Cockroach Milk Is The Latest Superfood Trend

Creepy crawlers may be the next big source of superfood for humans. Scientists say that cockroach milk is a perfect non-dairy alternative but getting people to drink it may not be as easy. Scientists digging through a 2016 report on the benefits of insect dairy noticed that the Pacific Beetle cockroach of Hawaii possesses nutrient-filled milk crystals which are used to feed their young.

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The rich just can't stop thinking of ways to milk the goyim for shekels.



Are we full Snowpiercer yet?


Big deal. Everybody who reads this has already been eating insects every day. The food industry uses crushed Cochineal beetles to color your food red. You'll find it listed as 'Carmine', 'Cochineal Extract' or 'Red 4'.and that's nothing compared to Castoreum, the flavoring additive they put in vanilla products, which is the extract from beavers' Castor Glands, located on either side of their butthole.

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There's an easier way: stop having so many kids. And stop sending money to Africa. Instead of talking about this climate bullshit, they should be talking about that. After all, the more people exist, the bigger the effects on the environment (overall polution and use of resources in general).
But they won't. Instead they want to bring more africans into Europe.

Okay we've gone way past the point this health food shit should have stopped. It's time to nuke New York and California and end the hipster faggots trying to out hipster faggot each other.


Nothing wrong with eating bugs, they're cheap and nutritious. You grow them for pennies in feed and the resulting bug has most of the calories and vastly more protein and vitamins. The real travesty is making them into a trendy fucking 5$ cereal bar that makes you a good person when you buy it because it's so high-margin sustainable.

I heard that cockroach semen is used as a beauty cream by pinay career womyn.

And easy to grow them in nigger infested ghettoes.

>There's an easier way: stop having so many s h i t s k i n kids.

t. Carlos

I'm STILL waiting for Kim Jong Un to do this shit and it's fucking killing me

should appeal to goy

No. Just stop sending money to 3rd world countries. At what point does it end? Ever? Probably never, just pull the bandaid off.

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You realize that most 1st world countries are at or below replacement rate, right? Try telling African women to stop shitting out so many niglets.

do you know how i know that you're in high school?

There are over 740 million europeans. How the fuck is that below replacement?

>oy gevalt! there is not enough goyim paying taxes to the (((central banks!)))

who the fuck comes up with this idea that endless work and endless consumerism is needed for a functioning society?

The only way for the white race to go on is if white people have more children. Anything to keep our birthrates above the level of shitskins is worth it.

A basic explanation.

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Cockroach milk is PEOPLE

Turks aren't people.

Sweet! That means I can start a cockroach farm. I live in nyc so there's plenty to be had. Another thing to exploit and make lots of money. Oh wait, I said nyc. Who am I kidding. I would be taxed and red taped to death. Expensive permits, licenses etc….

The kikes are really trying to make cow products too expensive for some reason. Is Moloch offended by milk or something?

I heard some soy boys are switching to it but finding the roach's are hard to milk.

It's our guys that are going to nuke us so they can blame Kim Jong Un. He's the fall guy for WW3 and regardless of which way he goes all roads lead to him being a dead man walking. He's surrounded by the NWO and there is no escape.

I hear in Florida they are so big that they hunt em with shotguns.

I was going through my meme folder and ran across this gem. Im going to hell. so sorry.

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cockroaches are unsanitary creatures that carry many dirty diseases such as ecoli and salmonella, they actually like dirty enviroments to live in and have adapted to have a very strong immune system to many disgusting illnesses.

the cockroach is the bottom feeder of the bottomfeeder, you are better off eating shit than eating cockroaches.

there was a tv program about pest controllers on tv and there was a house with roaches and mice, the mice tried to eat cockroaches out of desperation and it died.

drink the kool aid

total bullshit,people are obese and there is plenty of land left

look at automation its set up that way you dumb fuck.

the answer is maybe goats milk or sheep milk instead of cows in the long run or even pigs or rabbits. why eat roaches or drink there milk?

and alot of them are not good to eat and just because some subhuman slopes and niggers do it because their iq is about 65 doesn't mean we all have to.