Breaking: Trump Cancels Kim Summit Over NOKO Hostile Tone

US President Donald Trump has via an official letter announced to the world that he was canceling the planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un over the regime’s hostile tone as of late. Just this morning, the North Koreans had labeled Vice-President Mike Pence as ‘stupid.’

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So it was Pence that made that stupid Libya remark? Trump's speak first , think later MO is rubbing off on him. Is stupidity contagious?

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This reminds me of when a person hates his job so much, they stop caring and decide "fuck this shithole", and then the boss says "I'm going to fire you", but the employee tells him "you can't fire me, because I already just quit"….


Kim Jong-un is the one who cancelled the Summit a week or so ago, because America and South Korea engaged in hostile and aggressive joint war games right after the summit was initially announced.


good Lord, Trump is so stupid




The North Koreans must wonder what it's like to have an insane, unstable, megalomaniacal, untrustworthy leader with a terrible haircut.

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Both Trump and his sidekick made threats to Kim Jong-un when he said he didn't feel the war games showed a true desire for peace

Anybody who thinks Kim Jung-un is even vaguely afraid of Trump would be sadly mistaken.

Trump doesn't frighten anybody. He's not scary or intimidating at all. He's an impotent bitch.

Kim Jong-un sees Trump as 'intimidating' as Jim would see Hotwheels as being.

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It wasn't canceled you dipshit, Kimmie was THREATENING to cancel it.

Let's just be honest. NOBODY is afraid of this fat, stupid, psoriasis-riddled, impotent baboon.

He gets butthurt when people don't agree with him on his sissyboy Twitter account and blocks them just like a little girl.

He had his ass handed to him by a god damn ugly washed up porn star (hideous stupid prostitute)

Putin manipulates him like a puppet, puts him in a corner, then flushes him down a toilet.

He has fucked up more than any other president in the past 100 years, and he's only two years into it.

Nobody respects him. He's pathetic.
just look at how STUPID and embarrassing he is. He's a clown… A fat, stupid, ugly, tacky, unsophisticated assclown.

and a bitch

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nope…. He made it very clear…

He said "he was cutting off all talks with the south Koreans, because of the war games"

and without South Korea in the deal, there is no deal….


Your handlers are about to be tried for treason.

Kim Jong-un said he would NOT move forward, so dipshit Trump said, "he'll meet the same fate as Gaddafi if he doesn't" (in other words, it was a death threat)

THE ART OF THE DEAL, huh ?……..

this idiot has no negotiating skills or diplomacy. From what I've seen so far, I doubt he could sell a used car… He seems like a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman who threatens the lives of customers who say they already have a vacuum cleaner.

He's a terrible salesman, a lousy negotiator, and a shitty businessman all the way around…

He lied about being a billionaire….

He's NOT… he only has a little over $300mil….

he's a shit businessman who lost billions of other people's money with bad business decisions.

he's an idiot

His 'white rings around his eyes' are a clear indication of how oblivious he is to how pathetic he looks…

he's a joke

nobody respects him at all

By the way, Korea is actually called GORYEO… 'korea' is the westernized nickname for it.

And North Goryeo is NOT afraid of Trum
And they're not afraid of America or anyone else.

They've made that abundantly clear

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No, if you think Kim Jong-un is going to vacillate and flip flop like a little girl, you're getting him confused with Trump…

By now, the entire world knows that North Korea doesn't need us and has no desire to stick his tongue in our ass hole and let us fart into his mouth.

That's something Trump would do while being secretly videotaped in a hotel room filled with prostitutes, but not North Korea….

Apparently, you haven't been paying attention for the past 10 years…

Kim Jong-un couldn't care less about America, or Trump (he disrespects Donald Trump just as much as every other human being) and he has no problem telling the rest of the world to fuck off.

Trump is like a retarded brain injured infant, who has taken the Integrity of the United States and turn it into a tweet, like a little girl.

The entire world looks at Trump and equates all Americans with poopy diaper retards.

