Hateful John McCain to Trump Supporters in New Book: “Go To Hell”


The “great” (sarcasm intended) Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has personally penned a message to Trump supporters who are furious over his hatred for Donald Trump - in which he passed along a fraudulent Fusion GPS Dossier to the FBI - and that message is: “Go to hell.”

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you'll be there soon, Tumorhead

I can't wait to see him there to spit on him in person instead of just on his grave

You first

And so it begins ends…

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john mccain more like wan sickbrain lol

hateful more like hatfull lol
because his head is bigger with the tumor so it fills a hat completely

Hell's coming to him

Why does Nosferajew look like he wants to fuck McCain again?

Get cancer and die you old faggot. Oh that's right :^)

you're a hypocritical shitmonger Jim

He's whatever he wants to be at any given time.

to be fair most of this board does that too

I didn't know McCain browsed Endchan

Who the fuck is Jim? I know the nutty schizophrenic and the weirdo following them around, but a new name? Though, that choice of vocabulary - hateful - reminds me of older news posted on Zig Forums a year or so ago. I think a few people were wording their junk like that. Is Jim a troll who posts to piss people off? Or is he the Metokur faggot? Seems a little stale to be him, but if he's a little tipsy I could see him doing some stupid shit.

Lurk moar b4 posting newfriend.
Maybe do a little research.

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Apparently he was the Republican nominee against Obama


He was a pretty good example of why trump won the primaries

He is the MOST Republican Republican, just like Hillary is the most Democrat Democrat. The parties are virtually indistinguishable in there purest form.

Yall a bunch of snowflakes. One person says something bad about us and you're going to stew on it? We shit talk dems all the time. If you wanna MAGA you gotta stop being a bunch of whiny bitches.

why are you here?

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He's on his deathbed and given the life he lived he's saying that to other people? Projection at its finest

have to face it though that in a 1v1 comparison, mccain is better than trump in every aspect. his personal, professional, political life, intelligence, track record, etc. can't blame him for the fact that the average american is so dumbed down (or so beholden to the the idiot box) they actually believed a reality show celebrity is somehow more valuable or fit to run… anything, let alone a country.

And yet here we are and thing are still fine.

come on man, put some fucking effort into it.

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I'm pretty sure that's where songbird mcwetstart is going after killing 134 people and countless other that died due to his leaking to the Vietnamese.

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I've always disliked McCain, but not for any military or political reason. I just hate his face.

That being said, Donald Trump has THE STUPIDEST FACE IVE EVER SEEN.

RE: being responsible for 134 deaths of his own troops?

Really ?

I didn't know that about him. Now I'm actually starting to like him. I think that's cool as shit.

Maybe I was wrong about his face. It turns out that's the face of a true Patriot.

I've been told his actions led to the hilarious deaths of well over 100 piece of shit soldiers.


Fuck the troops. They deserved to die. McCain did a great thing


Which doesn't compare to actively telling soldiers to go ahead with a mission that was compromised with the enemy being alerted to approaching us soldiers, and trump telling them to go in anyway, leading to a disastrous mission where one was killed. oh, plus all the stuff trump is doing for israel and the increased military (industrial complex) funding of trillions of dollars that will ensure many thousands more american soldiers deaths in the years to come as they're sent into mideast wars.

sure thank buddy, for a cancer patient in terminal stage you are very cocky. I hope Satan has a nice place reserved for you

He sucks his own cock.

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Take the other bitch with you cocksucker.

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Let me know when you need a photo retouch that doesn't look like shit

Everyone's shitting on McCain for a bunch of other reasons, but no one's ever mentioned the worst damage he did in his entire military career.


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That sucks………………

…because he 'almost' sank it…………..

it's a shame that he didn't succeed, because nobody respects the U.S. Military, and certainly nobody supports them… Everyone enjoys watching news stories about them getting their legs blown off, and coming back home unqualified for a job at Walmart. That's why we spit on them, because that's what they're good for.

Sounds like McCain is a real American hero, because at least he tried to get rid of them.

Go home Zig Forums, you're high on jenkem again.

As he was in his A-4 Skyhawk, loaded with two, 1,000-pound bombs and waiting on the carrier deck for his turn to launch, a Zuni missile accidentally fired from another aircraft, swooshed across the carrier deck and struck either McCain's plane or one next to it.

That triggered a fire and a series of bomb and missile explosions that killed 134 sailors. McCain himself barely escaped alive. He quickly leaped from his plane into the pool of burning jet fuel that immediately surrounded him. About 90 seconds later he was blown 15 feet back when the first bomb “cooked off” and exploded, killing several nearby firefighters.

So, nope… McCain was not responsible for the Forrestal fire

Which is too bad, because I was just beginning to like him.

134 sailors who were going to come home and be a drain on the taxpayers of America….

It's a good thing they died, because they served no purpose

The Zuni Missle is a real Money Saver, huh ?

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That tumor is doing God's work in McCain's head. Deserves the highest honors a civilian can be given.


Are you retarded

when mccain was a POW he sold his fellow American Soldiers out for a few rooms in a hotel room.

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I would do the same thing. In fact, I'd sell them out for much less. I'd sell them out for a fidget spinner and a butane lighter

Ignore the dickless troll responding to you.


I can't think of someone with more blood on their hands than John McCain.

It's funny because he'll be in hell before Trump finishes his first term.

cry me a river

It's a derivation from a quote in star trek, you absolute dunce. Don't fucking talk sit when you can't even do a basic Google search, dipshit.

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hey I don't think you're funny

this is true

Shit is this POS still alive?
All the dark forces of the Universe must be working overtime trying to keep him alive.