FDA Launches Latest Volley Against Kratom With New Advisory

The FDA has launched the latest round of attacks against the herbal supplement kratom Going into year three of this, I don't see them giving in easy, but same with the kratom community, plus we have mounds of research, dozens of scientists and medical professionals who also support kratom. I'm still hopeful. Seems DC is becoming more educated on the matter. Latest trend I've noticed is more "citywide" bans though since at state level it was beaten in most cases. The most recent volley from the FDA involves warning letters sent to a handful of kratom marketers and distributors "for illegally selling unapproved kratom-containing drug products with unproven claims about their ability to help in the treatment of opioid addiction and withdrawal."

The FDA takes offense at claims regarding treating pain and other medical conditions (lowering blood pressure is mentioned) or treating cancer, etc. According to recent studies, some researchers suggest that kratom is anti-cancer and chemo-preventative, as far as lowering blood pressure, there are multiple studies related to that. In fact, the specific constituent in kratom that is responsible for the lowering of blood pressure has been pinpointed. Alas, such is the case with the FDA. Oranges may improve your immune system, but the minute you say "oranges may cause you to have fewer colds" you are crossing over the line into illegal marketing as per the FDA. Anything that "treats, diagnoses or prevents a disease" is a drug legally according to the FDA.


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How does the FDA automatically schedule substances like this. Isn't there a vote or something? How do we undo all these stupid boomer regulations?

Don't do kratom goys, keep buying our opiates.

Even if kratom doesn't help with cancer or opiate addiction/withdrawal or any shit like that, if it's not harmful, why the fuck would they ban it? This is blatant corruption, the FDA is a bullshit organization that's heavily lobbied by corporate interests, mainly agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Kratom directly threatens the opiate manufacturers profits, opiate abuse is a big deal in the US today, and the FDA takes money to ban it. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

Just wait for boomer scum to die out. Give it 15 more years.

Then we'll just have different old people in charge equally ignorant about the issues of tomorrow. This isn't a boomer specific problem, it's a problem of bureaucracy in an age of rapid social change and technological advancement.

oh boy another moral panic from the FDA and the piss water

The result of an expedited bureaucratic system sounds like it'd be going deeper into the remote political hierarchy we're currently heading towards.

Waiting for shit to happen is how boomers got us here in the first place

yes, but we'll be old too atp, so hopefully they/we'll be almost as self-serving and trusting only of their own council as the boomers've been, except that we don't do our damnedest to crash the economy with no survivors. And hopefully enough of us still remember what a bunch of wasteful nannystate bullshit prohibition was back in 2018.

This substance, that can greatly effect the withdrawal symptoms of Heroin abusers is illegal.
This substance will cost the Horrible Legal pill peddlers who knows how much money if people found out that You can use Kratom to null the withdrawal simptons of heavy Narcotic withdraw..

They're nearly immortal due to nanomachines and stem cell engineering. If they're to die, civilization has to collapse first.

Would well believe it, but source?

the cool parts of MGS isn't reals, billy

Look it up, it's pretty well established by now. I understand the whole "you make the claim, you back it up" shit but this isn't an academic discussion. In the time it takes for you to post that and wait for a source, you could have found 6. And if you find anything of particular interest, bring it back here and share. Be a content adding user, not just another consumer.

There are mountains of anecdotal information, they're banning it because its gained so much popularity in treating opiate withdrawal. Kratom has been around for a long time, even in the US. Also, who is gonna fund a study on kratom helping with opiate withdrawal? The pharmaceutical industry? Fuck no. The kratom industry? No such thing, it's too small for shit like that.

Anybody who tells you kratom is an 'anti-cancer anti chemotherapy' treatment is a fucking liar. Anybody tells you that kratom lowers blood pressure is also lying. Kratom actually increases blood pressure.

In America, we have laws that regulate claims like 'anti-cancer', because it's important for the safety and health of our citizens, and it's too easy for snake oil salesman to use catchphrases like 'anti-cancer' the profit from the desperation of the terminally ill.

in fact, 'anti-cancer' isn't even illegitimate medical terminology……

neither is 'anti-chemo'…….

These are uneducated layman's terms, used by idiots like the faggots at The Goldwater.

If Kratom truly had amazing benefits, I'd be the first person to be enthusiastic about it, but the simple truth is: KRATOM IS BULLSHIT.

