" according to the Principia Discordia (their zen prankster handbook/volume of sacred law), it is sometimes referred to as "Jake Day" in the Discordian calendar. Discordians hold the numbers 5 and 23 to be of great importance.

From the Principia Discordia itself:

POEE subscribes to the Law of Fives of Omar's sect. And POEE also recognizes the holy 23 (2+3=5) that is incorporated by Episkopos Dr. Mordecai Malignatus, KNS, into his Discordian sect, The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.


The Law of Fives is never wrong.

Discordianism, then, is one of the culprits responsible for birthing the "23 enigma" meme into the mass consciousness. I had been studying Discordianism and related esoterica for several years before Jim Carrey made "the 23 conspiracy" somewhat commonplace with the movie The Number 23. Discordians don't take themselves or their "religion" entirely seriously though they do claim "It's not an elaborate joke disguised as a new religion, it's a new religion disguised as an elaborate joke."

Enter the cult of Kek. Normies were aghast at the announcement of Brexit and Trump's presidency. The idea of sigils ties into chaos magick. Sigils are images that represent some mystical goal. As a result, there are those who claim imageboards have awakened the Egyptian frog god of chaos (Discord, anyone?) Kek. In the case of Discordianism, the Greek Goddess Eris is venerated. It was Eris who tossed the Golden Apple marked "Kallisti" (for the most beautiful one) into the Olympus party she wasn't invited to. Cuz if you can't join 'em have them beat themselves over a shiny object, right?

Ah, but what does this all have to do with time travel, Tesla, Donald Trump and memeing a new reality into existence with the use of imageboards like Zig Forums? Stay tuned for the next installment of a series on Discordianism, the Cult of Kek and Trump Lore to find out.

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Those who uses discord

Not even clicking but I bet this article doesn't even mention the Church of the SubGenius or Bob Dobbs.

Nothing to see here normies. Magic doesn't exist.

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Why would it? It probably doesn't mention the Church of the Flying Spaggheti Monster or the Invisible Pink Unicorn either.

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Noice. 46 is twice 23.

Azathoth will probably be covered in another article

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discordians are not discordians or the former.
most of discordian lurkers are somewhat intellectual based on their posts.
I honestly think the book's a somewhat interesting read and maybe a bit on satire/humor to be catchy enough though it's very "American".

yes they were or were they responsible of that?
2(+)3 = 5
22 = concord / synchronicity (incl. clock)
23 = discord / too late (no dubs for you)
I believe they have aims but it's a good distraction and publication of entry.

cult of kek doesn't differ. there's too much duality and thirst to control among these groups.

Law of one/zero > any law of number except law of one/zero.

knowledge needs explanation
wisdom needs realization

complication and difficulty in explanation is a sign of distorted truth.

Who distorts truth? For a gain.


Because the SubGenii are more directly relevant to Kekism than Discordianism is.

And 4+6 is 10 which is twice 5.

WOW, you're right.
That's amazing.

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I guess I can sort of see your point.

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How much meth are you on Nepboob?


To talk about the Discordians without mentioning the Illuminati (and RAW et al) is sinful or possibly fearful.

And, of course, Discordians are not shocked by populism. Modern Discordianism was created in a bowling alley.

This is all old news…

This entire bullshit thing stopped being cool around 23 minutes after it began……………………

I'm trying to sleep……………………..

you're keeping me awake…………..

please stfu

Yanesh Goytune, I can always tell when it's you…………………………….

or me ?….

(?) WTF

by the way, my friends and I were celebrating the 5/23 thing before any of these larvae had ever hatched

its NEAT-O to jump on a bandwagon

so I jumped off…..

A long…………………………….


LONG time ago

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I thought it would've said 5, 2, 3

Of course you did……………………



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Praise the flying spaghetti monster in space


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Come on now!
Where are my fellow Discordians?
Can we get a little Chaos up in here?

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Sorry, but I was chairing an NA meeting

and now I'm going to an EXCELLENT Indian restaurant…

(the food there is definitely the best Indian food I've ever eaten)

someone told me it's really good if it's expensive. It all looks like different colored diarrhea to me.

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Also, having just returned from several months in India, and having been all over the world, I can assure you that, not only is the best Indian food actually in India, but the food is
not all of it, mind you! Still gotta use your brain!
Ignorant non-travelers use memes like those.
The garbage in India is more of a problem than shit. The food is incredibly good. And cheap.
also, if you actually are a vegan, well, India is the place for you! I suggest Rishikesh for good vegan food

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I've got an old real life friend who's last name is Lucci

He's a programmer first, but a quantum physicist too believe it or not.