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I doubt any of you guys were even alive when Trump married Marla Maples…..

Even way back then, I remember reading about Trump's problem with silver plaque psoriasis. It's a disgusting, nasty, repugnant skin disease, where the cells of the skin grow too fast, and scales build up on the skin.

Marla Maples said it was absolutely disgusting. She only had sex with him two times, and said she couldn't stand to see his disgusting body.

Allegedly, he has psoriasis from the neck down, covering approximately 85% of his body, and even the genitals so I have heard.

She said he is the most physically disgusting person she had ever seen. I have heard a couple of the other recent prostitutes mentioned his psoriasis has gotten much worse.

His body is like a red flaking scab.

He is gross as shit

why you hate me

Obviously, I'm the one who makes the decision to intentionally make you think you hate me because of my obnoxious style online….

but imagine if I was the PRESIDENT

The fact that he makes public policy announcements on Twitter is absolutely ridiculous.

And his style on Twitter is so stupid and low caliber… He's embarrassing as shit, and definitely the stupidest president we've ever had… I never thought I could ever see another human being as stupid as George W Bush, but Donald Trump is actually EVEN MORE STUPID….

Impossible, but somehow he managed to do it….. He makes George Bush look like a fucking genius….

Giuliani, Trump's own attorney said yesterday that "Trump's going to talk his way into an indictment"


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It's because Giuliani knows that Trump is a stupid, childish fool, who literally CANNOT CONTROL his own stupid words….

just like a low IQ, emotionally unstable little girl… who's trapped in the ugly as shit psoriasis riddled body of a disgusting overweight balding man

Listen, buddy…. Norks are weak AS FUCK…..

They may take a beating but they'd get pummeled into the fucking ground in LESS THAN A SECOND…

Bravado is one thing, but STRENGTH is another thing entirely…..

If you think Kim Jong-Un putting his foot down on ANYTHING at all means a damn thing, then I'm sorry to say:

It really doesn't matter whatsoever

Long story short: THEY'RE A JOKE……

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Exactly like you, lol

Obviously you are unaware that they have one of the best equipped military on earth….

Not to mention the fact that basically every citizen of North Korea is a soldier….

So you can say they have 25 million soldiers in their country, and they will fight like a son of a gun, while Americans are lazy slobs who just want to play video games…

I'm not saying North Korea will win, and I'm not saying they will lose, because I don't believe there is a winner in a scenario in which every contingency that the Rand™ Corporation has Think Tanked ends in Nuclear War One.

All I'm saying is Americans are fat sedentary lazy selfish slobs, and our military is definitely not the world's best

Yes !!!

EGG ZACK LEE™ !!!!!!

I already mentioned that….
But I'm not the president of the United States…

(Someone in here. I was trying to say North Korea would win if we went to war, when I said nothing of the sort)

I didn't stutter……..

I said North Korea is not afraid of us

And nobody on this planet is intimidated by Donald Trump

Sure, the leader of North Korea is a fat weirdo in a distant land surrounded by monkeypeople…..

but Trump is a sawed off runt, who gets laughed at by anyone who sees him.

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none of this matters. I'm trying to sleep, and all the ruckus is keeping me awake.

please turn the servers off for tonight and let me get some fucking sleep.
You inconsiderate pieces of shit, you

LOL @ you thinking any of that matters……

They'll still die easily becasue they're FUCKING SHEEP

Yeah, they're sheep for the fucking slaughter

They're fighting a losing battle, in case it hasn't been sinking through your thick fucking skull…….

they're not fighting anyone. they're not in a war, and there is no battle.

(because we are too afraid to piss them off)

Neither was I, you dyslexic mongoloid
I said that the shit you said about Trump sounds exactly like YOU
Do you fucking lack reading comprehension? Are you fucking dense?
Did your mother drop you on your head more than once when you were a baby?

Speak for yourself, delusional dumbfuck………………..

