NXIVM Cult Members Reveal Sadistic Abuse and Forced Sexual Encounters in New Interviews


Former members of the NXIVM pedophile sex cult in New York have now made horrifying statements about their time in captivity while under the reigns of leader Keith Raniere and former Smallville actress Allison Mack, describing the forced sexual encounters and scarification branding which occurred at the hands of the twisted monsters behind it.

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it's like you're not even trying

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It's obvious that you don't know many women, because if you did, you would've certainly heard some of them mention the size of Jewish guys' dicks.

I'm not bragging. I don't need to brag.
If Jimi Hendrix told you he was an excellent guitarist, he wouldn't be 'bragging'…. If Rembrandt told you he was an excellent painter, he wouldn't be 'bragging'… These are just simple facts….

Jewish guys' dicks are bigger than white trash guys' dicks….

sorry about that….

Better luck next lifetime, huh?

Hey, Sergeant Sassypants…..

YOU'RE the faggot who calls himself 'Red Pill', aren't you ?….


Now I understand

Now all the 'overcompensation for a self-perception of inferiority and lack of masculinity' stuff makes sense….


why do you try to humiliate lonely young british males who are severely disabled by autism? all they need is some relief in having their cocks sucked on for hours and hours. big, hard, meaty british cocks, andrew. are you man enough to give them the therapy they need?

Major Burdock, I'm amazed that you're going to sit back and let Johnny Neptune bitchslap you like that right in front of everybody

WTF?? so you're just gonna sit there like a bitch and let him drags his nuts across your face ?!!!


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>(((pedophile sex cult)))

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Sure it is….. Lol sure it is……

(ask any woman)

This is a picture of Wendy squirting diarrhoea into my mouth.

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Dammit, dude. Neptune basically wiped his ass with your thread again

andrew is too busy getting schooled in another thread to care

Jonny we already have our own nicknames for the goldwater, we call it the pisswater, the poopoopeepeewater and the fat cup of piss. If you're going to autistically screech at Jim (y tho?) at least do it right.

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since nobody else was, that's exactly what I'm doing……

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In fact, it's never been done better

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©2018 by Johnny Neptune

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oh no I'm triggered by you deliberately doing it wrong it pisses me off so much your effort was worth it 100%


See, I'm a professional designer, illustrator & conceptualist. I used to develop creative concepts for Warner Bros Records. I'm very good at what I do.

Of course I am well aware that the term 'pisswater' has been used for some time now, and I understand why… Piss is yellowish…

I get it…..

But analyzing their logo, and the entire essence of the concept, I realized that the term Turdwater worked better for me.

The fourth letter in the word 'gold' is D

and the actual composition of their existing logo literally screamed out for the word 'turd' to replace 'gold', because the letter T is already used and it matches the existing aesthetics…

it just looks right…….

Furthermore, ever since I was a child I have always used an analogy when talking about different subjects, sy like, for example: mixed race girls

I'd say "even if she's only part nigger, if I put just a little bit of feces into a glass of water, would you drink it?"

so the metaphor works for me in this case as well…..

And finally, although urine is yellow, that's not the only application for the term 'golden'…..

Are you familiar with the term 'golden brown'?……

Either way, regardless of anyone else's opinions on my creative concept, I'm going to stick with it, and I respect your desire to run with a concept that isn't as complete as mine…..

You guys can stick to the 'urine metaphors', and I'll 'throw feces at them'….

That way we will have both bases covered……

The only stumbling block I have about my logo is the 'crane' silhouette………

I really like a silhouette of a child sitting on a potty……

But I'm not sure if that would translate well at a small scale… I'd want something that could be easily identified, even if the logo was small in the image…..

For me, a glass with a chunk of shit leeching into the water has always symbolized the way I feel about people who try to rationalize things that are bad quality by saying "well, it's only a little bit awful"

Like if somebody told me, "the Goldwater only sucks some of the time"

That's when my 'turd in the glass of water' analogy would come in…..

"Well, it's only a little bit of feces. Drink up"


>>>Zig Forums

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And after all, which one is more repulsive:

Urine or Feces?

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sage. dont even tell him how much you hate him

lol @ you being so naive that you think it was ever great to begin with

(it wasn't)

But your ignorance doesn't surprise me, because what would you expect from somebody who was 3 years old when the 9/11 attacks happened?….

'experience' ?

the flaw in your failed premise is your utter lack of perspective required to see that their hatred is a well planned reaction, and not 'accidental' by the farthest stretch of the imagination….

are you SO stupid that you thought you weren't manipulated into your hatred?

You've really got to wonder about somebody who's SO stupid that they thought I was here to 'make friends'…

….and no offense dude, but that illustration is drawn so effeminately….

Much like handwriting analysis, if one was to analyze the artistic style of that illustration, it would be safe to assume it was drawn by a homosexual with a Freudian attraction to black men…

(It's apparently an effeminate black man with blonde hair)

hint: the 'gay dude who can't hide his fixation on black dudes' thing probably wouldn't go over well at a young Republicans convention…..

thirsty as fuck

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See ?…. I found the source picture that the faggot used to TRACE HIS STUPID PICTURE FROM…..

Q: are you going to tell me the artist isn't a faggot who browses for pics of shirtless niggers in effeminate poses ?

