Federal Judge Rules Trump Cannot Block Americans on Twitter - Here's Why It Backfires


There's disturbing news to report coming out of New York where an ultra-intrusive liberal federal judge has just ruled that the President of the United States of America cannot block Americans on Twitter, in an act of stunning invasiveness that will surely bring about new privacy concerns in Washington, DC.

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Is there even anyone left who does care enough to overrule?

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I can see where the judge is coming from. The president, ostensibly being elected by the people, should be unable to cease listening to the people.
It is an old adage that Americans have the right to walk up to the president and flip him the bird to his face so long as they do not assault him

tl;dr The judge just inadvertently declared twitter (and so possibly all social media) to be a public forum and therefor protected by the First Amendment.

Sounds to me like the judge just annexed twitters servers as an official govt platform.

can't wait for when SJW dogmas like safe spaces and personal pronouns at at the supreme court and lose to the constitution

god bless jefferson and the anti-federalists.

james madison did nothing wrong

thats beethoven retard

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How retarded. Twitter is a private business. There is no constitutional guarantee that you can shitpost at anyone, including senators, congressmen, or activist judges. Maybe someone should send an informative tweet to this activist judge? There is no constitutional guarantee that CNN HAS to take your call 24/7 so you can express views about the president, and there is no guarantee that the presidents press management have to be available 24/7 to take questions from inbred retards. Any other questions faggots?


Woodrow Wilson had a guy put in prison because he said in a private conversation with another person, "Wilson is a wooden-headed son of a bitch. I wish Wilson was in hell."

The judge knows this means all shadowbans and bans are slso unconstitional. Libtard sites like reddit and twitter use those tactics all the time on conservative posts.

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Time to start posting National Socialist memes to Liberal Twitter accounts. I'm sure Twitter will still try to censor you, so then complain about Twitter not allowing you express a political viewpoint with your elected representative.

if this is true then shadowbans are illegal as well

You're probably dumb but think of what this could mean for you.

I don't doubt Wilson IS in hell. He was a piece of shit. Fucked up the entire West for the jews by conniving the U.S. into WW1.

I think it means setting precendent for turning some parts of the Internet, outside of the Chans, into true free speech zones, at least for politics, which is something I've wanted for a long time. So I say bring on all the logical conclusions this court ruling offers. I doubt special snowflakes will resist fleeing in terror from "evil Nazis" freely expressing their opinions in certain parts of normalfag Internet, so bring it on.



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This is the big take-away here and it means being banned from twitter violates your first-ammendment rights. The first precedent has been set.

also its telling that leftist websites like wapo are running damage control