Meet The Two-Headed Teachers Who Are Conjoined Twins (Video)

There is no question that some people have it easier in life then others, for Abby and Brittany Hensel, life has been a challenge of learning to coexist and cooperate with one another because they have no choice. Abby and Brittany were born conjoined twins but they don't let that stop them from living fulfilled lives.

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That is until the students find that video of them sucking off a dude in public.

So if they both touch their twat or twats, does that make them lesbians?

It's probably going to be more than one dude

well this sure is relevant news and not just clickb8 for the pisswater

So does class call them Miss Hensel, or Misses Hensel, or Mz's Hensel?
Do they get paid the same as two real people or half as much?
Do they teach separate classes?
We need to know these important facts.

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That is actually a profound question.

The guy you are replying to is referring to an actual video of them that was floating around.
One dude was getting sucked off.

Found a pic of it.

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Whats ironic is that its the most thought provoking news story on newsplus at the moment.


Any 8ch user is 20 times the circus freak as them and you know it.

The picture of them sucking off a dude is fake, the heads were pasted on an existing pic. If there is a legit video of them giving head(s), I for one would love to see it. The pay question is legit. It's one body filling one seat with 2 arms and 2 legs, it's not like they can do separate jobs at the same time in any profession (except the giving head profession. or perhaps telemarketing). Another question is this: If they masturbate, who feels the orgasm? Both? If only one does, is the other eternally horny and unsatisfied?

It depends on who is in the drivers seat for the pussy

I wonder if they ever watched Quest for Camelot.

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I think it's just sad that's the case tbh

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Where does one end and the other begin?
What organs do they share?
Which one controls the legs?

At the base of the spine
They share one set of organs
They control either side of the body
They share one vag

This is NOT news. In fact, these twins are THE most famous conjoined twins ever, having been in the public limelight for years and years.

They were the stars of the TLC television series 'Abbey and Brittany's, in which everyone in the world learned about them…

Everybody except for you idiots

Correct. All women (including these ones) have an easier life than all men.

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This goy is right, we need to watch more bullshit reality talmudvision.

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that looks shopped as hell

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I question how they can even be qualified. Students aren't allowed to sit ear-to-ear in exams for a very obvious reason, they can whisper answers to one another. Did they put a soundproof board between their heads during exams? I fucking doubt it.
In theory each head might only know half as much as is needed to actually be qualified. This is wrong on so many levels and for so many very good reasons.
Instead of trying to be progressive icons, they should have pursued the traditional professions of persons born in this condition, circus freaks or in this era, novelty porn stars.
A top shelf porn house would pay them more for one debut video, than their combined lifetime earnings from teaching.
It just doesn't make sense they'd pick a grind job, which makes me think this is just laying foundation for a media career. They'll do it for 6mo-2 years, then enter mainstream media, either as some kind of super-progressive presenters, or *ahem* talking heads doing the chat show circuit.

*whisper exams and copy one another's answers.
Were there two exam papers or one?
They should really be classed as a meta person for professional purposes, as there's no reasonable (humane) way to individually test each head. A meta person earning the salary of one.

its fake, somebody posted the original pic