There's a reason why they've been making direct threats at us for decades, and we've sat back and took it like a bitch….

it's because they're not fucking around.

and our military is afraid of them… But then again, our military are a bunch of uneducated lazy sissies…. So what would you expect?

then calls ME dyslexic

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I didn't stutter………………
You clearly can't read for shit
In case it wasn't clear the first time:
You're projecting and it's not working out in your favor
Now piss off, shithead

And do you even know what dyslexia fucking is? Didn't think so

LOL @ you thinking they're going to deliver….


You say the funniest things sometimes!!

Yep… Dyslexia is a disorder, in which the patient is so stupid that he has trouble reading or constructing words, because he will often see certain letters or numbers backwards, or transposed, and will be unable to write words or phrases correctly, due to his stupid tendency to forget letters or jumble up the few letters that he is able to remember……

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You're no MacArthur, are you?

They don't have to 'deliver', because they're not the ones threatening president Trump with Gaddafi's fate…

Trump is the one threatening Kim Jong-un….

And I'm not sure why it's, because they haven't actually done anything wrong…

So they don't have to 'deliver' anything…
Because they can sit there in their own Nation, and it's US who would have to deliver on our threats….

And since it would be a war crime to Simply nuke a country that hadn't violated any International laws, our lazy uneducated sedentary worthless low IQ white trash video game sissy boy soldiers would actually have to invade North Korea…. and THATS we're 25 million North Korean Soldiers would wipe their ass with our army……


*whispers in your ear*

"pssst! hey you… yeah, you… Are you angry about something? You seem mad"

I finally get it now: you have Alzheimer's
Man, that sucks

And yet they constantly make threats against the US….

Listen Gramps, I'm not sure if you noticed, but North Korea has NEVER, EVER fought a war…..

If they talk shit , they're going to get knocked the fuck out if they're ever in a war (you know, something that requires fucking experience)……….

But keep telling yourself that they're not digging their own fucking grave as you toss insult after insult everywhere as you shit your pants in the wheelchair, not being able to remember whether or not the nursing home staff gave you your meds……..

And BTW, reading and spelling are two ENTIRELY different concepts, Gramps…..

It really isn't that fucking hard to understand, but considering your age, you're just another wrinkly dumbfuck with memory loss………

Try not to forget how to count to 10

Global mods should start getting rid of samefag leftist spammers and start persecuting them. We have here a single user who should be expelled to never return. He's no different than an annoying bot.

Trump is a neocuck faggot who wants to destroy north korea and syria because they are national socialist countries free from capitalism and the federal banks. There are no "peace talks", these countries will continue to be targeted by ZOG and their puppets until either one is destroyed.

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president potato


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Perhaps one of these days you might accidentally get something right

but I'm not going to hold my breath

What is happening in this thread? Are there only Nork shills/Johnny Neptune/Pajeet gf spammer here?

I think you're right…

In fact, I say that these mods don't have any testicles, because they don't seem to be talented enough to ban me…..

They're cowards, and they don't know to ban me even if they wanted to

A: when you're too busy trying to convince users on the internet that you have a wife, 'friends' who are just like you, etc

Q: How do you tell if you're taking your own persona on the internet too seriously?

By the way, great job trying to feign your stupidity…………

……..but you're already stupid anyway (and delusional to boot)……

LOL @ your vacuous drivel

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the beauty of freedom of speech is the fact that every one has an opinion.

Do not stop people from voicing an opinion, for this is how we learn.

the north Koreans lack something very big compared to the west.

The west can brainstorm with unrestricted freedom, they lack something that they will never know.
their soldiers will defect like crazy.
but those soldiers that fight, they wont even have food, this war is predictable.

the reason Trump must somehow find an agreement with the NorthKoreans, is to save those people.

Be Smarter Trump, the North is pulling Your leg, But be Smarter TRUMP.

fuck off Andy

Based Kim.

Someone should launch an investigation on the democrats. NK sudden change smells like democrats were near it. Can't have Trump accomplish anything too good or he might get too stronk to beat in 2020.