UK- Woman Arrested for Asking Why Muslims Are Being Allowed to Break the Law

A British woman was only speaking her mind, asking curious questions and interested in having a passionate yet respectful discussion with the Metropolitan Police, not to mention exercising her supposedly constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech. In a strange twist, she was arrested for no apparent violation of the law, or with justifiable cause. Only because she dared ask something that’s also playing in the minds of many but could not quite openly ask because it’s not “politically-correct” to do so- “Why are Muslims allowed to break the law in the U.K. while British citizens will be arrested if they commit the same offenses?”

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I imagine George Orwell's corpse in a grave somewhere spinning fast enough to generate enough electricity to power a street light. ABANDON SHIP BRITBONGS!

Isn't it illegal for religious groups to gather in public without a day specific license? Immigration is one thing, but giving complete freedom to religion will just end in massive bloodshed.


Orwell would have been spinning well before dying, england was always 1984, even before 1984, they just lacked the ability to spy on people as easily.

The US Constitution does not apply outside of US territories. I know that Britain frequently looks like it might as well be a member of the USA, but it isn't. Any Americans reading this, invade us now, bring the constitution to Britain. You're our only hope!


Muslims are only winning because the (((West))) is letting them win, if anyone had the balls to do the same shit they have we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.

I just want you white devils to know that this is the future you chose. Fuck white people.

Wait so brits have a right to free speech? This is my first time hearing about this.

Didn't mean to reply to that

No. That's just the pisswater being useless. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights does not apply to the UK or UK Citizens. We have no right to free speech here. The police put more time, effort, and money into catching the authors of 'vicious' tweets and 'hurtful' youtube comedy vids than they put into shutting down Muslim rape gangs, terror outfits, Sharia 'police', or voter intimidation teams. Just posting this sort of thing on Zig Forums probably won't be enough to get the to issue a warrant for my arrest, but if I posted something along those lines on something connected to me IRL (twitter, facebook, etc) I'd probably get a visit from my local police.


If they keep doing this and it continues to reach the people that are finally starting to ask these questions this could get bloody.

At least on a good note the muslims want to kill (((the west))) at its (((source))).

How? The white UK populace is 100% disarmed.
Unless you mean Muslims murdering and raping with impunity, and then it got bloody a long time ago.


It's quite easy to make a lance and flamethrower and kill around thirty people if you know how to. See Germany.

Ah, le ebin 'britcuck' memeposting. Such funny, much dank. You know that's nothing compared to actually living here, don't you. If you're trying to joke about this you're going to have to up your game considerably.

there is a fuckload of them all together praying in the park on ramadan which is their holiest day so its a fucking pain for cops to stop them and really they have better things to do than worry if one of them has a giant fucking sword or something.

the idea that she was breaching the peace was a lie, she was just asking a legitimate question about a law which she was entitled to.

the alternative is a big crackdown on these radicals and the inevitable police racism and cultural sensitivies cuckfest that follows possibly with mr part and parcel himself mayor khan. for the benefit of stopping a bunch of fags that turn their religion into something everyone has to see.

the average muslim thinks these people are faggots like the average christian thinks street preachers and people handing out chick tracts are faggots. let them have their 5 minutes of fun and pray in public and they will go and everything gets back to normal.

Or you can let them win and have a big fight with the police and the edl and they can sell that as the whole country being oppressive to muslims and antifa joins them.

same as the hardcore rastas and the carnival and stuff in the 80s when the national front were taunted into moving in. most of the black africans and jamaicans were not for it the police just let them play a bit of bob marley and smoke a few spliffs and then they having made their "point" procede to fuck off.

Fuck the British

This is what you get for producing The Benny Hill show.

Tear gas, cudgels to the head and horse trampling will solve crowd problems. They do it with any other peaceful gatherings.

How in the fug did Britbongistan become an even bigger joke than Saudi-Germania?

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And no one finds this a little bit suspicious?

The officers arresting her say its for 'perverting the course of justice'. Given the Trump banner in her flat she's probably isn't just some random member of the British public, she's probably an activist of some kind. I'd guess she's been publishing details of a Paki rape trial or something.

hello He of the Micropenis, give me your PIN number since I own your ass now

A country where speaking the truth is unironically considered a crime.