It doesn't matter if it lands on certain opioid receptors, because Kratom DOES NOT effectively treat opioid addiction.

sorry, but it doesn't.

Anybody who tells you they able to rid themselves of physical dependency on opioids by taking this bullshit kratom is lying to you.

Kratom is bullshit. it simply gives you an uneasy, edgy, uncomfortable vague and almost indiscernible pseudo-stimulant effect, and none of these ridiculous claims about it's miraculous properties are true.

Faggots like OP and 'Philip' at The Turdwater are always quick to mention unnamed 'studies', thinking that makes their empty assertions seem 'verified', but these studies mean absolutely nothing.

Kratom is worthless.

actually, one sure-fire way to tell that Kratom is bullshit is because the pharmaceutical industry hasn't jumped on kratom, patented something in it, and marketed it as another Buprenorphine and made billions from it.

Kratom is crap. It's bullshit.

Or, like weed, they can't profit from the pill version unless it's illegal. I bet if they do successfully ban kratom, you'll start seeing a far more expensive pharmaceutical version of the same thing.




I've lived long enough to know "Just look it up" is code word for "Even if there are findings, I'm really not that confident in them."

Suit yourself.

That's a good point. If it truly worked, then the pharmaceutical industry would want a monopoly on it while still doing nothing about heroin. They make money selling the poison, then make more money selling the cure. Why not? It's supposed to be a greedy corporate industry that only wants as much money as possible after all.

I've been translating it as "B'aaaawwwww argue my point for me' or 'spend time doing something other than arguing with me so I can samefag and say you're wrong a few times before you're able to respond'

I strongly doubt needing to ban it first is the reason. Not going to prison for possession of an illegally obtained substance is worth the increase in cost for many people, I'm sure.

Never mind, I read that wrong.

What I should've said is "Why does it have to be illegal to make a profit, when sooooo many other things are not illegal, competing with each other, yet are still turning big profits?"

fact: nobody buys kratom to 'get off heroin'.

thats all bullshit. They buy kratom BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GET HIGH.

they're the types who want to do drugs, but don't have the balls to do real drugs, so they get kratom because it's temporarily legal.

Kratom is lightweight bullshit, with minimal efficacy as an intoxicant, that it's negligible at best.

I've never met people who did REAL drugs that also did kratom. it's bullshit.

The physical dependency on opioids only takes the human body THREE DAYS of continued Around the Clock exposure to opioids to take effect.

To elimiate physical dependency on opioids, human body simply needs to experience those same three days IN REVERSE.

Although it's a bumpy ride, because of the physical side effects of withdrawals, (being dope sick) after three days, the human body is no longer physically dependent on opioids.

After that point, any addiction is simply psychological, but you are no longer 'physically dependent'.

These three 'bumpy days' are a simple fact that anyone who's truly physically dependent will have to accept, one way or the other, because they already traveled the three days into physical dependency, and it's really not that long if you stop and think about it… 3 days of feeling like shit is really no big deal.

Kratom, and any possible bonding to mμ-opioid receptors is a non-issue, because a heroin junkie doesn't actually need anything to bond to his receptors during those 3 days… After all, these are scumbags that share syringes, cook up heroin in dirty spoons and stick needles in their arms….. They consider themselves to be 'bad asses', so they can certainly indoor three tiny days of physical discomfort, and if they are unhappy with it, nobody gives a fuck because they're junkies, and they don't matter.

Fuck them

and fuck kratom. There are amazing treatments like Buprenorphine, so nobody truly 'needs kratom' to kick an opioid dependency.

AGAIN: nobody purchases Kratom because they want to get off opioids.

they purchase it because they want to get high, and they're lightweights….

(Everyone I've ever met who actually sits around doing kratom has one thing in common: they are all losers)

I'm not surprised that Philip at the Goldwater and douchebag OP are big 'kratom enthusiasts'…..


They consider themselves to be 'bad asses', so they can certainly ENDURE* three tiny days of physical discomfort


doctors discover miracle cure for opioid dependency:


if you're uncomfortable for three days, too bad. we don't give a fuck whether you like it or not.