He's also an excellent musician

(and he's directly related to Susan Lucci)

Their family changed their name some time back. you could say they were kinda 'infamous'

You might have heard of the Lucchese family before… 100% true

Anyway, he's studied every religion on Earth extensively and every alternative concept as well, and he's a bit of an expert in this subject.

lol @ even geniuses like him making an occasional typo

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I'm putting the finishing touches on my discordian image as I speak

This is… My masterpiece

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Indian food is fucking A M A Z I N G



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I always read your name as "kuntskrieg"
What would Discordians think of screeching Nazi pussy bombs?

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Just like I've been telling you all along, "kunstkrieg means war art, and I don't like that moniker. It's unsatisfactory.

I'm going to need you to change it immediately

Don't let this happen again

We had an argument about Elvis the other day, but I forgot who I was shilling for.

For the last time, and it certainly wasn't the first


You're feeding a stray cat we're trying to rescue, and speech-to-text messed up

What I meant to say was
"It won't be the last time"

And it certainly wasn't the first

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Is that Wendy taking a shit behind the bushes?

I actually got to hang around with RAW a bit back in the day, but honestly it's all just too contaminated with degeneracy for me to give much of a shit about any more. That being said, there's some useful lessons in subversion there too.

Fuck sex and drugs and rock and roll. Land and soil and volk.

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Fucked it up, blood and soil of course.

That little girl kitten LOVES Wendy. (All animals do, pretty much immediately upon meeting her)

the kitten is EXTREMELY feral, but in just a few short days, she can sense when Wendy is coming to find her, and she runs out crying to Wendy like she's saying "I love you"

we have a foster home arranged (final stage of confirmation) and then we are going to do the final havahart trap capture

if you don't like thiscord

………………then I'm worried

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Millenials think we are the same person because they have never created their own anything. They just want to be entertained.

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Millennials need a heroic dose of 5 dried grams of psilocybin mushrooms alone in a dark room to sort out their issues.

Millennials are members of a doomed civilization and a failed enlightenment. They will wander into history in a world ruled by the unlimited power of great corporations wearing the mask of benevolence and by the unswerving determination of peoples who have not lost sight of their own culture and history.

Or they can choose to fight back. Peace and love only works if everyone wants it. Personally I like the kids and I hope it works out for them.

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Praise Bob!
Get your fucking slack now or fry in hell like a pink boy.
We're all yetis inside brother>>174846

If only they all would.

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cool beans faggots

original discordians are actually massive cucks and the illuminatus trilogy completely excludes kikes out of the formula and its basically a marxist book

betchall faggots cant even see the fnords

Fnords pretty much equals Jews. Not intentional, but it fits pretty neatly.



Confession by a forefather of KEKism — PART ONE:

KEK began because of the Bane plane crash. I helped create it.

/bane/ was seeing synchronizes in the famous crash. I said "we chaos magic now!". Everyone started talking about it in the rapidly moving threads.

I made the first Zig Forums thread on chaos magic – not magicK (Crowley's degenerating/brainwashing black ops).
I purposely engineered the term chaos to mean something separated from the former versions that were about stupid shit like Sigils and abstract ideas of "khaos" and "discord".
This was a step by step process of memeing a new conceptual system that I will now define for posterity:

First, I separated the generic "khaos/discord/chaos theory" because these systems are defined by human ignorance.
All Western magical systems are gnostic double-speak as we inherited them from a Judeo-Christian filter (Anti-Vatican occultism: Freemasonic-Templarism, bastardized neo-platonic Kabbalism/Hermeticism, and degenerate/druggy/edgy/daemon sex magick… all Alchemically mixed with a sampling of Hindu-Buddhist guru mind control systems).
All modern magical systems outside of Las Vegas type stage magic are essentially a tool of "black ops" brainwashing by the military industrial complex… or larping by stupid kids. They have lost their core meaning that came out of the relationship of Western Philosophy vs. Persian Zoroastrian "Magi" fire worshipers.

Wiccans are brainwashed feminists with no sense of etymology or history; it's rumors and emotional appeal.
Levey Satanists is larp system of Blavatsky feminism mixed with Epicureanism and sex magick to brainwashed Hollywood celebs into becoming useful idiots. Which created a lot of music and edgy teens in return.
Odinism/Druidism is even seen through Christian filters because the entire history is based on Christian converts writing about fairy-tales they could still recall after their entire culture was demonized, destroyed, and BRAINWASHED. (see snake worship of gnostic Celts and the early European churches)

Magical systems, esoterics, occultism, and Freemason/Hermetic/Kabbalist traditions have no sense of their history, badly researched group think, and bad etymology. They can't even understand the basic concept of Plato's Demiurge and have inverted its memory.
Albert Pike isn't that bad but he's still lost in group think.

