Indiana Middle School Shooting - Suspect in Custody

A suspect is in custody following shooting at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana Friday morning, the Indiana State Police said.

Two victims, an adult and a teenager; were taken to local hospitals, according to spokespeople for IU Health Methodist and Riley Hospital for Children. Their conditions were not immediately available.

Families of the victims have been notified, said Indiana State Police spokesman Sgt. John Perrine.

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Why report it if there's no challenge to the high score?

That's why it's not on national news.

to get clickels

the only country in the world where this happens at least twice a month has reportedly said "no way to avoid this"

How many britbongs are getting stabbed per month?

I would rather have this happen every five minutes than live in a shithole. Thank you for your opinion.

Stabbings happen every five minutes in shithole gun free zones. Mass shootings are less frequent.

Well since criminals don't care about gun laws any more than they do about drug and copyright laws, and since cops can't be everywhere all the time and are often hours away by car which means responsible law-abiding citizens need to be armed to defend themselves from violent criminals, what do you suggest we do about it? To get the ball rolling on that topic, I think making schools less horrible and cutting back on the behavior-adjusting meds could be a good start.

This picture makes my autism tingle. What are these black lines? Shadows, cables, tar to fix cracks…nothing makes sense.

*oh and when cops are there sometimes they just camp and don't do anything so there's that also

probably tar. Its Indiana not the Autobahn.

Who puts down tar like this? Michael J. Fox? What's with all the 90 degree cracks? I doesn't make any god damn sense. I'm deeply confused by this situation.

can confirm roads are or were recently in an absolute state in that state

But this is not how you deal with cracks. If you just put tar in them it just helps widen the crack. What you have to do is fill and cover them over a wide area. I heard that the US is light years behind the rest of the world in terms of maintenance, but this is just plain idiotic.

til. I guess that's probably how they got in such shit condition and it's a vicious circle probably fueled by graft then.

How much guns are bad fake news do we have to cover everyday before you let us ban your guns goyim? Once you're disarmed we jew-mise not to rob and plunder America without fear for the glory of Israel.

Gun free zones are the answer. Have fun trying to commit gun crimes in a zone where guns are prohibited.

did anyone die?


good morning chaim, hows it hanging?

yup, they're all out to get you

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