Google's 2018 Disgraceful 'Memorial Day' Commemoration

Google celebrates important holidays by creating artwork including motion called "Doodles."

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Doesn't the Pisswaßer not paying you enough?

No shit.

Fuck the veterans. America is sick and tired of having to pretend like we care every year. They need to end this holiday, and make Thanksgiving last for two days instead

Ungrateful shit. You wouldn't be able to type that on this (relatively) free and open platform without their sacrifice; that's not a meme, that's a hard reality. You're fucking clueless about the genealogy of liberty. And, what's worse is you're a hypocrite. Simply by using this service, you're a hypocrite. And hypocrites inspire nothing but revulsion. Fuck off to late stage Marxist China if you can't see the point in remembering. You'll soon learn.

You're full of shit, and you're an uneducated, easily brainwashed faggot.

Im not even that guy and i can see the fucking nose sticking out from all the way over here.

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Says the fucking commie who wants to lead an infantilized existence where every major decision is made for him by the state. Christ, the irony. Enjoy the trip to the gulag when you happen to slip up and speak of something not of the party.

You got the wrong holiday, pal. Memorial day is for the war dead, not for veterans.

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OP can't reply as he's sucking a BBC

Nobody who is alive today contributed to my freedom, shut the fuck up, this isnt even the country they fougth for back then.


WWII was the last time US Congress declared a war as required by the constitution and the last time America ever faught a war in defense.

korea, vietnam, grenada, panama, desert storm, bosnia, trashcanistan, iraq, syria was all (((international peace keeping))) for (((their))) interests.

Honestly the service for is for gang members and litteral skin heads

I'm not sure how this could possibly be construed as a bad thing.

You stupid nigger.

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tell me how a korean civil war was america's business?

fuck germany. nothing good ever came out of it.

U wut?

It's still a day to remember them, you utter fucking mong.

Lol fantasizing about the death of people who think different than you makes you feel big

Serious question though: How do you remember something you've never known?

Fewer wars are being fought globally (in spite of media decree to the contrary), fewer threats to freedom are present than ever before. Many of WWI and II's vets were dead and gone by the 90's let alone 2000 or 2001 (there are posters here now born in those years that are actually following site rules). Memorial day is a fading relic to a past we can't really connect with anymore. It's sad to say but you can't expect people to mourn forever for the ones they've never even known. Hell we barely even stop for 9/11 anymore.

Guess what, I dont give a fuck about the past of the nation. I never asked to be part of this thing called society and im not allowed to fucking leave it. All I ever wanted was be alone to homestead but its illegal without first having worked for society for paper to give to the land owner. Fuck you, Fuck america, fuck society, fuck veterans. None of it has any part in my world. I dont thank people who created a thing I happen to be born in to.

I mean do you not even fucking understand that korea was fine until the western world got involved? Just like in Vietnam, the capitalists brainwashed and armed one side, while the commies did the same to the other side. During thw cold war the US and russia were trying to create strategic allies to gain am upper hand over the other. The cold war was a series of proxy wars where the US and Russia used there own politics to capture a nation. After each proxy war the host nation either went full capitalist or full communist. The only reason the US even gave a shit about north korea was because it shares land borders with russia and china. Fuck both political ideologies

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hey Jim if you love America so much why don't you still live there?

You cant have a steady supply of children to fuck easily in the US

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You and the other faggot both devolved into pic posting, fucking pathetic. Both of you are losers desperately trying to gain the imaginary upper hand over an anonymous stranger so you dont feel as bad about yourselves. Ha

I just got here wha'd I miss?

Faggotry, thats all you ever miss here

I guess I'll just ignore the hordes of islamic barbarians attempting to do away with freedom, the U.K. descending into a police state, the government spying on everything everyone does on the internet and in real life, and state-funded disarmament campaigns, then.

If the "threats to freedom" are lower today than ever before, that's only because we have far fewer freedoms than ever before.

South Korea was an independent country that was invaded by the North, dumbass.

Why are revisionists allowed to post here? S. Korea was a fascist state propped up by the neocolonial West specifically the proto-fascist-capitalist United States.

Sure thing comrade. After all, that's what the glorious Peoples' Cental Committee said, and if the glorious Peoples' Central Committee says something is true, then it is true!

are you Zig Forums or just Body Odour drunk again?


Did you even read my post you reactionary faggot? South korea and the north were UNIFIED as ONE KOREA before they were split thanks to the situation i described in my above post. Im glad people like you wasted your life with anime instead of staying in school and becoming politically relevant. Go watch your cartoon boobies. They will never leave you

Its painfully obvious you are the kind of person who is thinking of what to say while someone is talking to you instead of listening.

I understand the truth is difficult to accept for commies, but it's part of the acceptance stage of grief.

Except what actually happened was that Korea was conquered by Japan. After WW2, Korea was split into two occupation zones, with the Soviets controlling the north and the west controlling the south. America attempted unification, but Stalin blocked it. So America granted indepenence to out part of the peninsula, and the USSR followed suit. In 1950, the north invaded the south.

