Georgia Jury Makes Rape Victim a Billionaire

A victim of a brutal rape scenario was awarded a whopping 1 billion dollars against a security company after one of the company's guards raped her when she was 14. The jury awarded Hope Cheston the astonishing amount following the apartment complex's security guard's rape conviction. The ordeal took place during a party in October 2012 when the armed security guard approached a picnic table where Cheston and her boyfriend were sitting. Attorney L. Chris Stewart said the guard told the boyfriend not to move and proceeded to rape the 14-year-old Cheston.

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Not shitting on this girl in particular, but the outcome of this case essentially turns being a "professional victim" into an actual profession. $1,000,000,000 is more than anyone can reasonably expect to earn with a lifetime of working. At a certain point, intentionally getting raped and then suing is actually sound life-planning.

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Every potential female employee is now a billion dollar liability.


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That companies gonna go under
I wonder how many families have just been pushed onto the dole now because mom or dad lost their jobs after this company files for bankruptcy

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I wouldn't be surprised if this ruling indirectly leads to more incidents of rape. If this security company goes under, logically there will be less security guards available in the US, and the prices for the remaining services will have to increase (especially considering they now have to prepare for ludicrously costly lawsuits)

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Major Mudcock, I'm afraid that Johnny Neptune already covered this story in a timely fashion right after it happened. As always, you have a little too much too little too late, and Johnny Neptune's coverage of the story was much more thorough and accurate.

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don't be so quick to make up your mind on this story, because there's no guarantee she will ever see the first penny of that money.

Any attorney worth their weight in bar cards will automatically file a series of Appeals, bogging the system down, and delaying any action for years on end through continuances…

The bare minimum delay in this process is 7 years, and could possibly go much longer depending on variables. And even after up to possibly 14 years of delays and continuances and appeals the defendant (the security companies insurance underwriter) is NOT 'bound by law' to pay a single fucking penny to the plaintiff……………

Do you remember when OJ Simpson was acquitted of the criminal prosecution, but found civilly liable in the eventual civil Trial?… (He has still never paid a single penny of the money)

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so there's a very realistic possibility this woman will never see a dime.

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It would make more sense for the company to hire a hitman for 100 grand and deal with this disgusting negress.
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Thee 'company' you're referring to is the crappy Atlanta Security Services, and they don't have to pay a fucking thing.

It's their insurance company who is liable for the damages that were awarded.

The insurance company has excellent legal counsel, and that's why they'll drag this thing out for years and years with legal maneuvering

Knowing negoes and their idiotic decisions, there's a good chance this stupid bitch will die of AIDS or due to a tragic hair weave accident years before the legal maneuvers have finally ended

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Not sure why that company or the insurance company have to pay anything.
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