The term "khaos" was born out of the ancient Greek mythos BUT came to be defined as a type of ignorance, a type of place-word like variable "X" – meaning "I don't know how, why, where, what… so I'll call it 'chaos'". Chaos is the definition of "…?".
Thus I attached a new idea of NATURALISM to chaos, defining it as space. Inspired by Little Finger from Game of Thrones speech he made about his faith in Chaos, my Chaos Theory was a process rather than a undefinable 'void' or nonsensical supernatural abstraction.
For example, meme magic starts with a meme, is transferred into the open space of the internet, and is spatially distributed, step by step, user by user who then make additions, creating kind of artistic redistribution of the meme. Pepe for example.

I redefined the idea of a "Black Sun' from its modern esoteric-post-WW2 meaning to be the center of our binary sun's rotations, and/or the center of the Universe which is a womb-like archetype of order giving birth to new arrangements. Before this, the previous generations of larpers had 'black sun' meaning one of two things: a planet-X type green sun theory, or a Jungian alchemical inner-darkness process.
While I did keep some of the inner-darkness Jungian concepts of the black sun (see Odin and his self-hanging, or Nietzsche's abyss analogy) the outer concept was totally changed to represent a type of FIRST ORDER, or 12:00.

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The birth of KEK.
Someone on 4chan discovered the Egyptian genesis myth. The symbol looked like a man sitting at a computer, connected to the internet, and also a frog. KEK was defined as chaos through MY definitions of the term, and Cuck became added to the black sun womb concept. This chaos of a natural process where KEK was the spark of creation, Cuck the womb of space/time.
Of course there was a natural synchronicity relating to internet pop-culture that appeared endlessly which gave it meme-magic power.
At this point I had to fight the /x/, /fringe/, and Crowley retards from falling back on their moronic programming and turning it into "esoterics" which were just older definitions of the 'super-natural', rather than natural.
I won the battle. KEK became defined as an abstract term for natural phenomenon. This fit with the Egyptian idea as the REAL term for the symbol of "god" in Egyptian hieroglyphs is actually more abstract than our Western understanding of "god/gods" and means something closer to natural phenomenon, concepts like "gravity" for example, rather than "Christ" was more common to the Egyptian educated religiosity. KEK was nothing like the faggots of Discordianism, or the 'sigil' wishful thinkers, or modern 'Khaos' feminists. After this though, it was out of my hands and the anons discovering things like music, movies/TV, related history, and making meme flags began to evolve the meme. Of course it was immediately attached to Pepe's ever evolving chaotic (Bug Bunny) like behavior. And this was a natural attraction to the Bugs Bunny-like strategic banter of Donald Trump.

The rest is history.

Other meme culture I created:
Futurefash (later destroyed and turned into Fash Esthetics – much like KEK was retarded into Kekistan by the Deep State/Alt-Right/Natbol shell groups)
Aryan History
Stoicism and Cultural Virtue-ism (vs Cultural Marxism)
The Overman vs. Transhumanism theory
I also got Trump to include the lady and snake Angela Merkel dance song into his campaign speeches, lol.
And more memes I'm to lazy to list…

I'm bored now of this game of thrones that is modern internet culture, so I'm writing this as a sign off and goodbye.
Thanks for having fun and fighting with me, anons.
Red Skull (the greatest wizard of his age)

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>Ignorant non-(((travelers)))
I'd rather go to Eastern Asia where the monkeys and cows don't have more rights than people.

i fucking hate it


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No matter how hard you try, it won't matter. This thing is no longer under your control. You have already been forgotten.






so please stfu

Wrong again, homosexual dude….

That's the low self-esteem faggot diet

That's fine. I just didn't want a bunch of boomer hippies taking credit for what Zig Forums created. I'm not "trying", I'm just defining.

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Lookie here boys, sounds like we got ourseles a ginuine BADASS$$$ on our hands nao.

No need to mention the Church of SubGenius, unlike the classic Discordians they're basically leftists. RAW was a Libertarian, Thornley hung out with members of the American Nazi Party meanwhile the SubGenii all voted for Hillary Clinton.

What the fuck is all this shit?

A load of faggotry from the 60's and another load of faggotry from a few years ago. Basically a poorly written quick rundown of a dead meme and a dead proto-meme.

no u