"KRATOM IS ANTI-CANCER" announces man with no education in internal medicine

more details as they become available

I want to try kratom now!
If the FDA says it's bad, mmkay – it must be good! Update later…

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The same way and for the same reason the ATF does. Congress does not want the backlash for banning things so they delegate stuff like this to an agency that the current power brokers then dictate rules to.

Wow, I can't believe I've been living my life all wrong. I need to change so I can think just like you and say the word "fact" and have everything that follows after be accepted as so. Pure genius.

glad I could help you……………….
you're welcome

you truly owe it to yourself to try kratom, more than once.

that way, you'll be able to say (from experience) that kratom is a bunch of hype, and it has bullshit negligible effects, which are nothing like opiate effects, and are more akin to an uneasy discomfortable 'anxiety' one might feel if they drank too much coffee and smoked 3 cigars in a row.

It's some real bullshit.

but unless you actually TRY IT, you'll never really know the true FACT that kratom is bullshit

I wouldn't say that you've necessarily been 'living your life all wrong'…

however, I probably WOULD say you've lived your life waxing 'expert' on subjects that you've only experienced vicariously, gleaning a false sense of expertise from the safety of your smelly little computer chair.

I seriously doubt you've ever been physically dependent on opioids, ever taken yourself through the three day process of withdrawal from opioids, eliminating your physical dependence, or ever even tried kratom for that matter.

it's understandable that you would feel 'threatened' by my real life experience in these subjects, and would be compelled to lash out, angry that I know the 'facts' firsthand.

one of the first places to outlaw kratom is one of the countries where it comes from. thailand. the heroin dealers were sick of customers using kratom to get off dope.

This post should be archived as an example of reddit spacing in the Retard Museum

Nope, Nixon helped congress hand over a power they used to have to a completely unelected body with no accountability to the public. Ooopsie.

Notice how his post is easy to read and yours is difficult? That's because you're retarded.

Pfizer pls go

your post should be showcased as an example of ineptitude in the Museum Of Modern Homosexuality

AGAIN: apparently, you've never been physically dependent on opioids (or 'dope', as you call it) nor have you tried Kratom (or 'bullshit', as I call it)

I've experienced both of these subjects first hand, up close and personal.

that's how I am able to conclusively state that Kratom WILL NOT 'get you off dope'

'im trying to get off dope' is a bullshit excuse often implemented by Kratom users. if they wanted to stop using drugs, they wouldn't try, and they'd succeed.

hint: you don't stop using drugs by taking more drugs

It's only 3 days? The physical withdrawals from nicotine take 3 days, heroin withdrawals take years so I assumed opioid withdrawals would fall in between. Guess I'll just take your sourceless statement, O wise one.

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You are all lazy faggots. The abstract of the effects of kratom is sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0028390817303933 archive.fo/71EQn
Essentially it reduces the effects opiods have on your brain and makes you less addicted or more easily able to stop taking them. So this goes back to the whatever the cy+3 (((FDA))) bans means it is good for you thing that mentioned

Holy fuck, we found an actual big pharma shill. Your employer is going to get gutted for predatory practices in opioid prescription, and there's nothing you can do about it.



the whole 3 day thing is quite telling. as if all opioids are the same. protip mr sheckelburg: they arent. and as far as dope not getting you off dope dont tell people around the methadone clinics that. they REALLY bought into the lie.

Severe opioid addiction (such as used to treat serious injury) take around 2 months.

The American government is not a democracy but a plutocracy. Shekels is power. Shekels get the government to bend to your whims. Shekels get you what you want. Government run schools are centers for youth indoctrination. People are fed lies.








stop taking drugs bro its bad for you mkay?

you got it all backwards. There are no PHYSICAL withdrawals from nicotine., because nicotine doesn't cause Physical Dependence. Smoking is merely a psychological addiction.

However, the psychological compulsion to smoke lasts for a couple years after cessating.

HEROIN is an opioid.
you can't draw a line 'between heroin and opioids' because they are one in the same. Heroin is natural, and extracted from the poppy, while pharmaceutical opioids are synthetically recreated in labs. but an opioid is an opioid is an opioid. The only difference is the 'oxy' as in oxycodone (oxygen) or 'hydro' as in hydrocodone (hydrogen)

and we aren't talking about 'psychological addiction' here.

Psychological Addiction = Will Power, or lack thereof

The subject at hand is PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE

and whether you're talking about Heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morphine, etc etc, the process leading to Physical Dependency takes THREE DAYS.