A: whoever drew the illustration can't draw, and they had to trace a pic of a person, but WHY would they use that pic ?


To ridicule the Trump supporter, I simply did an image search for 'black man touching face'

and look at the first result

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now I know you're a trump supporter AND you seek homoerotic photography of naked black men…………


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it's called a meme grandpa, take your meds and get off the internet

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and I don't mean 'tripfag' or 'namefag'

I don't mean 'thisfag' or 'thatfag'…….


as in: you're a FAGGOT


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It's a meme that was TRACED over a picture of a shirtless musclebound nigger……

And the ONLY reason anyone would use a base template of a SHIRTLESS MUSCLEBOUND NIGGER is because they enjoy browsing pictures of SHIRTLESS MUSCLEBOUND NIGGERS…..

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What's with the ellipses every post. Never a complete thought and always disorganized, like a female.

manlets are very emotional and unstable

By the way, George Lucas is also a homosexual…. 100% true

He's a flaming faggot
which explains why any male who liked Star Wars is also an effeminate sissy who can't get any pussy…

Like YOU……….

it's all part of the dungeons and dragons, Star Wars, video games, anime faggotry syndrome……

And Natalie Portman is a SHITTY ACTRESS…. she's ugly as fuck (which suits you because you aren't attracted to women, anyway) but even more importantly, she's a TERRIBLE ACTRESS

(Natalie Portman can't remember her lines, and while filming movies, she has to actually read cue cards)


that's bad… That's really really bad

She may be one of THE worst actresses ever

So how long have you been a Star Wars homosexual ?

as if YOU would have any idea 'what women are like'

haha that's rich…………………………

(go play another sissyboy video game while the adults talk)


Were you born a virgin, or did you have to go see Star Wars movies to become one ?

it's okay little guy, we know it must be hard out there for a homeless drug addicted midget

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Are you good at math?

Dungeons and Dragons + Star Wars + Video Games + Magic The Happening + Anime + Imageboard Culture = ADULT MALE VIRGIN WHO EVENTUALLY SEES HOMOSEXUALITY AS AN ACCEPTABLE OPTION

see how easy that was ?

RE: rage

why would anybody be 'angry' that you are a fucking sexless loser?

Trust me, the rest of the world thinks it funny. We aren't 'mad' about your stunted sociosexual dysfunction at all….


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Jesus fuck does he ever sleep?

GrandmasterSwaglord is apparently VERY VERY GAY

….and ironically, as I type this, my wife is laying right here next to me in bed……

Where's your wife tonight ?….

Ooops, my bad….
Sorry about that….

Well, you've got a girlfriend, right ?…

REALLY ?……..

hahahahaha wow


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manlets are subhuman

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I'd imagine THIS is something you're accustomed to seeing, huh lonely guy?

speaking of which…..

how's that latest video game working out for you?

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Reminder that women do not see manlets as humans
Manlets do not speak until spoken to by the Tall Men, they are 2nd class citizens

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You see that manlet? That's reality, that's every woman's face looking at you, pure disdain for this ugly little worthless midget creature in front of them

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Lol @ you never getting any pussy……

(fucking brilliant)

where I come from, guys who aren't attracted to females are called HOMOSEXUALS…..

in here, you call each other 'anons'

Oh well….. LMMFAO

Okay I'm going to watch a movie with Wendy…..

(god damn… you mean you REALLY never get any pussy ?… never ?… really? )

weird as shit

I doubt that since you suck at it

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Me ?….. Lol yeah, sure Zelda….


I've never been without a girlfriend or a wife since I was 17 (the longest I ever went between girls was 3 days or so TOPS) so yeah….. lol @ how off base you are….

Again, my wife and I are gonna watch some TV….

Enjoy your 'imageboard culture', Sallyboy


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Goodnight, Lonely Guy……

Tell Zelda that Wendy said 'Hey'

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I'm calling bullshit again

You guys are something else, alright

So 'imageboard culture' is just a fancy way of saying 'sexual failure', right ?

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It's one of my favorite pics of Wendy and I…. why?… You don't like it ?….

Lol I'd imagine you wouldn't……

It's a pic from when I first met Wendy three years ago. We had literally just met when I took that picture…..

yeah… I'd imagine you probably dont like it much, huh?

Now here's another picture of a wife of mine. This is my ex-wife and I, right after WE met….

we were married for 16 years…

does this one make you angry, too?

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More stale, overused shit

Pull your phone out and take a quick selfie of you and the wifey, and post it, stud boy.
Oh wait, you can't do that because something something? Thought so.

Like I said, Lonely Guy………


tell Zelda Wendy and I said Hello

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Damn, you're like a sitting target

Adios !!!

Well, at least you jumed through my hoop again but using yet another old, stale pic doesn't convince anyone. You know exactly what you need to do, but it's the one thing you literally can't do.
Adios and see your sperg ass tomorrow.


lol watching this virgin manlet cry like the little bitch he is is pretty entertaining

Andrew is a schizo, this thread is proof.

user I don't think you know the technical definition of schizo js

Silly Andrew, you are the textbook definition of a schizo. I can't wait to hear you attempt to deny it.

Idk man im part jew and my brother isnt, and tbhfam our dicks are the exact same size, so idk if tru but not in my experience

You are more repulsive, Johnny boy. ☺