$32 Bottled Air, Is it Worth It?


When bottled water first came out, people made fun of the idea of paying for water in a bottle but it soon became a multi-billion dollar industry. Now that bottled air has arrived, will it see the same success as bottled H2O? A company called Vitality Air is offering a $32 bottle of canned air that even comes in a variety of flavors such as Strawberry, Root Beer, and Grape.

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Yeah that sounds safe



Sergeant Mudcock, you never responded the other night regarding the ironic increase in typos and glaring grammatical errors ever since you told me "it's impossible for us to make grammatical errors, because we use Grammarly, the same software used by the real news organizations."…

I am curious if you would agree with everyone that you put your foot into your mouth?

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It's really surprising how bad The Goldwater's 'best' can be, even after using Grammarly®

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It's eerily ironic how ever since you told me "it's impossible for us to make grammatical errors because we use Grammarly, the same software used by the real new organizations.", your 'reporters' have made more grammatical errors than ever before…

don't you find that kinda ironic?

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If you don't like the food at a restaurant, instead of dining there every day for every meal just to complain why wouldn't you just eat somewhere else? See, evidently you can't derive any joy out of life apart from reading the Goldwater and picking out "errors" (many of which, like the Goldwater tattoo story) never existed in the first place. I mean, I understand your eyes are old and weak Johnny, but seriously, it makes you look stupid when you point at things that aren't anywhere but in your own mind.

Ooops !! I made a typo !!!

Looks like I'm qualified to be a 'journalist' at The Turdwater, huh ?

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It would appear that your eyes are being occluded by horse blinders, whippersnapper….

That's the only explanation if you don't see the veritable plethora of continual grammatical errors that plague almost every 'news article' published online by The Turdwater.

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I laughed my ass off the other day when Sergeant Mudcock quoted 'scripture' out of the bullshit bible.

That was so professional !!

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I'm willing to bet that if you logged in at The Turdwater right now, you would find at least 10 grammatical errors without having to look.

To be fair, I think Sergeant Mudcock is the ONLY one who doesn't fuck up almost every story.

You've got to give credit where credit is due… Obviously, Mudcock graduated high school, unlike the other subprimates who copy and paste other people's work, and still blemish it with grammatical errors left and right.

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Let's just be honest, okay ?…..

would YOU drink it ?

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'News For The Working Man', huh?…..

I think it's very rude of you to assume the average 'working man' is an illiterate homosexual.

Well, I guess it's safe to assume that Sergeant Mudcock has no comment.

That's out of character for him, because recently he got all 'chatty', defiantly stating that "it's impossible for us to make grammatical errors because we use Grammarly, the same software used by the real news organizations."

it's almost as if he feels that he put his foot into his mouth, and now he's got camouflage egg on his face.

tsk tsk tsk

with all that ridiculous 'drag show' military clothing, grease paint, and silly moniker, it's kinda funny how he's not brave enough to be accountable for his statement, but chooses to hide in the shadows like a little girl.

honestly? the only group of people stupid enough to pay 30 dollars for air would be Americans.

This is the Lappa Major Burdock, a little flower that's indigenous to the United States….

….Unless it's trying to avoid prosecution, in which case it will flee to The Philippines at the drop of a hat….

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Correct !!

The same people who's grandchildren will still be paying off the debt incurred by Mr. 'White Circles Around His Eyes'

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check out the commercial for it

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I suppose it was foolish to expect accountability from an amateur

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I think Sergeant Mudcock should do a piece of investigative journalism where he proves that Jesus actually existed.

That would justify his creepy inclusion of 'scripture' into his alleged 'news articles'.

I was under the impression that a basic journalistic rule was sourcing and verifying all content, so I think it would be prudent for Mudcock to verify the existence of his imaginary 'god' whom he quotes in his schizophrenic imitation of journalism.

One minute, he wants to 'play army man', the next minute he wants to pretend he's a 'reporter', and the next, he's 'a preacher'…

this 'playing grown up' game has become confusing.

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Peace Lily

All of which filter air as good as an electric air filter and even remove VOC. Why in the goddamn would someone pay $32 for a can of oxygen when you can buy a $20 organism that filters air so long as you water it?

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You can't make up your mind WTF you wanna be for Halloween, huh?

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The Grammarly problem really isn't very surprising, when you consider the fact that Christians are the least educated group of people on Earth.

and that is verifiable, unlike any nonsense scripture from the bible.

Major Burdock, I'm amazed that you're going to sit back and let Johnny Neptune bitchslap you like that right in front of everybody.

Sergeant Sassypants is a faggot

And 1984 was meant to be a warning, but that hasn't stopped the current world's governments. It's not exactly Newspeak, but Trumpspeak is getting pretty close.

newspeak is PC



And Chinese. Chink IQ is a meme.

When you're living in a bubble and you haven't got a care
Well you're gonna be in trouble cuz we're gonna steal your air
Cause what you got is what we need and all we do is dirty deeds