I know you want to imagine the Korean war as being some glorious peoples' uprising bringing the inevitability of communism to the oppressed masses, but that's not how it happened.

It's painfully obvious that you're an ideologue just parroting the Party Line because that's all that drones like you are good for.

wow dude, i have nothing else to say. There is no talking to people like you who cover ears and yell things that make no sense

So basically its was exactly as I said it was in my earlier post here

comies vs capatisists each side backed by either the us or russia. Fuck you dude, you are completley retarded and a simple contrarian. You only said no becasue I said yes if you catch my drift. fuck off back to your anime candyland

Better hope the Party Commissar gets back to you quickly so you don't have to attempt to come up with any ideas on your own.

No, you said Korea was "just fine" until "the west" got involved. When in reality they were conquered by the Japanese until the west removed the japs. Then they were under the influence of either the west (in the south) or the soviets (in the north), until the north decided to invade the south because commies are neurotics that can't stand people having differing ideologies from their own.

go to bed kid

Look, I know we all want things that just can't happen. You want the Korean war to fit into your ideological framework of a glorious workers' revolution. I want your cat to actually exist so I can rape her to death. But as much as we may both want these things, we'll just have to accept that they'll never happen. It hurts me to know I'll never tear up dat commiecat pussy just as much as it hurts you to know that your ideology is a failure. We'll both just have to deal with the pain. I'm truly sorry.

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Should I change your diaper since you just shit yourself?

Do you masturbate to stuff like that? HHAHAAHAHAHAHAA what a loser.

If you're not going to actually bother coming up with anything inventive, I'll just have to turn this into a commiecat abuse discussion thread. The first order of business is to discuss the optimum means of applying pain. Personally, I've always been partial to chemical burns. How about you?

Are you still awake? Its past your bedtime, make sure you have your night anime wank and go to sleep



Look, if you have no proof for your opinion on Korea, I'd be happy to discuss commiecat torture methods instead. What do you think about eye-gouging? It would be pretty damn arousing for me tbh; to pop those eyes out and watch her stumble around in perpetual darkness as she squeals in pain.

kys andy

Oh are you still talking to me? I thought you went to bed.

Either you come up with something new regarding Korea, you come up with a cool new idea involving torturing commiekitty, or you admit defeat.

Since you haven't done the first or last options, I'll assume you wish to continue discussing the second. What do you think the most effective methods of psychological torture would be for a captive commiecat? Mentally breaking your slaves is an important part of the domestication process, and new inventive ideas for how to do it more efficiently would be nice.

Why are you still typing at this hour?

Because I'm waiting for you to either make a point about Korea or give me some juicy new ideas for commiecat torture.

youve already been proven wrong now you are just grasping at straws, please calm down, I know you think your right and im threatening that so your pissed but just calm down. I love you man.

Where? Last I checked you just made a bunch of baseless accusations and completely ignored what I said in

Ok buddy you win, now calm down and go to bed.

Why does everyone here think everyone else is a fat tity fuck?

But we still haven't discussed proper methods of commiecat torture! I'm personally interested in psychological breaking methods and sensory deprivation, both of the temporary and permanent kind. Just imagine shoving a red-hot poker into those pretty eyes, listening to the thermal hiss and the pained shriek as she loses her vision forever, and watching her sob in pain as tears and occular fluid leak from the empty sockets where her eyes used to be as she adjusts to her new condition. Oh, just thinking about it is marvelous!

I said you win, you can stop trying. im just letting you have this one otherwise youll be up all night.

But that's not what I'm talking about stupid. We've settled the Korea matter, but the commiecat torture matter is still on the table.

The eyes would be a nice appetizer, but the real main course would be flaying, I think. I wonder how many ways there are to skin a cat…

oh I didnt realize, I havent been actually reading anything your writing

But Zig Forums, if you don't pay attention to the conversation how will we discuss proper methods of commiecat torture?

Look who's talking. I don't fantasize about anyone's death. I'm just stating facts - you'd wind up imprisoned for saying a lot of the things you say without the assurance of freedom of speech. That assurance comes as a direct result of the sacrifice your forebears made in war. Show some recognition.
You don't always get to decide the circumstances and responsibilities afforded to you in life, you utter fucking child. You want to live in a state of nature? Go right ahead; you wouldn't last five minutes without the protection of those soldiers whom you refuse to recognize. You want to live free from society? Stop using goods and services (like this site) that come about as a direct result of that society and the protection afforded to it. You're nothing more than a puerile little hypocrite who lacks the courage of his convictions.

So you're saying historical records are useless simply because I can't directly "remember" the people who were a part of the histories contained within? That's somewhat extreme. If anything, the day is designed to inspire you to reflect on the histories and events surrounding the actions of our forebears as well as the forebears themselves. If you can't recall their faces, you can still recall and understand their sacrifice as a whole. Recognition is a vital part of retaining ones sense of place and identity. You are a product of their actions whether you like it or not.

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