Should've known better. You need a license for that.


First you have to pass your Proper Opinion certs and register with your local Groupthink moderators.

It's perfectly legal to publish the details of a trial AFTERWARDS. However, while the trial is ongoing there are reporting restrictions in place designed to stop anything being published that might prejudice a jury. Ignoring those restrictions might result in the defence lawyer claiming that their clients didn't receive a fair trial, which could cause a mistrial - at the taxpayers' expense - or collapse the case entirely.

I despise attention seekers like Tommy Robinson and this old hag. They're not martyrs for free speech. The only thing they accomplish is possibly getting a bunch of Muslim rapists off.

literally pic related

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Yes you do but you have to defend it you fucking cowards.
Your race, ethnicity, gender, skin color, eye color, religion, and sexual preference are protected by your fucking "laws" yet you do not fight to have them apply to
And rebuild Greater Gaul.

Imagine being this cucked.

There are two options. Let muzzies have their fun every once in a while or kill them all. Which one do you think is better?

The third option:
Refuge is temporary.
And you can always enforce the "law" you brit cucks.


The British police are all traitors and should be hanged.

We don't have a consititution, and "free speech" is never something that has been enshrined in any law. Please fuck off, Jim shill

Also, it's not illegal to pray in that park. The park's rules are not the law. It's up to park employees to enforce, not the police.

No, the UK does not have freedom of speech. At least not in the same way that e.g., the US does in its first amendment.

The UK did incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights into law in 1998, and this guarantees the Freedom of Expression. But there are a large number of exceptions.

This is a non-exhaustive list:
Threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour intending or to cause harrassment, alarm or distress or cause a breach of the peace
Incitement to racial hatred
Incitement to religious hatred
Incitement to terrorism (plus a lot of not-very-well defined stuff about distributing or owning materials likely to be of use to a terrorist)
Treason (this includes advocating the abolition of the monarchy, though the Law Lords have "stated the bleeding obvious" when they opined that this has not been enforceable for many years)
Defamation (this has a high burden of proof on the defendent, and leads to a worrying number of people coming to the UK to prosecute libel cases)
Indecency including the corruption of public morals (again, good luck trying to enforce this one)
Many restrictions on reporting court cases
Time, manner and place restrictions
Prior restraint
Classified materials
In everyday practice, the UK has wound up with similar restrictions to most Western democracies. The glaring exception is the libel laws – they are much stricter than most.
Also, check this out:
Look up the bits about the EU, member countries and the UK
Glad I'm an American!

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we have guns in the UK lad

ITT: suddenly nazis care about frozen fruit.

Well, did they build anything?

"No, UK does not have freedom of speech."

Ok, so stop right there.

First of all, it does.

Second of all: Obviously you need to fight for it first.

Yes, it is good and just to be able to speak whatever you want. If you cannot, you are oppressed, and you must break your oppression. This is obvious. Fight back. Do not tell me that you cannot win.


Read my post, nigger.
No, you do not.
Yes, you have to fight, but not here.
Spouting your frustrations on a pseudonymous image board does nothing to assert your rights as a human being. You Brits are cucked beyond all belief. You don't know where to fight, what to fight about, who to fight, when to fight, how to fight, why to fight, how to fight, what freedom actually means… etc. etc… It's over for you and any freedom-loving people in your lands; because, by and large, you are mostly all cucks to big government. Good luck. You'll need it. Suck down some more pills, booze and other drugs purchased with your NEET bucks and forget about it. We're about ready to have a civil war over here. WTF are (You) doing? Nothing. That's what.
Freedom comes at a cost – maybe your life. You gotta ask yourself – Is Freedom worth my life? If the answer is No, then enjoy the ass-raping you are about to receive at the hands of far overreaching government and their policies. If it is Yes, then git yor ass up here on the line.
Stop Surrendering.

The Brits sank their own empire. Now they have figured out how to sink their remaining country.

Learn to swim….