A retired secondary school English teacher has corrected a letter she received from US president Donald Trump and sent it back to the White House.

Yvonne Mason, who lives in Atlanta and was a teacher for 17 years, said the letter would have barely passed and corrected its numerous grammatical errors.

This included 11 examples of incorrect capitalization of words such as “president” and “state”.


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Except she's just a lowly servant of the state, and he's the most powerful man on earth.
Stay salty, roastie.

There are also grammar rules in different facets of the government. Each has their own guide and none are MLA/APA/Chicago/Oxford. It's kind of rough, but it is a result of centuries of diplomacy and political wriggling. English teachers would scream at any internal memo or report.


English doesn't apply to all situations. For instance when you are a financial auditor you have to write in a way retarded monkeys will understand and in a way that will trigger red flags to go up in their brains. Fuck it if it's not even English. Having to defend yourself in court because a bonehead says he couldn't understand your report and lost shekels is the last thing a financial auditor wants.

So thus, we can logically assume that this teacher is dumb, commie scum.

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Looks like nitpicking to me. She hates that he capitalizes Nation the same way we capitalize God to distinguish ourselves from lesser nations or gods.

She's just being a bitch.

Honestly, the teacher just revealed her incompetence here. There's nothing wrong with the parts she highlighted. I think she believes that he has to avoid the use of personal pronouns like this is some sort of research paper, but this is a directly addressed letter. Additionally, the capitalization is intentionally used as a show of respect, which is common in highly formal correspondence.

what no there aren't lol

The DIA is notoriously annoying with how their style is to be drafted. The armed services all have a different set of rules for sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization. Just look at how their creeds are written.

one of the old rules for capitalization is that capitalizations aren't just for the beginning of sentences, they're used to establish subtext and context in regards to how someone views something. For example God instead of god, when written, denotes someone's reverence for the big old man in the sky, and Nation instead of nation denotes respect for the nation and so on.

In old english writing this was prevalent in contexts like "for King and Country", so in this case it's justified, especially considering his station. President (not "president") isn't used because the monarchies failed and being a president is to devote yourself to the country instead of the other way around.

So you do this for context. As for her rules on "I", that's only encouraged in english reports to portray a lack of bias, because for some godawful unexplained reason you're not allowed to refer to yourself in english reports even if it makes sense to do so. He's stating facts about what he's done, so "I" is justified.

"Federal" and "State" are also justified because of his office requiring he respect all branches of government, and since he's referring to branches he's referring to the names of the branches of government, which still counts and removes ambiguity from his statement, since not capitalizing them could make it be confused for a general aspect instead of specific aspects.

Though most of this doesn't matter, because the purpose of these "corrections" was to disrespect instead of to address any issue. She in fact has nothing to add and is contributing to the problem by letting her biases get in the way of actually solving shit. This is pretty sad.

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so let me get this right, a teacher is so STUPID they assume the president personally responds to letters? Its copy paste letterhead

Since it appears anti trump the fake new media then picks it up of course… pure propaganda….

To be fair, Trump is a complete buffoon.

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Think about sad and empty her life has to be to do this. And how stupid she has to be to think Trump wrote the letter or will read hers. The petty narcissism of the ignorant.

Nobody gives a flying fuck about this cunt's opinions, grading, or life. Fuck her until she dies.

Every one of those is grammatically correct. They could have been strengthened with the word "have" but there are no errors there

Coming off a bit passive aggressive there, Yvonne.

Its almost like no matter witch side you pick they are always pro-jew.
isnt that odd.

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First ambiguity, secondary school could mean middle school or high school, both of which doesn't mean much in terms of education basically only a bachelor's or even just a teaching certification especially if she was a middle school teacher. Second retiring after 17 years probably means she quit or got fired, most likely fired because most places require at least 20 years before one can retire and get a pension, doubt anyone would quit with only 3 years to go for that
tl;rd shit english teacher wants attention and jump in the trump hate disrespect rant for some sort of fame to supplement her low income life after being let go from teaching

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Remember that your butthurt will last another 6 years.

This just proves Trump's Jewish handlers don't speak English as their first language

opinion discarded

None of that was that bad. Fucking self important piece of shit trying to find flaws in something that doesn't even matter. I was expecting some serious issues for this to even be news.
Then finishes with "OMG"?
Alrighty then.

This is fucking racist. What the fuck is that cunt thinking?

It's correct when referring to a specific nation to capitalize the 'N'.
He did in the previous few words.
I'm not going over this whole mess but this cunt is as wrong as a nigger is stupid.


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