Gunman at Oklahoma City Restaurant - Shot Dead by Bystanders - [Gunman’s YouTube Videos]

A gunman opened fire inside a crowded Oklahoma City restaurant on Thursday evening.

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Really makes you think.

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Fuck off MKULTRA freaks. Go take your shit to liberal shitholes instead.

looks like your typical millennial lolcow cuckold tbh
and nothing of value was lost

also today, a few hundred people were accidentally killed by their own family members, committed suicide, or were murdered thanks to guns.
status quo is fine, no need to do anything about it.

Would it be better if they were killed with gasoline and fire?

Preach it brother!
A tremendous number of people die from accidents and vehicular homicide/suicide, but nobody ever addresses this important issue.
We must ban vehicles.
In fact, ban all inanimate objects that can be used for harm, particularly hammers.
I just hit my thumb with one, this wouldn't have happened if hammers were illegal for everyone except for trained carpenters.

How many unarmed people did Israel kill in Gaza today?

What we need to do is ban families. Everyone get in my gay orgy; here in California it's not even a crime for me to give you AIDS, but god forbid you try to stop me with a gun. Love is greater than guns. Let love into your life, into your anus

At what age were you diagnosed schizo?

Because guns have willpower and can move on their own.

Do you even hear how retarded you sound? Or do you just not pay attention to what you spout?

No people, just a few sand niggers

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Was Timothy McVeigh /ourguy/?

no but it would be better if you actually had an argument instead of deflecting from the real issue.

i guess you didn't get the memo about that idiotic analogy trump made. (sigh)
vans and other inanimate objects serve a useful purpose that doesn't involve killing. guns were specifically made for the purpose of killing people, some of them even designed to kill as many as possible in as short a time as possible. THAT's why you need regulations to make sure, oh say, CONVICTED TERRORISTS AND INSANE CRIMINALS DON'T GET THEM (two things that trump executive ordered away because I guess he likes muslim terrorists and mentally insane murderers, because the more of them, the more he can tweet about them and distract everyone from the fact he's been filling the swamp and benefiting the rich elite since day one)

trump distracting from his real purpose

Guns also serve the purpose of defending one self and his/her country from such people. Making something illegal does nothing when the law is impossible to enforce.

Take your copy/paste and shove it up your ass.

I didn't say make guns illegal. I mentioned it would be great to keep them out of the hands of convicted terrorists and certified crazies. and I didn't copy/paste anything.

There already are regulations. They don't work because criminals don't follow laws.

That being that you're a commie who wants to disarm everyone else so that you can threaten and murder everyone you disagree with without them being able to defend themselves? Or are you a criminal who doesn't like it when your victims can shoot back?

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Of which there are already background checks to prevent. Unfortunately criminals and terrorists don't walk into a local gun store they buy their guns from other criminals.

Nice hoax faggot

kys jim

Yes he was.

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The vehicular weapon analogy predates Trump by a long time kike. Our right to SELF DEFENSE transcends all men and all time, so stick a motzah in it already.
that’s how one of your counterparts phrased it but the narrative is the same. there are already laws on the books written to do just that, so either problem solved, admit the “problem” has little to do with guns, or admit you care only about the guns, and not the “problem”. naturally you won’t. the shill must go on. doesn’t matter. you’ll all be pulling lamppost duty soon.

Criminals will get their hands on guns. In the us the black market is huge, decentralized, and everywhere. Banning guns will only feed it. People who want to die can find a way, from buying some bleach and chugging, to ingesting a ton of medicine while sitting on a high ledge and jumping after shoving a screwdriver through your neck. It's easy with or without guns to off yourself, sadly.

What's the source on that?

What does this have to with the article? You're fucken retarded if you think a domestic terrorist is a hero.

Hello FBI.


Its a shame he will go to prison for this. No good deed yadda yadda yadda.

this wouldnt have happened if obama was still president smh…

Revealed: Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal. Top Democrats want to know why Israeli firm was hired to spy on Obama officials Congressman seek info from Black Cube on alleged 'dirty ops' campaign; The Guardian reported that Trump administration officials were behind the move.

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It's funny how conservatives are only defeatists with this one argument. Kinda like how they are small-government for every issue except how they need to put police in the bedroom of all the faggots.

But seriously, terrorists can get their hands on nuclear weapons. How come *I* can't get some? I have to defend myself from the criminals!! Also, the entire point of the 2nd was so that the citizens can have the materiel to overthrow their government if need be. But the government has fighter jets and tanks and ballistic missiles. I can't overthrow them with a few handguns and ARs. I need ballistic missiles, too!!

Is this the best you've got?

no, there WERE laws in the works to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people, but then trump executive ordered them away, because they were obama's. just one of trump's many brilliant moves.

the fact is there aren't enough regulations the "sensible" gun laws that a large majority (like 80%+ of both dem and republican voters) want. it's not hard to see that keeping crazies from having guns is a good step, but the NRA will not allow even that. they'll make arguments like "well who decides crazy?" and throw up some fake scare about how average folks will be denied guns, but that's bs. if you've ever been committed to a mental institution, or have to take drugs to suppress your violent schizo side, that's a good start. if you're in that 20% who even thinks that the issue is only black or white with nothing in between, then you're probably one of those of the mental capacity who shouldn't own a gun in the first place.

I'll just leave this here:

the eq girls were too good for those terrible shows. most unfortunate.

This enormous beached whale
wants your guns (Sweet Jesus, just look at the sheer SIZE of this piece of shit)

t. supports gun control

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