Not just 'taking some pain pills on and off' here and there for three days, but actually taking continued dosages every four hours for three days.

you'd have to actually wake up in the middle of the night and take a dose, so you would be dosing steady for three days straight, and at that point, you are now physically dependent on opioids…

Thanks for letting me share

I've been off all drugs for a very long time

kratom is not a drug

nor is it worth a shit. I wouldn't pay 25¢ for ten pounds of it.

it's crap

(and that 72 hour journey to physical dependency can be reversed)

you end the physical dependence by NOT doing opioids for 72 hours, at which point you are no longer physically dependent on the drug, and it's simply a matter of will power


……………..Waiting for sources for claims to be provided……………..



……………………..who the fuck is 'we', spaz?

Oddly enough, I used to be quite the drug 'enthusiast', but I completely quit ALL drugs and alcohol… cold turkey….

it's all about will power

(also, it's important that you know there's no such thing as 'addiction')

'addiction' is a misnomer, a 'slang term' that gets misused all the time.

to call somebody a 'drug addict' would be incorrect, because there's either PHYSICAL DEPENDENCY or there isn't.

'will power, or a lack thereof' is NOT an addiction.

It appears as if you've confused me with your mother….

do your own research…. I promise you'll find it if you look

…………………..I'm sorry, was there supposed to be anything insightful in that post of yours? You think verification is supposed to be done by ANYONE but yourself?………..

Oh yeah, I just remembered………..

I t d o e s n ' t m a t t e r

……..And as far as anyone's concerned, you're STILL talking out of your ass………

…………unless you have the balls to back up your claims…….

BUT… I doubt that…

Your mother did you a great injustice by wiping your ass too long, and reinforcing the erroneous notion that you'll forever be catered to by the rest of the world.

I'm guessing that had a lot to do with your father deciding to leave


Here we have a manbaby who was given a simple request which easily puts dents in his ego, prompting him to resort to second-rate insults towards one's parents

By the way, sorry for hurting your feelings…

PSYCH! Not sorry !……….. Cry more

kill all drug users

You are a giant faggot. The abstract of the effects of kratom is sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0028390817303933 archive.fo/71EQn
Essentially it reduces the effects opiods have on your brain and makes you less addicted or more easily able to stop taking them. So this goes back to the whatever the cy+3 (((FDA))) bans means it is good for you thing that mentioned

You mong.
'Lead-free' and 'No Lead' are both regulated by the efdeeay and mean completely different things though nobody really knows that and thinks they are same.
Fug feds and fug you.
Stupid jew.


mμ-opioid receptors

not 'mu-opioid receptors'

Nope… I hit the nail right on the head….

You're a momma's boy

You're a homosexual Andrew, do the research so you can see for yourself, fucking mommy's boy.

When I grew up, I made a best friend around 5th grade.
We snuck into the Gym, faking our prarants signitures, We had competitions of who can Chugg a 40 the fastest.
But he met a girl and this girl taught him how to shoot up Heroin.
My Childhood friend now exists.

Honest, it would be nice to just learn how to use Krotam to get somebody off of the hard stuff.

Blatantly biased opinion pieces shouldn't count as news

So in other words, you're full of shit.

Are you Indian or paki? Only 3rd worlders make baseless accusations with no proof. There's a bunch of medical websites that say nicotine is both a physical and psychological addiction

It's a stimulate in the coffee family. Hummm, I wonder what they will censor next? Their coming for our donuts and Joe next.

Are you Indian or paki? Only 3rd worlders make baseless accusations with no proof.

Provide evidence that only Indians and Pakistanis make accusations without proof or YOU are a 3rd worlder. Haha! Beaten by your own "logic."

This article has nearly two dozen studies from between 2012 and 2016 that are related to the multiple benefits of kratom for depression, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions. The claims are DIRECTLY cited in research and medical journals.


This article has an interview with a molecular biologist (who holds a double doctorate, by the way) who has been studying kratom for years. It also quotes Dr. Jack Henningfield (former head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse) who is a world renowned expert on drugs, abuse and addiction.


HAHAHA!!! Keep singing, spaz!!!…..

You amuse me………


You're a manbaby with a fragile ego

Try not to get any STDs from the next foreskin you eat……….

Congratulations on the 'being wrong Again' thing