Germany – Police Accused Of Racism For Throwing Black Tourists Out Of KFC Berlin (Video)

A police intervention captured on video has launched a racism debate in Germany, after several black British (some claim they are Canadian) nationals were kicked out of a KFC restaurant (of all places it could happen) in Berlin after the store manager had complained they were throwing food and refused to leave even though they had finished eating.

Germans cannot stand loud or disorderly behavior and thus the KFC store manager called the police. The incident was captured in an online video.

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If they refused to leave, even after the owners told them to get lost, they are in their right to call the police and have them removed. In fact, they were trespassing after being banned and refusing to leave, which, according to German laws would allow the owner (or representatives, like bouncers) to apply any magnitude of violence necessary to remove them from the premises.

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Funny thing is that "after war"- Germany successfully integrated/incorporated and tolerated multiple generations of immigrants from Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ex. Yugoslavia, Kurdistan, Chinese etc. And while "Deutschland" gave up on their own identity, their every day lifestyle took hold over whoever settled there. That's why the racism accusations always fall on deaf ears in situations like that. It's common sense and deeply rooted regulations that disarm those situations without violence and without a public outcry about a nonissue.

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